How much is paid per kilo of used clothing? 【5

How much is paid per kilo of used clothing? 【5

In Spain there is a new, well-known dynamic, and this has to do with the promotion and Second-hand clothing salesa fairly efficient field of work that has become one of the most accessible means to achieve the sale and acquisition of good quality clothing that is in good condition, but at a fairly affordable price.

In this sense, we must understand that several efficient spaces have been created for the commercialization of second-hand garments, virtual stores that are in charge of the promotion, distribution and commercialization of the same.

Also It is important to take into account some pricing factors which are essential to understand the dynamics of marketing in this area, so we will talk about all this below.

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  • Estimated price per kilo of used clothing

    The price will differ according to everything that has to do with quality, advertising, trade, various factors that record higher prices than others.

    However, we must have the information that in some places that have been established for the sale of used clothing, the prices are between 0.20 euros and 6 eurosdepending of course on the piece of clothing that you want to buy, its quality, and noting that when we talk about designer clothes the matter becomes of a higher financial level.

    In this way, we must understand that we are talking about an estimate from 0.20 euros per kilo of clothes, considering that if the clothes are new then we are talking about 1 euro and if the clothing is not casual but rather an occasional dress, then we are talking about the cancellation of 1.70 euro per kilo

    These financial amounts are not finalbut they do turn out to be an estimate of what the value of used clothing per kilo implies, a value that must be compared between various establishments where this type of garment is offered.

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  • offer comparison

    Now, it is important to understand that according to all the places that exist where used clothing is offered, there are different types of marketing And of course, this implies that there is diversity in prices.

    To which we have to know that there are offers of 1 euro From now on and even from less than one euro onwards, the truth is that it is a matter of knowing how to find where we perro get used clothing offers that are cheaper, affordable and that adapt to each person’s wallet.

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  • Price comparators

    But to get a much clearer iniciativa of which implies the cost of used clothing per kilowe must be guided by the information provided by certain comparators that we perro find on the internet, which provide us in a matter of minutes with information on prices, quality, brands and everything that is evaluated for the purchase of clothing.

    Let’s give ourselves the task of knowing what are the comparators more used for the efficiency in its development.


    It is an en línea comparator that has an estimate of 250 million products in the various en línea stores of your property.

    work with a daily update system that allows you to be up to date with the prices of clothing and also to vea the new offers that have come out on the used clothing market.


    He has 15 years of experience and in that time it has become one of the preferred comparators for people.

    It is an en línea comparator that has a wide range of products of clothes such as shoes, summer clothes, children’s clothes, mountain clothes, in short, most of the clothes that are really useful for people.


    This is a comparator that works with recognized brands, that is, the renowned brands that people are always looking for to offer, updating data daily on the commercialization of garments and the different promotions that exist.


    This comparator is owned by Europe and they have an estimated 75,000 virtual stores that works in 14 countries.


    It is a comparator and a marketersince it allows users to compare the prices of clothing, as well as to buy directly through the immediate contact that the comparator makes with the various en línea stores that offer such products.

    With this information we cánido have a clear indication of the estimated price of what the kilo of clothing is worth, depending on the case, the store or the place where it is being offered.

    Remembering that if we talk about quality clothing that is used but brand name, that will imply that the cost is much higher, if it is used clothing of good quality but not of a brand, then the cost is much more accessible, it is all a matter of preferences and the financial level that the person has, highlighting that at Talking about used clothes there is always a saving of a few euros, but in the same way the person perro enjoy filling their armario with quality clothes.

    With this we cánido already be certain of what it means buy used clothes and what it implies to buy the prices in the different points of sale and distribution, to acquire according to quality and according to low costs.

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     How much is paid per kilo of used clothing?  【5
  How much is paid per kilo of used clothing?  【5
  How much is paid per kilo of used clothing?  【5

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