How much money do you earn for taking surveys?

How much money do you earn for taking surveys?

Know how much money for paid surveys you perro earn. We also answer the most common questions about paid surveys and give you some consejos to make more money.

Paid surveys are one of the best ways to earn money on the web. In addition to being a fácil method to earn money, there are many platforms at our disposal with which we perro obtain decent profits, which nobody dislikes.

Working with paid surveys is completely free. They usually work with the payment processors most used by users such as Paypal and Amazon gift cards.

If you’ve heard of paid surveys, you may be wondering how much money is made from surveys. You have come to the right place, we will answer all your questions about it. At the end of this articulo, we recommend some platforms with which you perro generate money from paid surveys.

What are paid surveys?

We have all come across a person who needs us to answer a survey about a new product or give our opinion of one we already consume. Paid surveys are basically the same, but with the difference that they are done en línea and we receive a payment for giving a few minutes of our time to answer the questions.

Paid surveys are nothing more than a marketing strategy that companies use to improve their products and services. Every time the company wants to launch a new product or make an improvement to an old one, it needs to know specific data and the opinion of people who have a profile afín to that of its final consumers.

And instead of hiring people to go from house to house collecting the information, companies hire survey panels. These panels make available a platform where users cánido carry out surveys. In addition, they are in charge of segmenting all the information for the company, processing all usuario payments and dealing with any problems that may arise along the way: questions, complaints, etcétera.

Paid surveys have many advantages over traditional surveys for both users and companies. You will get paid to answer a few questions and you perro do it from the comfort of your home. And for companies this method is better: in addition to being able to reach more people through the web, they save the time, money and effort that they would have to invest with the traditional method.

For that reason, companies offer us a small payment as an incentive to answer surveys. As you cánido see, it is a legal and effective method where everything is win-win.

How much money perro you earn by taking surveys?

The money from paid surveys that you cánido generate depends on many factors. Just because this job is fácil, doesn’t orinan it doesn’t require effort. The world of paid surveys requires your perseverance and patience, if we are to obtain any fruit. People who are dedicated to working with paid surveys will have more earnings, while those who only dedicate their free time will have significantly less earnings.

In addition, the platforms you use, the number of platforms you use, the country you are in, and your personal profile perro affect in many ways how much paid survey money you cánido earn per month. There are people who cánido earn a good sum per month, from €300 to €500. However, very few manage to reach such high amounts. For us mortals, the habitual thing is that we perro win €50 to €200.

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How do you earn money by filling out surveys?

Basically, you have to sign up on these platforms and then fill out your profile. Once your profile is ready, you will start receiving surveys that match your personal profile.

Paid surveys ask different questions about you, but usually it has to do with basic things and nothing that could put you at risk: date of birth, hobbies, favorite foods, habits, tastes, etcétera.

These platforms normally work with a points system that equals real money. Once you reach a certain amount of points you perro redeem them for real money. The withdrawal amount will depend on each platform. Some allow you to withdraw money with as little as $2, while others require you to have $25. Although the estándar amount is $10.

Survey panels also have different payment processors. The most common is Paypal, since it is the most habitual payment method among users around the world. Some platforms also integrate Skrill, Payoneer, Payza and AirTM. Another common means of payment is Amazon gift cards. There are some cases, even, where you perro make withdrawals directly to your bank account.

Is it true that you perro earn money by answering surveys on the internet?

Yes, of course. Hundreds of people around the world work and earn money with paid surveys. On the web, you cánido find hundreds of Positive comments in favor of paid surveys and many payment vouchers.

Anglo-Saxon countries usually offer more money for paid surveys than any other country. Then follows Spain and finally the Latin American countries. Despite all this, users from all over the world are dedicated to working with paid surveys.

What is the best paid survey page?

At CGD we don’t have just one, we have several favorite pages. Next, we espectáculo you some of them:


Swagbucks is a platform that offers different tasks to earn money. The main one is paid surveys, but it also has a wall of offers where we perro complete various tasks such as: downloading applications, playing games, registering on web pages, viewing ads, etcétera.

It has a referral system that offers us 10% of the total earnings for each referral. We cánido make our withdrawals as soon as we reach $10. It has Paypal and Amazon cards as means of payment. It is available for all countries in the world.


YouGov is one of the most habitual platforms for making money from paid surveys today. Thanks to its high flow of surveys, we will be able to make good profits this month. Surveys cánido be completed in as little as 15 minutes. As a agregado, it has an unlimited referral system with which we cánido increase our earnings considerably.

It has only two payment methods: Amazon checks and bank transfers. once we reach €25, we perro request our withdrawals. It is available for Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, the United States, France, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and China. It is not available for Latin American countries, you cánido try a VPN.


It was also formerly known as ClixSense. Ysense is one of the best platforms to earn money on the web in general. Not only does it have paid surveys, it also allows you to earn money with mini-jobs, monthly offers, and an interesting referral system.

It is available for all countries in the world. From $10 you perro request withdrawals in Paypal, Skrill, Payoneer and Amazon checks.


Lifepoints is a somewhat peculiar survey platform, since it doesn’t even include a referral system. The only way to earn money on this platform is paid surveys. But this is precisely where its strength is, it has a high flow of surveys and a good payment for each one we complete.

It is available in more than 70 countries, but there are limitations in Latin American countries. Its main means of payment is Paypal, but it also makes Amazon, El Corte Ingles, ITunes, Ikea and Media Market available to you.


Toluna is another well-known platform for paid survey lovers. The platform allows us to earn money with paid surveys, making offers, voting on sponsored content and participating in the monthly contest. A peculiarity of Toluna is that it will allow us to earn money for try free products. And as a agregado, we perro keep the product. It also has a referral system that will pay us €0.25 for each guest.

Toluna’s survey stream is also good. Make your payments by Paypal, Amazon checks, Spotify and iTunes. We perro make withdrawals with Paypal with €35, but with €10 and €25 gift cards.

Our opinion on earning money by filling out surveys

Paid surveys are one of the easiest ways to make money on the web. It is free and you do not need to have any specialized knowledge. In addition, they perro be done at any time and from anywhere you are, since you cánido do them from your computer or any mobile device. In addition, there are many survey platforms on the web. So we have a lot to choose from, depending on what is most beneficial for us.

As we always advise at CGD, beware of scams. Do not trust platforms that ask you for some type of payment or investment to use them. Most (almost all) are scams. If you do not know whether to trust any page, you perro trust the ones we name in CGD, since we only recommend reliable platforms.

Paid surveys also have their trick. The ideal is to use several platforms at the same time and always complete your personal profile to start receiving surveys. And remember to be constant and patient, is the key to this.

Also, use paid tasks, offer walls, and referral system to further increase earnings on these platforms. Here you cánido learn more about our opinion on the surveys.

And we have already reached the end of this articulo. If you have any questions about what we have mentioned, you cánido leave it in the comments. We will help you answer it as soon as possible.

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 How much money do you earn for taking surveys?
  How much money do you earn for taking surveys?
  How much money do you earn for taking surveys?

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