How much money does the Treasury take from the

How much money does the Treasury take from the

People who earn money through programs carried out on television They must deliver a part to the Treasury commonly known as the treasury, but how much should be delivered to the Treasury?

So, if you thought that the prize would be for you alone, we will tell you no, because you must pay a percentage to the Treasury as established by the regulations. But, remember that the amount that you are going to deliver to the Treasury depends on each Autonomous Community.

How much money does the Treasury take for a television contest prize?

To participate in a television contest, it is advisable to know that if you win, you must pay part of your prize to the Treasury, because it is considered a capital gain that is taxed.

Any television prize received in cash entails a Personal income tax withholding of 19%. The production company will reserve that percentage of the money receivable and it will serve as an advance on income taxes payable.

Then when presenting the income, if that initial withholding is not enough, the remaining percentage will be cancelled.

How much tax payment to win in pasapalabra or another television contest?

The amount that will be paid cannot be determined exactly, but the percentage that will be discounted if and it is 19%. So once you have won the prize and know the amount obtained, the television station retains 19%.

Subsequently, when presenting your income statement, you must add the amount earned on television to your income, but you must deduct the advance made by the producer. There you will know the final amount to cancel.

How is the economic prize tax calculated?

Just as you have won an economic prize, the Treasury also wins its part, to know the amount that you will pay for tax, you apply this very fácil calculation:

After knowing the exact value of the prize, you will calculate 20%, That result is what you will share with the Treasury.

However, you must keep in mind that there is an exception, any prize that does not exceed 20,000 euros will be charged in its entirety.

Should the Treasury be paid for an award in kind?

In the case of an award in kind, the same form of taxation is maintained, the difference is that the Treasury must transform that asset (car or apartment) into a value in money so that it is part of the income.

The television producer of the program will indicate a monetary value to the prize and that amount will be added as a capital gain in the rent.

With the information previously published, you have realized that there is no major complication to declare your income after having won a prize. You just have to be clear about the regulations established to apply them as it should be.

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 How much money does the Treasury take from the
  How much money does the Treasury take from the
  How much money does the Treasury take from the

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