How much does a Bank Transfer cost

How much does a Bank Transfer cost

Paying for a product, or a supplier, or sending money to a family member or friend abroad is a good reason to make an international bank transfer. In this sense, Banks are trustworthy institutions when it comes to carrying out these types of transactions. However, the commissions they charge They are usually a bit high.

If you live abroad, you may be interested in knowing how to make an international bank transfer. Therefore, in this article we are going to espectáculo you how to do it taking some banks as a reference.

How to make a free international bank transfer?

International bank transfers consist of the action of send money electronically from one bank to another who is out of the country. To carry out the operation, it is necessary for the beneficiary to have an active bank account, and to meet a series of requirements demanded by the entity.

It is important to mention that all banks charge fees for carrying out this type of operation. Therefore, it is not possible to make international bank transfers for free if you use a bank as an intermediary. Since these entities charge for a service provided.

Now, if what you are looking for is to send money abroad for free, you cánido go to financial services platforms in the cloud, for example, Uphold. This platform, in addition to being free, allows you to move, convert and save your money. This is just one example.

How to make an international bank transfer?

If the options that you consider most reliable to make international transfers are banks, then pay attention to each step you must follow to achieve it. At the time of the transaction, You perro choose to do it in person or en línea.

The steps below detalla the fastest and easiest process. Namely en línea.

International transfer from BBVA

  1. Entrar the website of BBVA en línea (individuals or company as the case may be) from your electronic device.
  2. Once you have entered the global position, locate the “I want” tab and select it.
  3. Next, check the option that says “make international transfers”.
  4. Complete all the data related to the beneficiary (name, address, IBAN code, etcétera.).
  5. Complete all the data related to the amount of the transfer (type of currency of the operation, amount, reason, among others).
  6. To go to the next step, clic “Continue”.
  7. You will be able to view all the previously loaded data. Check them and confirm to continue.
  8. Ready! The operation will have been carried out successfully.

International transfer from la Caixa

  1. Access Caixabank through your website.
  2. Once you have accessed select “Ttransfers” and then “International”.
  3. Next, several options will be displayed. Choose the one that says “Transfers and Transfers”.
  4. Choose the source account for the transfer and then place the beneficiary account.
  5. Mark how much the amount will be, as well as the moment you want the money to reach the beneficiary and send it.
  6. Finally, the bank will notify you by text or correo electrónico when the money has arrived.

International transfer from Bankia

  1. Entrar Bankia En línea from your website or mobile aplicación.
  2. Log in and locate the section “transfers”.
  3. Next, choose the account from which you want to send the funds.
  4. Entrar the data of the account of the beneficiary or destination.
  5. To end, authorize the transfer by entering the digits of your coordinate card or by texting the code.

International transfer from Santander

  1. YoSign in to En línea Banking from Santander.
  2. Entrar the menu button that is located in the upper right part.
  3. Within the transactions section, choose the option “Transfers abroad”.
  4. Subsequently, go to “Inquiries and operations” and then to “Request transfers abroad.
  5. Next, select the reason for the transfer, the amount and the type of currency you want to transfer.
  6. Complete the data of the beneficiary, such as name and surname, address, etcétera.
  7. Complete the transfer information, such as the place of origin and the destination.
  8. Entrar SWIFT or ABA code of the beneficiary bank and press “Validate”.
  9. Now choose the intermediary bank and load the data, only if the beneficiary has informed you so.
  10. Attach the document which serves as a copia de seguridad of the turn you are going to make.
  11. Answer the linking question, choosing between the options “YES and NO”.
  12. Review all the data and accept the terms and conditions for confirm the transfer.
  13. Finally, the system will ask you to validate the operation using your coordinate card, security token or card details.

International transfer from Sabadell

  1. Access with your ID to website.
  2. On the welcome page, locate the “Make transfers” tab.
  3. Choose the account from which you want to make the transfer.
  4. Clic on the icon and select “International transfer”.
  5. Complete all the data and press “Continue”.
  6. Verify that the data is correct. If so, continue to the next step.
  7. For validate the data, the bank will ask you for a security code. Entrar it and you’re done!

International transfer from ING

  1. Entrar the websiteor from the ING mobile application to log in with your data as a customer.
  2. Select the section my accounts> payments> new transfer.
  3. Clic on the tab “International payment”.
  4. Choose the country to which you want to make the payment and select “Next”.
  5. Entrar the beneficiary account numberthen the BIC code of the beneficiary bank, as well as the required data.
  6. Validate the transfer and ready.

How to make an immediate international bank transfer?

International transfers usually take a little time for the recipient to withdraw the money that was sent to them. The time cánido be from 1 to 5 business days. The duration will depend on factors such as the country, the type of currency and the entity.

But if you cánido’t wait and you need the money to reach its destination immediately, no problem! Since some banks have the option of making the “Immediate international transfers”. However, you should know that the commission will be much higher.

To perform such a transfer, pay attention to the Next steps:

  1. Access the en línea banking of your issuing bank.
  2. Register your data to identify yourself.
  3. Once inside, in the global position, locate the “Transfers” tab and then “Immediate international transfers” (only some banks have this option).
  4. Entrar the corresponding data of the beneficiary.
  5. Confirm the data and continue with the operation.
  6. Validate the transfer and process finished.

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 How much does a Bank Transfer cost
  How much does a Bank Transfer cost
  How much does a Bank Transfer cost

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