How IQ Option works [Guía COMPLETA 2022]

How IQ Option works [Guía COMPLETA 2022]

He en línea trading It is one of the best alternatives to invest your capital that you have saved and that you are not giving it a real use.

Remember that all money that you do not invest or spend, it is losing its value.

For many years I tried to generate income en línea with various methods, and although I made good profits, I was in a financial situation where I needed a little more money at the end of the month.

A friend told me about starting to invest en línea to increase that plus income that I needed, but when I started looking, no broker convinced me because or the minimum deposit was very highor the commissions were excessive.

Until one day after searching a lot, I found IQ Option.

For me it is the perfect platform because it barely has commissions, and also your deposit is only 10 dollars, one of the lowest I have come across.

* Risk alert: your capital may be at risk. My readers are very important to me, which is why I recommend starting with just $10.

It took me a bit of time to learn how to use the whole page and operate with it, but I was finally successful and now I generate money only with my investments.

That’s why today I want to espectáculo you how IQ Option works and everything you need to know to start trading en línea.

Let’s go there!

* Material not intended for the European Economic Community: This material is not intended for viewers in the European Economic Community.

Binary options are not promoted or sold to traders from the European Economic Community.

Find out how IQ Option works in this guide

What is IQ Option

How IQ Option works

Minimum deposit on IQ Option

What types of accounts are there at IQ Option?

How to create an account on IQ Option

How to make a deposit on IQ Option

How to open your first trade on IQ Option

How to close a trade on IQ Option

What payment and withdrawal methods does IQ Option have?

What is the minimum amount I cánido withdraw from IQ Option?

How to withdraw profits from your trades on IQ Option

What are the IQ Option commissions?

What assets perro I trade on IQ Option?

What types of trades are there on IQ Option?

What is IQ Option

IQ Option it’s a en línea trading broker founded in 2013.

Currently, it is one of the best asset investment platforms in the world.

* General risk alert: Your capital may be at risk The financial products offered by the company have a high level of risk and cánido lead to the loss of all your funds.

You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.

C.has more than 80 million users that daily operate on this platform and constantly earn income.

The most destacable thing about this broker is that it fully developed the interfaz and trading application used by its registered users. Does not use third-party programs, but from the ground up created an en línea trading medium.

For example, the IQ Option platform has a large number of trend indicators and preloaded charts for you to do specialized analysis and make better decisions.

Likewise, it allows you to invest in a large number of assets such as Binary Options, CFDsCryptocurrencies, ETFs, Commodities, Digital Options and many more.

And not only that, this broker is specially designed to any type of traders.

Whether you are a novice or an expert, it will meet the expectations you may have, since it has all kinds of metrics and tools with different difficulties and applications.

Also has exclusive vídeo tutorials for your customers. It may be that you do not know anything about the subject, or that you need to review it, in any case, here you will have all the information you need.

How does it work IQ Option

The way of trade on IQ Option it is relatively fácil. you just have to register, choose the asset in which you want to trade, choose if its price will go up or down and wait for your position to end. You must entrar your usuario account and go to the “Trade Room”.

On the platform you have various menus and toolbars that will help you a lot in your operations.

Here I will tell you what each of them does.

Top bar

At the top is a bar containing the basic elements of your account. You will use them all the time. If you look from left to right, you will find the YoIQ Option iconwhich takes you directly to the main page.

After, you have the graphics view, you cánido choose how many price quotes you want to see on the screen, from 1 to 9.

In addition, there are the options of asset selection and to add other derivatives.

In this order, you will be able to see a small camera that would be the personal menu.

You perro change your profile picture, manage your funds, complete data, go to withdraw your money and much more.

The last buttons that you have in this bar, is the one of the amount of money available, which changes depending on your account (if it is demo or real); and the Deposit button, where you cánido deposit money to your trading account.

left menu

On the left side of the screen trading platform you have elements that you will also use very often when you already have open positions, or maybe for a history you want to review.

If you look from top to bottom, you cánido first see the “Total Portfolio”.

Here you have available all operations that are active by the time.

You perro choose which types of assets you want to see, whether you want to see them all or not.

It is very useful for when you want to quickly access an operation.

Second you have the “Trading History”.

With this section you cánido see all positions that have already been closed. It is a history of everything you have done on the platform.

If you are not going to do the above, it is better to have this window closed so that you perro use any other element more easily.

You will also see the “Chats and Supportby IQ Option. You perro connect with the entire broker community through this tool, comment and entrar into open discussions about any asset.

You perro filter the chat rooms by theme, language or by assets. However, to be able to chat you have to have your active live account with funds in her.

If you want to know how the IQ Option platform sees you in relation to other traders, you cánido look at the “Positions table”.

To entrar this top, the number of operations closed in profits and that are part of the real accounts are counted.

