How much is 12 carat gold worth?

How much is 12 carat gold worth?

Since it’s 50% gold, solid 12-karat gold is worth half as much as pure gold, around $28.50 per gram (at the time of writing this guide).

Gold filled and gold plated pieces are worth less as they contain less pure gold.

For more details on how much 12 karat gold is worth and how to calculate the value of especial pieces, see below.

Is 12 karat gold worth anything?

While less valuable and common than other types of gold (such as 14K or 24K), 12K gold does have value.

The value of a 12 karat gold item will depend on a few factors:

The average spot price of gold over the past year at the time of writing this guide is approximately $57 per gram.

Since 12-karat gold is approximately 50% gold, its base spot price will be half that of pure gold, or about $28.50 per gram.

Keep in mind, however, that 12-karat gold jewelry is often gold-filled or gold-plated, which means it contains even less pure gold and has a lower spot price.

Gold-plated jewelry typically has less than 1% pure gold, while gold-filled jewelry has at least 5% gold.

How to identify 12 karat gold

Precious metal jewelry is stamped with a hallmark indicating the purity of the metal.

Look for the following markings to determine what type of 12-karat gold you have:

  • Solid: Most valuable; includes a 12K, 12KT, 12CT or 500 hallmark
  • Gold Filled: It may be marked 1/20 12K GF, indicating that it contains 5% solid 12K gold; 1/5 12K GF, which means it contains 20% solid 12K gold; or 1/10 12K GF, which means it contains 10% solid 12K gold
  • Gold plated: Less valuable; may be marked RGP, HGP, GEP, HGE, or HGEP and contains less than 5% solid 12 karat gold

Estimating the value of 12K gold elementos

When you buy jewelry from a professional jeweler or designer, you pay the cost of materials and markup for tarea and retail profit.

Although many factors influence the retail price of gold jewelry, including the weight and composition of each individual piece, our research found that average retail prices for 12K gold pieces are approximately:

  • Collar (solid): $300 to $800
  • Necklace (gold filled): Around $15 and up
  • Bracelet (solid): Around $300 to $400
  • Bracelet (gold filled): Around $25 and up
  • Ring (solid): around $300
  • Ring (gold filled): Around $20 and up

Please note that the age of jewelry elementos may increase retail value in some cases.

For example, if you have a 12K vintage piece from a well-known brand like Tiffany & Co., the brand recognition and rarity cánido increase its value.

See this listing on Etsy and on Ebay


There are calculators available en línea to help you estimate the value of your especial 12-karat gold pieces.

Consult Mid-States Recycling & Refining’s karat calculator to calculate the value of solid 12 karat gold based on its weight and the current spot price.

For gold-filled elementos, try the Gold-N-Scrap calculator.

Where to buy and sell gold

Learn more about how to invest in gold, and how and where to sell gold jewelry on our lists of jewelry stores that buy jewelry, gold buyers nearby, and where to sell broken jewelry.

If you find that you have a different type of gold than 12K, we also explain the value of 10K gold, 750/18K gold, and white gold.

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 How much is 12 carat gold worth?
  How much is 12 carat gold worth?
  How much is 12 carat gold worth?

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