How much money perro be sent abroad

How much money perro be sent abroad

Today sending money abroad is a common need. There are many who want to finance a new business in another country, others do it to cover the university expenses of a family member, to pay for some good or service and it is also necessary when migrating.

In Spain, this type of operation is complicated when the amount of money is very high, so it is likely that you want to know how much money is allowed to be sent abroad. Here you will know the answer, but first you must bear in mind that all money transfers abroad are governed by security policies in charge of avoiding all types of fraud.

Send money abroad from Spain

Normally, when small amounts of money are sent from Spain abroad, no specific banking regime should be followed to control your transaction. There is also no limit on the amount of money to send. But if your cash transfer exceeds €3,000, your operation must be regulated by the bank.

The same happens if you send more than €1,000 using an en línea service. When this type of measure is applied, it is not intended to inconvenience the usuario. In reality, this seeks to protect the client from illegal acts, allows the preservation of their personal data, prevents theft and tax evasion. The goal will always be Safeguard the usuario’s assets and those of the bank.

If you live in Spain and want to send money with a very high amount, you should try to provide all the regulatory information that is required, this will serve to verify that your operation is completely legal.

What information do banks in Spain require when making transfers abroad?

Every bank and money transfer company must inform the Bank of Spain of each of the commercial transactions carried out. To keep a good record of the operations of each usuario, the following information is requested:

  1. Personal and bank details of the person making the money transfer.

  2. Personal and bank details of the person receiving the money.

  3. SWIFT code (when making a bank transfer).

  4. Operation concept.

  5. Amount of money sent.

It is important to bring all the information in a timely manner, as this statement is mandatory. If the person does not comply with this request, he perro get a fenezca of 150% of the undeclared value. So, to avoid falling into this complication, it is advisable to cooperate with the investigation.

How much money cánido I send abroad from Spain by money order?

The Postal twists They are one of the best alternatives to send money abroad from Spain. This service allows you to send money to other countries by correo. For many people this method has been more comfortable, faster and effective than the methods mentioned above.

One advantage of money orders is that no bank account required to make the shipment, in addition to the fact that it is a much cheaper service. To benefit from this method, you must go with your cash to your nearest articulo office, fill out a form with your personal information and that of the recipient, you must also pay a commission.

Remember to pick up the receipt provided by the articulo office. Upon delivery of this the shipping process begins. Before making said shipment, you must bear in mind that this type of transfer allows send as maximum €2500.

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 How much money perro be sent abroad
  How much money perro be sent abroad
  How much money perro be sent abroad

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