Following through the menu is the button “Market analysis”.

Here you will see important news that may affect the depósito market in some way, such as devaluations, multilateral agreements, among others.

In addition, you will have a calendar with important events such as international summits.

This section is important since you will be able to know the degree of volatility and what assets may be affected by it.

Finally, there are the “Vídeo tutorials” and “Help” buttons, which are sections for assistance to traders.

In the first you will find vídeos for learn the basics of trading on IQ Option.

While in the second section, you perro access a frequently asked questions forum and get the contact number for any support.

Main part

Here is the graph with the price of asset price in which you are going to operate.

In addition, you will be able to find many tools that will allow you to open a position successfully.

The main thing you cánido keep in mind is the temporality.

You have a bar at the bottom of the screen to choose the period of the price of the instrument that interests you.

The iniciativa is that depending on how you want to analyze the market, put the time For example, if you want to know short-term behavior, 30-minute or 1-hour timeframes are perfect.

On the left side of the time bar, you have 3 icons with different functions.

The first one works to change the “Chart Type”.

You perro select candlesticks, lines, Heikin-Ashi, bars.

Second, there are the “Graphical tools”.

With the options it provides you will be able to draw trend lines, resistances, supports and much more.

Finally, there are theIndicators”.

There are several that cánido be used to establish trends and know the future behavior of an asset, you cánido use the RSI or the Moving Averages, which are the best known.

There is also the affinity graph of the asset, which tells you what other traders are doing with that instrument.

Now, on the right side, there are simply the buttons for “Up”, “Down” or Buy and sell. Whatever option you have in mind depending on the study you have done previously, you will choose any of these two.

From this part of the graph you perro also entrar the amount you want to deposit and the time for the position you open to expire.

It is the simplest of all, but together with the indicators, it will be one of the menus that you use the most.

minimum deposit in IQ Option

IQ Option minimum deposit is only 10 dollars:y tambiénIt is one of the brokers that requires less capital to be able to enjoy the real account and make operations.

Remember that one of the things that traders look for, especially newbies, is that the minimum deposit of a broker don’t be so tall

Not only does it allow access for a much larger number of users, but also, the little money it asks for is really enough to start trade the markets.

IQ Option It also offers you several means so that you perro deposit money into your account depending on where you have your capital stored.

The most used are the options in credit or debit cardswhich are processed immediately.

However, you also have other methods like Skrill, Neteller or WebMoney.

Now I tell you, $10 may not orinan much to you, but the truth is that within the platform it does. He minimum amount per operation it’s only $1which means you perro do several minimal operations.

And if you carry out a good market analysis and are successful in most of the positions you open, you will be able to grow your capital in a short time. I recommend that before investing try the demo account so that you know more about the theme of the platform.

* General risk alert: Your capital may be at risk The financial products offered by the company have a high level of risk and cánido lead to the loss of all your funds.

You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.

Once you master it, you cánido start using the real IQ Option account making your first deposit.

That account types Is there in IQ Option?

In IQ Option there are 3 types of accounts that every usuario cánido obtain on the platform depending on several factors.

Each one of them has different aspects that perro be used for trading.

It all depends on your experience and investment style.

demo account

This is the account that you get once you register on the broker’s website.

In fact, it is one of the ones that I think you will use the most, since you cánido practice without any risk and invest in all the assets that the platform has for you.

They do not ask you for any information personal or payment to be able to use it.

In addition, they give you $10,000 totally free and rechargeable to be able to open positions.

You have all the tools available, except the chats and the withdrawal section.

IQ Option allows you to see the real quotes of the assets and invest in them with virtual money.

It’s practically the special account for practice the strategies en línea trading that fit you best and once you master them you perro use the real account.

Real Account

You cánido access this account when you deposit a minimum of 10 dollars on IQ Option.

You perro trade more than 300 assets in any market and make withdrawal requests in just minutes.

Basically the same as in the demo account, with the difference that this time the operations They are made with the money you deposited.

Perro make use of all the elements of the broker, from trend indicators to trading community chat.

When you already acquire a real account, you must take into account that you are now doing trading with your own money, so you must have control of it and the risk you run.

If you want to go back to your test account, you perro switch from one to the other without problem.

VIP account

This is known as the account for professionals.

VIP accounts are available to clients who deposit significant amounts (exact amount is subject to change).

Be careful, you perro have that amount of money in the total of your deposits, not necessarily if deposited directly.

So you have the option to get to that position with various incomes.

It is more of an enhancement to the real account, than another type itself.

The difference is that the platform provides you with improvements in the return on assets at least 3%.

This is very helpful when you see your benefits at the end of the month.

In addition, they give you a personal account advisor for you, to whom you perro ask and consult everything you need at any time.

how to create one account at IQ Option

1. Fill your data in the form

To create an IQ Option account you have two options: go to the official IQ Option page or Write your information in the form below.

