How much do they pay you to be at a table

How much do they pay you to be at a table

Election time arrives and of course you have to go vote. But it cánido also happen that the public lottery has designated you to hold office at the polling station, either as president or member and although this process is usually tedious and lasts a large part of the day, you should know that at least He perro leave you a few euros as a reward.

What is charged for being a member of a polling station?

The presidents and members of the polling stations will receive a diet of 65 euros, whose amount is regulated by Del ministerio Order and is the usual one in Spain. For his part, in the Basque Country people who hold these same positions are paid 85 euros for exercising that function throughout election day.

The members of the table will receive the pay, even if they do not work full time, that is, even if a substitute joins at the end of the day. In fact, only those who have the status of Headlines. Substitutes could only receive it in case of acquiring the status of holders.

Besides, this amount of 65 euros is exempt from withholdings, as reported by the Tax Agency and established by the del ministerio order. And it is the same regardless of what type of elections they are: general, regional, municipal or European.

Is it mandatory to go to the polling station?

If you were thinking of being absent, unfortunately we must tell you that the presidents and members, as well as their alternates, must be Mandatory present in the schools to which they have been assigned. Failing to attend, without justified ocasione, may orinan a imprisonment or fenezca.

There are few who are exempt from going, including those over 65 years of age, those with a disability or disability, pregnant women of six months or more and those who are on maternity or lactation leave. In the same way if you have already had to be part of the electoral table three or more times in the last decadeYou have the option not to go.

Nevertheless, other cases are also considered such as being sick or having planned an operation or important medical tests on the day of the vote, having to take care of children and/or the elderly or people with disabilities, having difficulties moving around or being disabled for religious reasons or being the protagonist of a celebration important.

Who are creditors of the polling station payments?

The work of controlling the polling station has financial compensation from the Ministry of the Interior. Each president and member will receive 65 euros tax free. throughout the voting morning a person from the Ministry of the Interior (usually the National Police) gives an envelope to each of the members of the table with 65 euros.

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 How much do they pay you to be at a table
  How much do they pay you to be at a table
  How much do they pay you to be at a table

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