How much does Western Union charge to send money

How much does Western Union charge to send money

Sending money from a country is not only possible today thanks to technology, but is also very accessible to everyone. As there are different means, it is easy to choose the option that best suits your needs, and also your pocket. Take Western Union for example.

In this article we will see the fees to send money to the USA through this platform. We will see what are the factors that influence the final cost.

How Much Does Western Union Charge to Send Money to the United States Over the Internet?

The first question we must answer is whether it is possible to send money to the USA over the internet, in this case taking our country into account. The good news is that through Western Union you cánido send money almost anywhere in the world, including the United States. The amount to be paid may vary depending on various factors.

One of these is the method you use to send money, as well as how it will be received. Therefore, the amounts to be paid could be between the low amount of 5 dollars, being the lowest rate that perro be obtained. The maximum could be between 50 and 60 dollars.

The cost to pay perro go up or down, also depending on whether the shipment is immediate or will take several days. In general, when a card is used, be it debit or credit, the delivery is made in a few minutes. It is in such cases that one should pay the maximum amount for the service. When using a bank account, the amount decreases considerably.

This is applicable for both sides of the operation, that is to say that if you pay and withdraw with a bank account, the rate is usually much lower. But if you pay with cards and withdraw in cash, the commission amount is higher.

You perro know how much you have to pay, for this you just have to pay attention to the page, or the aplicación, in which you make the shipment. Since at the moment of doing it, you will be shown all the information. This will be modified according to the parameters you choose.

Does the Western Union Commission Varies Depending on the Amount Sent to the US?

One of the most important details when sending money is the amount. That is, the amount that we want the receiver to withdraw. This in turn greatly influences the fee for the service. That’s why some people only have to pay $5 in commission, while others are over $50.

There is an interesting detail related to the amount. A shipment of just 10 dollars is considered small, so the lowest rate applies to you, just 5 dollars. But, a shipment of 100 dollars, being 10 times higher, only requires the payment of 10 dollars in commission, that is, only double the payment. Later we will see how to take advantage of this aspecto.

If the shipment is even higher, for example if it reaches thousands of dollars, the fee will continue to decrease. In fact, the cost for shipping could be around 60 dollars.

The truth is that, although Western Union does not apply a fixed percentage regardless of the amount, yes the rate to be paid increases as the amount sent rises. To understand it better, let’s take the country of México as an example. These are the rates applied when sending from this country to the USA.

  • 3 thousand pesos or less. It pays an average of 150 pesos.
  • Between 3 thousand and 4500 pesos. Now the amount of the commission rises to 174 pesos.
  • Between 4500 and 6 thousand pesos. The cost is now 243 pesos.
  • Between 6 thousand and 7500 pesos. 348 pesos are paid.
  • maximum amount allowed. If 97,500 pesos are sent, the amount to be paid in commission is 696 pesos. It is the highest amount.

As we mentioned a moment ago, the payment method you use always influences this entire process, both to cancel and to receive. So these quantities only serve to have a rough iniciativa of ​​cost. The way to find out the exact amount is through the official Western Union website, the aplicación for smart devices or through one of its offices.

Does Western Union Charge for Sending Money to the USA Varies Depending on the Country?

Being able to send money to the United States it does take into account the country of origin. To begin with, only some countries have the possibility of shipping vía the internet. In others it is only possible to do them by going to the physical office. The good news is that, speaking of these agencies, there are more than 500,000 agencies worldwide.

In addition, the amount to be paid is also affected. The commission is different depending on the country from which it is sent. For example, if the shipment is made from Peru to the United States, the highest amount that will have to be paid is 25 dollars. This only if the shipment is 100 thousand Peruvian soles, the maximum amount allowed.

Now, if the shipment is made from México, the highest amount is just over $30. Although the difference is small, the reality is that yes it varies from country to country. In addition, it is necessary to point out that, in the event that the currency of the issuing country is different from that of the United States, also an additional amount could be charged for the change to dollars.

What is the most convenient amount of money to send money by Western Union to the United States?

The amount to send is always decided by you as the issuer, after all, you are the owner of the money. But it is always good to keep in mind some Consejos. For example, the greater the quantityAlthough the commission goes up a bit, it is more profitable. Therefore, the recommendation is that, instead of making several small shipments throughout the month, accumulate the money and make only 1 or two.

To better understand this iniciativa, we will take as an example the commission that is charged from México to the United States. If during a month you make 10 shipments of 130 dollars, in total you will have to pay 68 dollars in commission, approximately. But if you accumulate the ten shipments and you do it in oneyou will be sending the same $1,300, but the commission will be $30.

This occurs with each of the countries, whether the shipment is made en línea or in person. Therefore, it is better that you consult the rate in each case, then you do the math to determine the best way to transfer certain amount of money. But, do not forget that, as a general rule, the commission of small amounts is more expensive in the long run.

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 How much does Western Union charge to send money
  How much does Western Union charge to send money
  How much does Western Union charge to send money

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