Entrar your data here below to create your free account in less than 2 minutes:

2. Use your demo account or deposit

Since you created your account by typing your data in the form above, now just go to the IQ Option page For starting to use the demo account or go to the deposit area to make your first deposit and start investing.

3. check your account

Something important to keep in mind is that you have to verify your IQ Option account.

You are going to have to take this small step in order to be able to withdraw money, otherwise you will not be able to enjoy the benefits you get from trading.

Cánido find the verification area in your usuario interfaz, in the section “check”.

Now, you will have to confirm a phone number by mensaje de texto, Fill in the information requested such as gender, country of residence and citizenship.

Then, you will be asked to attach an image with your identity document in which all the information is clearly aparente.

With all this done, you will be able to access all the platform tools.

[box title=”Advertencia General De Riesgo” style=”soft” box_color=”#f49509″ title_color=”#333131″ radius=”3″]Difficult to understand product, the CNMV has determined that it is not suitable for small investors, due to the complexity and high risk involved.

My readers are the most important thing in the world to me, and I don’t want them to spend money they don’t have.


How to do a deposit on IQ Option

IQ Option has one of the easiest ways to deposit money out of all the brokers. You just have to entrar “Deposits”, Choose the amount and payment method and that’s it! Now, to get to this section you have two ways.

The first is from the usuario interfaz, on the green button that says “To deposit”.

You will be able to vea that it appears on the left side all the payment methods you cánido use.

In the center will be the regular amounts that other traders tend to deposit.

On the left side, you cánido place yourself the amount you want to entrar and the currency to use.

With all this selected, press “Proceed to Pay” so you perro start trading with your money.

The second is from the Trade Room, pressing the green button at the top that says “Deposit”.

Like the previous form, on the right side will appear the means of payment that you perro select. In the center you will find a card form (in case you have chosen Visa/Mastercard), which you have to fill out with the information requested.

If you change the method, the card will disappear, and the most usual amounts to deposit will appear for you to select. then you must choose the amount of money to entrarthe currency and press “Continue”.

This will take you to payment platforms of any of the electronic systems that you have chosen and once approved, you will have the money in your cómputo.

As open your first trade on IQ Option

To open a trade on IQ Option, with any asset you want, you must log in to your account and find yourself in the en línea trading platform.

Once here you must locate the instrument in which you want to operate, be it raw material, index, a currency pair, etcétera.

Select the asset, look at the chart with the price quote and evaluate their behavior.

The best thing you perro do is that you already have a strategy in mind, it may be that you vea the trend with an RSI indicator, or through Japanese candles.

With your market study carried out, and knowing the movement of the asset price, select the amount to invest (the minimum is $1) and the duration of the position you are going to start, which cánido vary from 1 to 15 minutes.

The only thing that remains for you to do after this is select according to your analysis if the price will go up or down with the buttons “Up” or “Down”, “Buy” or “Sell”.

The latter depends on the type of derivative you are trading, whether it is a CFD or you are investing in binary options.

How to close your trading on IQ Option

To close your operations you have 2 ways: hethe first is through expiry close.

Here what happens is that the time that you equipo for the operation to end, arrives.

And for this reason the position ends, making you collect your profits or losses.

You will receive in full income generated in case you got your analysis right.

The second method is when you want to make a early closing.

There are two methods to do this, you perro do it directly, from a small button that will appear on the chart every time you open a trade, which says “Sell”.

Or maybe you perro achieve it, through the “Total Portfolio”, you select the open position, clic on “Espectáculo more” and then on “Sell”.

What happens here is that you carry out the sale action to recover your investment or disminuye losses.

It may also be that you were wrong when studying the asset, and to avoid such high losses, you escoge to take this path.

As you see, they are very different results that will help you solve very different situations.

I recommend that you learn to use these tricks well since they could save your life at some point.

That payment and withdrawal methods do you have IQ Option?

IQ Option offers you a wide variety of means by which you perro deposit or withdraw the money you have earned. In the income of the money you have available Credit or debit card Visa and MastercardAdvCash, Neteller, Skrill and WebMoney.

At the moment, IQ Option It does not allow you to make deposits in PayPal for your deposits.

In the case of withdrawals, the methods are the same than those used to deposit money: Visa or Mastercard debit or credit card, Neteller, Skrill, and WebMoney.

What is the minimum amount that I cánido withdraw from IQ Option?

The minimum amount to withdraw money from IQ Option is very low: with only 2 dollars in your account you cánido withdraw that money to collect your earnings.

It is one of the lowest of all the brokers I have tried so far, since on other platforms, for example, they have asked me many times that I had to reach 50 or 100 dollars to be able to withdraw my money.

