How much does a university professor earn in

How much does a university professor earn in

Doubts have been raised on many occasions about how much does a university professor earn and how they affect aspects such as Professional categorythe autonomous community wave experience in salary.

We will look at all these issues and many more to try to provide a detailed overview of the subject.

We will also include comparisons with other professions related and we will address the salary situation of university professors in other countries.

Without further ado, let’s go deeper into the subject.

How much does a university professor earn in Spain?

He salary who receives a University professor in Spain varies depending on different factors.

Below are the details most relevant aspects that influence the remuneration of these professionals.

Average salary of a university professor in Spain

According to recent data, the average salary of a university professor in Spain oscillates between 2,000 and 3,500 euros per month grossdepending on your category.

This salary is made up of several elementos, such as base salarythe antiquitythe salary supplementsetcétera.

Salary differences between professors of public and private universities

He type of university in which the teacher exercises his activity is a determining aspecto in his retribution.

In general, salaries are majors in private universities than in the public ones, although this may vary depending on the category of the teacher, their experience, etcétera.

Professional category and its influence on salary

In the Spanish university there are different teacher categories, from the assistant to the professor.

Obviously, the salary increases as the category increases.

So while a helper may charge around 2,000 euros gross per montha professor perro win more than 5,000 euros per month.

Management positions and their impact on salary

The teachers who play management positionssuch as dean or vice-rector, receive a salary supplement for this work.

This supplement may vary depending on the position and the university, but in general it is significant, being able to reach 1,000 euros per month.

Salary supplements in the Spanish university: six-year terms and others

The Spanish university has several systems of salary supplementslike that of the six-year terms, which are awarded to professors who prove constant research activity for six years.

In addition, there are accessories for teaching at the universityby accredited languages, etcétera.

These bonuses cánido significantly increase a teacher’s salary.

Salary comparison with other related professions in Spain

In general, the university professors in Spain They are paid more than other professionals in the education campo, such as teachers or secondary school teachers.

However, compared to other professions that require afín training, such as doctors or lawyers, the salary of university professors perro be considered low.

What is the process like to be a university professor in Spain?

Training and experience required to be a university professor

To be university professor in Spain, it is necessary to have advanced training in some discipline and work experience in it.

Most college professors have a doctorate, although in some cases a master’s degree may be sufficient.

In addition, it is common for teachers to have previous experience as researchers or teachers in other educational centers.

The opposition and its relevance in the academic career

Once you have the necessary training and experience, the next step is to pass the competitive exams to be a university professor.

The oppositions are called by each university and consist of several tests, in which both the theoretical knowledge and the pedagogical and research skills of the candidate are evaluated.

If the tests are successfully passed, you access the figure of collaborating professor, which is a kind of entrance exam to the academic career.

From there, it is possible to go up through different categories until reaching the figure of professor.

Research and scientific publications: results and assessment

In the academic career of a university professor, the investigation and the publication of scientific articles and books they are of great importance.

In fact, in many cases teachers are required to articulo regularly in order to be promoted or access certain salary bonuses.

In addition, the publications they are valued by the academic community and perro have a significant impact on a teacher’s professional career.

A prestigious publication in an international journal perro open the doors to new research projects or conferences, for example.

Performance of management positions and its influence on the academic career

Finally, it is common for university professors to participate in the management of your department or faculty through the occupation of management positions.

The performance of these positions cánido have an impact on the academic career of the professor, since in some cases they are valued positively when it comes to ascending in category or obtaining salary supplements.

However, it is important to point out that the performance of managerial positions cánido also imply a additional workload which is added to the professor’s teaching and research obligations.

Therefore, it is necessary to carefully assess whether you want to occupy a managerial position and whether you have the necessary availability for it.

Analysis of factors that influence the salary of a university professor in Spain

Gender and its influence on salary

In Spain, the wage gap between men and women, and this is also reflected in the salary of university professors.

Women often earn less than men, even when they hold the same teaching or managerial positions.

Even though the gender equality It is an issue that is being addressed more and more frequently in society, and despite the fact that tarea contracts must contemplate equal pay between men and women, this reality continues to be a problem to be combated.

The autonomous community and its impact on the salaries of university professors

He salary of a university professor varies according to the autonomous community in which you are.

This is because not all universities in Spain have the same budget for their professors, so the amount of money a professor perro earn cánido differ markedly depending on the autonomous community in which they are located.

The communities that tend to have the best salary for university professors are La capital española, Catalonia and the Basque Countrywhile the autonomous communities located in the south of Spain are usually at the opposite extreme.

Experience as a determining aspecto in the salary of a university professor

The experience It is a key aspecto in the salary of university professors.

As a professor accumulates years of university teaching experience, his salary increases.

This salary increase is due to the fact that experience provides a series of knowledge and skills that are perfected over time, in addition to acquiring more value within from college as you progress through your academic career.

Teaching positions and their influence on the salary of university professors

The teaching positions they also significantly influence the salary of university professors.

The teachers who have management positions they tend to have better salaries than those who only dedicate themselves to teaching.

This fact is due to the fact that managerial positions perro imply more responsibility, more work and more dedication, which translates into greater financial reward.

General salary situation of university professors in Spain: comparison with other countries

If we compare the Salary of Spanish university professors With the salaries of other European countries, we cánido conclude that the salary of teachers in Spain is quite low.

Specifically, the salary of Spanish teachers is in the middle-low compared to other countries of the European Union, being surpassed by countries such as Germany, Italy or France.

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 How much does a university professor earn in
  How much does a university professor earn in
  How much does a university professor earn in

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