How is the money from an inheritance taxed?

How is the money from an inheritance taxed?

Many are the people who have received an inheritance after the death of a relative and do not know how to deal with the doubts that arise due to the Income StatementAmong these doubts is that of whether inherited assets are tax free or notto answer your questions we have written the most common questions along with their answers.

Perro you inherit without paying taxes?

There are several ways to avoid or pay less tax When receiving an inheritance, one of them is when the deceased has not yet disappeared and cánido help the beneficiary of said inheritance to have access to the money to cancel the payments in the Treasury.

To do this you could put as co-owner of their accounts to the beneficiary, and thus he could have the account to pay the taxes. Other ways in which the beneficiary perro use the inheritance is to receive a pension plan.

It cánido also occur partial self-assessment, and it is justified as long as there is a sufficient liquid amount of money between credits, securities, effects or amounts in cash. When the amount of money is not considered or significant, a deferment or installment cánido be requested.

Payment of the tax cánido be deferred for a few years when the property to be inherited is a sole proprietorship, or if they have a family relationship, over 65 years of age, and have shared the place of residence with the deceased for at least two years prior to his death.

It is advisable have bank guarantees as a guarantee of being able to cover 125% agregado the legal interest.

In addition to the above options, you perro request a loan or open a credit account to pay the Inheritance Tax. With this alternative, you perro cover the debt with the property or assets obtained from the estate that make up the total inheritance.

How is the money from an inheritance taxed?

Before knowing how to tax the money from an inheritance, it is important to remember that you have 6 months to pay the difference taxes, you cánido extend the term to pay the inheritance tax, but the Treasury charges you interest for doing so.

Another thing to note is that each autonomous community It establishes its own taxes and you see bonuses in installments. In the same important way, do not lose sight of the fact that the Inheritance and Gift Tax is paid before receiving the inheritance, that is, the money.

In addition to this, the money received in inheritance must be taxed in the community in which the deceased lived, regardless of where the assets that are part of said inheritance are located.

The amount to pay for the Inheritance is linked to the autonomous community where the deceased was Taxed, as we mentioned before, but it is also related to the amount of money inherited and the degree of kinship with the missing

According to the degree of kinship it is divided into different groups. For example, the number one group, which is made up of descendants and adoptees under 21 years of age, there is a reduction on the quota and this is 15,956.87 euros, added to this 3,990 for each year that they still have to reach 21 until a maximum of 40,946.96 euros.

How does an inheritance affect the income statement?

If you inherited a checking account or cash, you do not have to declare said money, but the interest or profitability that said money could generate once you get hold of it.

In this, you do not have to declare an inheritance in the Income statement, the only thing you have to declare would be the amount received or obtained when making use and enjoyment of the inheritance.

For example, if you have inherited a house and you are thinking of selling or renting it, in this case, if you really declare the corresponding tax on the Personal Income of the amount you got in return. If you manage to sell the house when making the income statement, you will have to report what you have earned from the sale.

Perro an inheritance be renounced?

The answer to this question is yes, there is the possibility of giving up an inheritance. The simplest and most effective way to renounce an inheritance is through repudiation, since it does not favor a third person.

If you escoge to transfer it to another family member so that they perro enjoy it, you will have to pay the inheritance and donation tax because this action would be understood as a donation and therefore should be taxed in such a case.

We hope that all your doubts and concerns have been clarified. Remember that there are several options you have to deal with these taxes.

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 How is the money from an inheritance taxed?
  How is the money from an inheritance taxed?
  How is the money from an inheritance taxed?

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