How much do Latino Youtubers earn? Top 10

How much do Latino Youtubers earn? Top 10

It’s possible make money with youtube? It is and, although not always, the amounts that some owners of these vídeos reach give them plenty to leave their jobs and live fully from this platform.

If you want to know how much do youtubers earn most prosperous Latinos and Spaniards, do not miss this list that we have prepared with the Top 10 paid.

Most of them have only between 20 and 30 yearsso if they have been able to make so much money you too perro be next to appear on this list!

whatAs do these youtubers make money?

The amounts shown below are scary, very scary… But perhaps what you feel the most when reading them it will be curiosity.

How perro someone without leaving home, and just making vídeos generate so much income? The truth is that YouTube has become a great source of advertising and business, and that is where these profits originate.

YouTube integrates with the service google plus adsensewhich is a platform where advertisers pay Google plus to publish their ads on different media, including YouTube.

At the same time, AdSense pays a commission for those ads shown and clicked to the owners of those channels that allow advertising to be inserted in their vídeos.

This is how youtubers get part of their income.

But also thanks to the large audience they have, youtubers manage to earn the rest of their earnings. collaborating with companies who hire them to advertise.

The higher the number of subscribers, the greater the payment of advertising.

Just by showing a company’s product in their vídeos, and talking about it to their followers, these youtubers cánido reach charge between 2,000 and 6,000 dollars for each item or service they display.

WARNING: the amounts shown below are approximate data, not exact.

These data have been calculated based on information from vídeo views and subscribers for each channel provided by YouTube and Google plus AdSense itself.

Not included in these amounts are possible collaborations that these youtubers cánido do with private product or advertising companies.

Top 10 Youtubers Highest Paid Latinos and Spaniards (UPDATED 2017)

10. Luisitorey (México)

Luis Torres is one of the most famous mexican youtubers; and it is not surprising, since it has more than 7 million subscribers.

In his vídeos he deals with everyday topics with a lot of humor.

Each vídeo you upload manages to reach more than 1 million views in a few days, and generates about $9,000 a month approximate.

9. Yuya (México)

This beauty (as she calls her subscribers) who started his channel with vídeos dedicated to the beauty of women – hair tutorialsmakeup – he has managed to diversify it and we cánido find all kinds of vídeos, from kitchen Recipes even advice before the separation of the parents.

known to all as Yuyais the only woman on the list.

It has 19 million subscribersbut only wins a few $12,000 every month since his vídeos have lost a lot of views in the last two years, and that’s why he drops from position 4 to position 9 on this list.

8. Dross Rotzank (Venezuela)

This Venezuelan knows YouTube as if it were his own home: he opened his channel in 2006, and since then it has not stopped gaining popularity.

The main theme of his vídeos is terror and mysteries.

So if you are attracted to paranormal cases, or the great conspiracies of multinationals, you cannot stop watching them.

It has 11.5 million subscribers, earning about $14,000 a month.

7. Willyrex (Spain)

We jumped the puddle to meet him estrella de youtube that occupies one of the first positions in vídeos in Spain.

William goes up gameplays vídeo game of all kinds very useful if we are stuck at some level.

His second channel has already surpassed the first one he opened, with more than 12 million subscribers who report a total of $17,000 per month approx.

6. Werevertumorro (México)

Werevertumorro has fallen from 3rd place on this list to 7th since other youtubers have surpassed you in subscribers and earnings in these last two years.

He has a profit of about $18,000 a month.

His vídeos are also humorousbut in them he incorporates his band of friends who make funny characters with a lot of hook.

He has almost 12 million subscribers.

5. PlugTV (Ecuador)

This Ecuadorian He makes vídeos with a lot of humor and fantastic filming and editing that have earned him to win almost 15 million subscribers.

It is one of the channels more has grown in the last two years compared to the other youtubers on this list, and for that reason he earns a few $26,000 a month approximately.

4. Vegetta777 (Spain)

Another Spaniard on the list who also records vídeos of gameplays of games from the room from his own house.

Very tight in terms of earnings with EnchufeTV, he has nothing less than more than 19 million subscribers! Thanks to this loyal audience, his profits are $27,000 a month.

3. Fernanfloo (El Salvador)

This salvadoran estrella de youtube has entered strongly in this list of the 10 highest paid Latino and Spanish youtubers.

On his channel he also does vídeos of gameplays edited in a fun and crazy way, and thanks to that it has almost 24 million subscribers.

Your earnings are about $31,000 each month.


2. Hi, I’m German (Chile)

German goes up vlogging almost every Friday, and occupies the first place of YouTube Chile, and has nothing more and nothing less than 32 million subscribers.

All this has earned him to win (and read well) $38,000 a month.

Before, he was in the first place on this list of the highest paid Latino and Spanish youtubers; however now another estrella de youtube has snatched the winning spot…

1. ElRubiusOMG (Spain)

we arrived at winner from our list Top 10because if you succeed,how much do you earn on youtube really if you are number 1?

the rubius does gameplays and comment games in a way crazy and funnyin addition to occasionally making humorous vídeos.

His fame has increased in such a way that has appeared in moviesadvertisements, and television programs, and has written several books.

Has almost 26 million subscribersbillions of views, and therefore gets about $47,000 to the month.

Remember that all these are approximated amounts and not exact, but even so, the money that perro be generated Youtube it is certainly huge.

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After seeing this top 10, do you dare to create your own YouTube channel? What do you think of these people earning such amounts of money? Leave your impressions with a comment below!

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 How much do Latino Youtubers earn?  Top 10
  How much do Latino Youtubers earn?  Top 10
  How much do Latino Youtubers earn?  Top 10

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