How much does it cost to equipo up an Ecommerce?

How much does it cost to equipo up an Ecommerce?

Being aware of the costs of your ecommerce website is escencial if you want to maximize your profits.

Find out exactly how much it costs to equipo up and manage an ecommerce site.

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If you are thinking of transferring your traditional store to the Internet, taking your first steps in the world of ecommerce, or simply checking that you are not spending more than necessary, examining the cost of an en línea sales website will help you control your major overhead costs.

So let’s take a look at how much it costs to equipo up and run an ecommerce website in 2022.

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What must be taken into account to know how much it costs to equipo up an eCommerce?

There are many different parts to a website, and each part will have an impact on the total cost.

Knowing how much you want to spend in advance perro help you escoge which platform is the best option for you and which add-ons you perro afford.

Without a clear budget, it’s easy to end up overspending.

Let’s answer the question right away:

Increase Ecommerce Sales

The total cost of hosting an ecommerce website in 2022 perro range from $40-$4,000 per month, agregado $1,500-$30,000 of website setup fees.

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Why such a large range?

Without knowing the size of your catalogue, the customization required, your annual sales and your general needs, it is impossible to create an accurate budget.

Small ecommerce stores perro get by with free Shopify themes and minimal plugins.

Larger ecommerce stores will need customization and additional hosting features like security and redundancy.

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But do not worry.

Below, we’ll break down the options for each expense you’ll face, showing you where you perro save a few bucks, and where you’ll likely want to spend more.

Your time is a cost

Time is money, so the most significant cost of your ecommerce website may, in some cases, be the time spent creating it.

Using specific ecommerce programa, like Shopify, will save you time.

Instead of spending time connecting different programs, designing shopping carts from scratch, and customizing each product page, you perro spend your precious time populating a pre-built theme.

Dedicated ecommerce platforms also include ongoing support and maintenance to keep your store running.

We estimate that a basic ecommerce website perro take a minimum of 100 hours to equipo up from scratch.

This does not include adding individual product listings.

An enterprise level website cánido take more than 200 hours.

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Web hosting costs for your ecommerce site

You will need to invest in a behind-the-scenes architecture for your website.

This includes a domain name (the web address where your store lives), web hosting (where your data is stored), and an SSL certificate (security for your website).

Depending on the ecommerce platform you escoge to use, part of this architecture may be included in your cost.

For example, SaaS solutions (like Shopify or BigCommerce) include hosting, and you perro buy your domain name through them.

Self-hosted solutions (like WooCommerce self-hosted) will require investing in a separate hosting solution.

Self-hosted solutions will also require more technical knowledge to implement, since you will have to install the ecommerce programa on your server.

Small and medium businesses

  • Domain name: 10 – 20 dollars a year
  • Web hosting (SaaS solution): $29 – $250/month
  • Web hosting (self-hosted): $2.99 ​​– $200/month


For a busy site with thousands of daily visitors, your system requirements increase.

You’ll need more redundancy, the ability to accommodate a lot of traffic without slowing down your page load time, and better security.

Hosting costs cánido vary, but expect to pay upwards of $1,000 per month.

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Programa costs for your ecommerce website

All ecommerce websites have afín components: product pages, inventory management, carts, and checkout pages.

Building this functionality takes time, skill, and effort, which is why most ecommerce businesses rely on a SaaS solution built specifically for ecommerce.

Small and medium businesses

At the low end, some ecommerce SaaS offerings start at around $20-30 per month and offer different plans based on your sales volume and the functionality you need.

Here’s a quick comparison of some of the most habitual ecommerce programa:

  • Cost of a Wix eCommerce site: To run an eCommerce site on Wix, you’ll need their Business Basic plan, at a minimum, which costs $13/month if you pay annually.

    This includes hosting and a free SSL certificate, but doesn’t include additional features like custom reports, multi-currency support, automatic sales tax calculation, and more.

  • Cost of a Shopify eCommerce site: Basic Shopify, its lowest pricing tier, costs $29/month if paid annually.

    This includes hosting and a free SSL certificate, but does not include additional features such as import duty calculation and custom pricing by marketplace.

  • Cost of a BigCommerce eCommerce site: a estándar BigCommerce website costs $29.95/month, paid monthly or annually.

    This includes hosting and a free SSL certificate.

    For stores with sales over $50,000 per year, you’ll need their Agregado plan at $79.95/month.

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business business

The more customizable your ecommerce site is, the more expensive the setup cost will be.

However, large companies with a large and diverse product catalog, or with unique purchase journeys, such as bulk orders, will need to invest in a more configurable platform.

These platforms (such as Magento) are not designed to be equipo up by the average entrepreneur, as they require coding and development knowledge.

