How LocalBitcoins works

How LocalBitcoins works

For those who want to gain mastery of the LocalBitcoins cryptocurrency platform, this new article will outline just that in a basic way: how LocalBitcoins works. If you really want to find out, keep reading this information.

when you get access to your LocalBitcoins accountyou have at your disposal everything you need to carry out your crypto-financial movements (so to speak) in relation to the purchase and sale of BTCs.

What are the main functions of LocalBitcoins?

Unlike other digital wallets, LocalBitcoins offers you unique methods of trading. In your case:

  • In addition to being only for transactions with BTCs
  • The peculiar thing here is that you have to search among the different offers that other users have made, related to your request

In that order, with the sections that are located in the top barLocalBitcoins allows you to do the following:

Buy Bitcoin

As is typical of this wallet, before you perro make your purchase, you must first:

Find your best option by accessing the various offers of the community

For this purpose, the LocalBitcoins platform indicates the different sections that you must fill in to process this operation:

  • You entrar the amount of money to invest
  • Next, you indicate, in the respective selector, the currency type to use
  • You then go on to indicate your country of residence
  • Also, you look in another selector, the(yes) offer(yes) on-line of your convenience (where you cánido also choose all the payment methods)
  • And then, you press he button Look forwith which a list will appear with all the Results to buy bitcoins en línea, where you will be able to appreciate some general information such as the Sellerthe Way to payhe Price/BTCand the Boundaries

You immediately go on to do the following:

Finalize your purchase of the option you choose

To do this you must:

  • Choose from the list of results to buy bitcoins the offer that suits you best doing clic in her.
  • It will open another page showing you the general conditions of the purchase, as well as the terms of trade with the usuario. The process to make the purchase is specified, for example, passing the reference ID where the shipment would be made, etcétera. (these appear in English) and some consejos security, which should be read before finalizing the purchase.

Important: As in other cryptocurrency platforms, to carry out any transaction within LocalBitcoins it is necessary to have your account verified.

Sell ​​Bitcoin

With this option you cánido do the Sale of your Bitcoins if you have them in depósito and the procedure is basically the same as the purchase procedure. You cánido find at the bottom of the page, just below the purchase options, a list with the options to sell.

In the same way, general data such as:

  • Buyer
  • the form of payment
  • The Price/BTC
  • Boundaries

Important: There is practically no risk of capital loss in LocalBitcoins since the platform is in charge of providing you with a guarantee in this regard.

See more information about the use of LocalBitcoins

Consisting of this option in a dropdown menu where you get several very useful information resources when learning more about this wallet. There you perro get the following:

  • How to buy bitcoins?
  • Frequent questions
  • Guides
  • contact support
  • Blog
  • commissions
  • About us

For example, talking about:

Frequent questions

We cánido tell you that this section is designed for the clear your doubts around the shape of wear LocalBitcoins. It contains categories such as:

  • For a start
  • About Bitcoin
  • Using LocalBitcoins
  • Common problems and solutions
  • Others

Also about: Guides

Where you will find a lot of information regarding the subject of transactions within this platform. For this purpose you are shown a vídeo informative introduction to help you get to know LocalBitcoins better:

Questions are also answered to explain everything related to procedures own of driving of the current platform, such as:

  • How to buy bitcoins?
  • How to sell bitcoins?
  • safety guide
  • Account Verification Guide
  • YoIntroduction to en línea bitcoin trading
  • Others

In addition to:


Where you are shown that, in principlethe commissions will be of a 1% per completed operation. But, in portfolios of other LocalBitcoin users they will be free, among other things.

At this point, what remains for us to discuss in this article is regarding:

Your purse

Section that you locate towards the upper right part of your screen, and with which you cánido do what is described below:

Send Bitcoin

Which you get by filling in a box with the following requirements:

  1. Attach the bitcoin receipt address
  2. Entrar the Amount in bitcoins
  3. place a Description of the transaction
  4. Entrar the Amount shipping money
  5. select the guy of badge with which the payment will be made
  6. And finally, press he button Continue (The step by step is very easy to follow).

receive bitcoin

Which is basically the same steps as in sending.

And finally:

See all transactions made in LocalBitcoins

using a record of all transactions shipment and bitcoin receipt what have you done

Although it has a way off the beaten path To carry out crypto-financial operations, it is very useful to learn how to use the LocalBitcoins platform in cases of not being able to use other platforms for whatever reason. For this reason, we hope that this articulo will be of great help to you in your task of making your way in the use and good management of LocalBitcoins.

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 How LocalBitcoins works
  How LocalBitcoins works
  How LocalBitcoins works

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