How Much Does Pay? – CPC rates

How Much Does Pay? – CPC rates

If you are looking for a company to monetize your website and you have come across and you do not know how much it pays, I tell you in advance that it is a very good monetization alternative for your blog.

If for some reason you have not been able to monetize your blog, there are many companies with which you cánido monetize it, but this time we will talk about and we will see some technical data of this platform.

What is and how does it work? is a contextual ad network that powers the contextual ad platform Yahoo! -Bing and which facilitates good quality ads and high payouts for them, also gives publishers access to thousands of ads search demand. For this reason, this platform is well known as an alternative for google plus adsense. is a platform for contextual ads that are based on the context of the page, that is, if the content of your website is about cryptocurrenciespeople who visit your website will see advertisements related to the cryptocurrency industry such as Bitcoin, ethereum, Ripple XRP, Litecoin, neo, IOTAetcétera.

These types of ads usually have a better comparison to other types of advertising, because when a usuario lands on a website and sees ads that are in sync with the website, there is a much higher percentage of the usuario clicking on ads simply because it is relevant information that he is looking for. Feature

  • Ability to optimize each income and ROI.
  • Scalability level that generates 100% of the time.
  • The platform is easy to use.
  • It integrates perfectly.
  • The equipo of its functions and profile is very complete.
  • It has different providers that are independent of each other.
  • It has a high to solve latent speed spaces.
  • It provides data and reports that are displayed in real time.
  • It has very good traffic management.
  • They comply with all regulations.
  • The customer is in control.
  • Data is protected with a high level of security.

Advantages of

  • It features the most relevant IAB ads with estándar or custom options.
  • The JS advertising code is 2 lines, being very fácil.
  • Various optimization tests are carried out that cánido fully guarantee the use of the platform.
  • It has the highest paying ads.
  • For the good usuario experience, native ads are kept.
  • It has a design of mobile ad implementations.
  • It has a design coincidente with Android or IOS devices, tablet or IPad.
  • It has ads in content for use or keyword searches.
  • It has all the ad formats for any screen size.

How Much Pays and Payment Methods

As in other platforms, emplees the most common and convenient payment methods for the usuario, the cancellation process is carried out every 30 days and perro be requested through PayPal with a minimum withdrawal of $100 dollarsyou perro also make your withdrawal through wire transfer. CPC Rates: Cost Per Clic

Let’s see, the rate of CTR from is very good compared to other ad networks, as this platform does not require a lot of traffic that is why this point sometimes often prevents you from getting accepted on this platform.

Although of course the cpc It is very variable since it depends on many factors, for example’s CPC rates are between $1 and $5 but on some occasions this tends to go up a bit, if you receive traffic from USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany or any other developed country the CPC rate will be very high compared to other underdeveloped countries.

Requirement to be accepted in

If you are looking to monetize your website and it meets these requirements, you perro qualify to be able to place advertising from this platform on your blog without any problem.

1. If you are a publisher, no minimum traffic limit is required.

2. The main and default language is English, although it also works with Spanish.

3. Follow the rules prohibiting ads on: tobacco, dangerous substances, alcohol, drugs, violent games, fake or stolen products, racial intolerance, medicines, ammunition, etcétera.

This is a very serious platform, that’s why they are a bit demanding when it comes to accepting a blog because they provide their best services to clients and if you want to work with them you must meet those requirements.

if you wonder How easy or difficult is it to get accepted into I tell you that everything will depend on your website, whether or not it adapts to the policies and criteria equipo forth by the platform, its rules are very afín to those of Google plus AdSense.

How to register on

Registration is very fácil on this platform, you just have to go to the main page of and clic on “SIGN UP”.

You must proceed to fill out the form that appears below, you have to entrar all the information that is requested: your website, your dirección de correo electrónico and your country, when you finish send the information and wait for to review it. the data sent, they will escoge if your blog reaches the estimated acceptance level and will tell you if you are accepted or not to monetize with them. Frequently Asked Questions

What is As we have said, it is a program to earn money by advertising on your website or blog.

How much does pay? There are many factors in determining how much pays. Just to give you an iniciativa, with 1,000 ad views per day, you perro earn about $200 per month. Opinions and suggestions

Unfortunately is a platform for big websitesif you have just created a blog and you are receiving few visits, then it is not worth working with this platform because your earnings will not be very good, but if you have a blog that already receives enough visits then is a very good option for you.

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 How Much Does Pay?  – CPC rates
  How Much Does Pay?  – CPC rates
  How Much Does Pay?  – CPC rates

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