There will be an additional setup cost associated with developing your y también-commerce site, as well as an ongoing cost of maintaining and updating the site.

  • Installation cost = starting at $5,000
  • Monthly cost = approx.


How much does an ecommerce design cost?

Now that you have an ecommerce site hosted on a domain, you’ll need to give it a good look.

That includes choosing a design, updating the branding, uploading photos of your products, and designing the overall flow of your website.

You perro choose to work from an existing template or theme or design a custom website that is unique to your store.

lower cost designs

Most SaaS platforms have theme stores and templates that you cánido easily apply to your website.

They offer pre-built product pages and easy-to-update page layouts.

You perro even find some free themes for more habitual programs like Shopify and BigCommerce.

However, these templates may not be a perfect fit for your business, and using one of the habitual templates may not be enough to make your store stand out.

Consider investing in additional customization to ensure you get exactly what you (and your customers) need.

  • Website Design = $0 – $250
  • Customization costs = $1,000 – $5,000

higher cost designs

To give your site a competitive edge, you perro opt for a custom design, complete with bespoke functionality.

It certainly comes at a cost, but it perro be a game changer for larger companies that have additional requirements and an audience.

big enough to support them.

  • Custom Website Design = $5,000 or more

Costs of payment processing programa for your ecommerce websites

Although it is not an initial cost, payment processing is an expense that you must include in your planning.

Different platforms offer different processing options, each with its own cost.

Here are some of the payment processing options from the most habitual ecommerce sites:

  • PayPal or Stripe for WooCommerce: 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction
  • Shopify Payments for Shopify: – between 2.4% – 2.9% + $0.30, for Shopify Basic and 2.4 +$0.30 for Shopify Advanced, agregado an additional 2% per transaction for third-party payment gateways .
  • PayPal or Stripe for BigCommerce:- between 2.4% – 2.9%, depending on your BigCommerce plan + $0.30 per transaction

Search engine optimization (SEO) costs for your ecommerce website

If you build the most beautiful website, but no one cánido find it, your business will not succeed.

That’s why it’s important to build your ecommerce website with SEO in mind.

It’s much easier to start with an optimized site and build on it, rather than trying to organize content when it’s already built.

Having SEO features built into your design perro save you money down the road.

Most SEO agencies charge a monthly fee.

  • SEO Agency Cost: $2,500 – $10,000 per month.

Additional programa and plugins

There are many other tools and services that you perro take advantage of to make your ecommerce site stand out.

Here are some ideas for additional tools that you perro include in your budget:

  • CRM: Customer relationship management (CRM) programa is a database that organizes and stores all of your customer information.

    It cánido help improve your marketing efforts through personalization.

  • Search functionality: Adding additional search functionality to your store may require a plug-in, but your customers will be able to find products much more easily.
  • Abandoned Cart Savings: Other extensions, like Abandoned Cart Saver, cánido increase your total monthly cost, but they cánido also increase your conversion rate by bringing potential customers back to complete their order.

Content costs for your ecommerce website

You could write the text and make the images for your website yourself.

But as we have mentioned at the beginning of the article, time is money.

Whether you spend time on it or escoge to outsource it, your content comes at a cost.

If you outsource content creation, your costs will include:

  • Copywriter for website text, including product descriptions and blog posts
  • Product images taken by professionals
  • Multimedia and vídeo creation

The cost of hiring creatives varies wildly, but you should expect to pay a couple hundred dollars a day, minimum.

Make sure your instructions are comprehensive and detailed to ensure a positive outcome.

How much does it cost in total to equipo up an ecommerce?

The total cost of a new ecommerce website will be between $50 and $3,000 per month, agregado setup costs.

But we perro break it down a bit more.

Small or medium businessCompany
Time >100 hours >200 hours
web hosting $29 – $250/month $1000/month
eCommerce programa $20 – $100/month $2000/month + $5000 installation
Creativity $0 – $1000 setup >$5000 installation
payment processing 2.9% + $0.30/transaction 2.4% + $0.30/transaction
full installation $0 – $1000 + your time >$10000 + your time
Monthly cost $50 – $350/month + transaction fees $3000/month + transaction fees

When you start an ecommerce website, you probably only need the basics.

But that changes over time.

As your sales grow, invest in better infrastructure and design to make sure your site outperforms the competition.

After all, it takes money to make money.

Protect that investment by taking care of your customers and turning them into loyal ambassadors of your brand.

Make it easy to provide great customer service with eDesk and try it for free now.

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 How much does it cost to equipo up an Ecommerce?
  How much does it cost to equipo up an Ecommerce?
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