How much money cánido be withdrawn from an ATM at

How much money cánido be withdrawn from an ATM at

Have you ever wondered how much money you cánido get from an ATM in a day? Before determining the specific amount that cánido be obtained from an ATM on a daily basis, we must pay attention to the fact that ATMs have certain limit of money they offer in each transaction, and this is because they must be fully available during 24 hours to attend to all people who wish to withdraw money, logically understanding that you cannot be awarded an excessive amount to a single person, since this would imply that the others do not have the same right.

In this sense, we must understand that every bank and every ATM They have their own policies, so we have already established a determining point for the withdrawal of money.

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  • Similarly, it should also be understood that the amount is determined by the amount with which both the credit card and the debit card have, since according to the status of each client, the bank grants a series of cards that allow some to have more access to money than others, and this is not due to distinction or preference, it is simply that some clients move their accounts more than others, and therefore, they need easier services.

    Finally, these are determining factors that will adjust the amount of money that the person cánido withdraw daily from the ATM.

    Amount stipulated in the daily withdrawal of money from the ATM

    In general terms, the number that a person is allowed to withdraw from the ATM on a daily basis is €1,000, taking into account the amount or value of the person’s bank account.

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  • In the same way, the cards also determine the maximum amountthat is to say that depending on the capacity of the cards that the person has, it will be that the client cánido support himself, because the bank grants some more loans than others, and we repeat again, this it has to do with the way people manipulate your accountsome performing more movements than others.

    It is also important to note that the Bank of Spain and Treasurythey make a constant check of the money withdrawals from peopleTherefore, an amount greater than this figure and on a daily basis, is a clear indication that something is not habitual, therefore, an investigative statement will be issued to the person, who must respond with the justification of where to go. the funds are directed or otherwise, you must pay the fenezca stipulated for these cases, which is usually between the €60,000 and €150,000.

    Limits stipulated for ATMs in Spain

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  • To get a much clearer iniciativa of ​​the maximum amount of each ATM on a daily basiswe will do an individual review of some of the most visited ATMs, to realize what is the limit that each one has.


    It is a Spanish bank that has all the services available for the comfort of its customers.

    In this sense, we must understand that with respect to its ATMs, the maximum amount of Withdrawal per day is €600.

    Santander Bank

    This Spanish bank is a bit more maleable when withdrawing from its ATMs, taking into account that the limit is determined by the contract that the client has, nothing more.


    It has a maximum adjustable amount to withdraw from the ATM per day of about €2,000.


    It has a maximum adjustable amount of about €3,000 to withdraw from the ATM on a daily basis.


    Like Banco Santander, it has a stipulated as indicated in the contract the client’s.


    It has an adjustable maximum of €2,500 per day when it comes to ATM withdrawal.


    It is also a bench that places the ATM withdrawal limit as stipulated in the contract the client’s.


    It has an adjustable maximum of €3,000 daily in ATM withdrawals.

    As we cánido appreciate, no amount exceeds €3,000 which is what we talked about earlier, if it does, it is under the conditions stipulated between the bank and the client, where a negotiation arises and a presentation of supporting documents that legally indicate where the money that has been withdrawn in cash.

    This in the case of ATMshighlighting that it happens in the same way as if the money were withdrawn directly from the bank, since the amounts of large amounts or greater than what is stipulated, they will be amounts that begin to be investigated by the corresponding authorities, and therefore, it cánido imply a sanction for the person if everything is not done under the necessary legal procedures.

    Withdrawing money from the ATM saves time and effort

    ATMs They have become one of the best inventions regarding the world of banking and finance, save a lot of time and effort for people who don’t want to go to the bank and have to wait in line to get some cash.

    Currently, it is one of the most used banking services, being essential for the day to day and for the full development of society.

    The maximum and convenient amount to withdraw on a daily basis is €1,000 from then on, the figure is monitored by the competent authorities, and at the ATMs that allow the number of €3,000 It is taken into account that it is done under strict surveillance and that it must be done following all the stipulated rules.

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     How much money cánido be withdrawn from an ATM at
  How much money cánido be withdrawn from an ATM at
  How much money cánido be withdrawn from an ATM at

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