Instead with IQ Option I just need to get to 2 bucks so I perro withdraw my winnings.

Now, I must tell you that the platform has a special way of working for this section.

If you have made a deposit with your Visa or Mastercard, you cánido only withdraw with the same method.

In other words, if you made a deposit of $10 with a Visa, you will only be able to extract a maximum of that amount. with the same medium. The rest must be withdrawn with digital wallets such as Skrill or Neteller.

This is because the withdrawal of funds with cards works as if it were a refund.

If you want to make a bank transfer, the duration time is from 5 to 9 days, and they will charge you a commission of $31.

How to withdraw winnings of your trades on IQ Option

For withdraw funds from IQ Option You have two ways, both have the same result, what differs is the way to get there.

The first way is directly from the usuario interfaz, in the section “Withdraw funds”. The second is from the trading area, pressing the camera with the personal menu and selecting the withdrawal option.

Once in the new window, you will find the ways to withdraw money to make a request or withdraw instantly.

If you made your deposit with a Visa or Mastercard, you will see the maximum amount that you cánido withdraw as a refund.

Otherwise, you will have to make a withdrawal request to be able to take your income to any of the virtual wallets that are available.

This process changes state to the extent that IQ Option sends you the money.

It will first be found as “Requested”, then “In Process” and finally as “Sent Funds”.

Eye, stop withdraw money you must have the Verified accounthaving sent a copy of your identity document and the debit or credit card you used, if applicable.

Which are the IQ Option commissions?

IQ Option is one of the en línea trading brokers that charge less market commission.

In fact, they are so low, that that is one of the reasons why it attracts the most attention.

In general there are 5, and they vary depending on the asset in which you are going to invest.

In the case of CFDs and cryptocurrencies, there are several charges for different actions.

The first commission goes to concept of spread.

This is the difference between the sale price and the purchase price of an asset and represents the charge made by the platform for opening an operation of this type.

For example: Imagine that you are trading a currency pair, perhaps EUR/USD.

This asset has a sale price of 1.07048 and a purchase price of 1.09845.

The difference between the two figures is 0.02797.

This is the Spread you have to pay at the beginning of operations, that is why when opening a position, it starts in negative until the amount you just paid is recovered.

The second refers to the collection of a fee for operations that are carried out after hours, also called overnight.

It is equivalent to 0.01% to 0.5% of the total value of the position you make.

If you do such an operation on Friday, you will be charged triple because the weekend rates will be included.

That is, following the example of the EUR/USD currency pair, if your trade stays open until the next day, you will have to pay 0.07% of the total amount Of the same.

Third, are the inactivity charge.

It is about $50 that will be deducted from the account when it has not been used for 3 months.

From this time, for each month that passes, that amount will continue to be deducted.

If you don’t have money in your cómputo, nothing will be charged. Now, to avoid all this problem, the best thing I cánido recommend is that log in once a month if you are not using your account.

On the other hand, there is a commission that only cryptocurrencies are charged. IQ Option charges a maintenance fee of 0.25% to 2.5% for cryptocurrency positions that are held open for periods of more than 3 months. Which means that if you start a trade with $100 in Ethereum, the total amount will be $102.5.

For the other assets that are represented as binary or digital options, they don’t have any commissionwith the exception of inactivity.

Finally, IQ Option has a withdrawal commission of 2% when making a second withdrawal during each month, that is, you have a free withdrawal each month.

Imagine how cool IQ Option is that you should not take care of no plus charge.

whatwith which assets Cánido I trade on IQ Option?

IQ Option currently has more than 300 assets at your disposal so that you perro trade with them.

Each group has a certain number of instruments, such as currency pairs, CFDs or binary trades:

  • Actions: You own more than 190 of these assets, including Nike, Apple, Microsoft and more.
  • Options: Here you have 50 different instruments for you to invest in binary or digital operations, from currency pairs to stocks.
  • Forex: There are more than 30 currency pairs in the form of CFDs or binary operations so that you perro trade with the best combinations of currencies, such as EUR / USD.
  • cryptocurrencies: In this case, you have the 17 best cryptocurrencies on the market.

    They are the most commercial, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and many more.

  • Raw Materials: There are 3 assets that represent contracts for difference such as oil and gold.
  • ETFs: These more than 20 investment funds contain the best assets depending on the theme they follow, such as technology or agriculture.

As you cánido see, there are many options available to you to invest.

So the best thing I perro recommend is that you specialize in the evaluation of a few assets, so that you cánido get to know them and disminuye your level of risk.

What types of operations exist on IQ Option?

IQ Option offers its users 3 types of operations: the binary options, digital options and CFDs (contracts for difference), which are the most used in the world of en línea trading.

The first type are binary options. With them you cánido operate in any asset with the iniciativa of ​​finding a trend to invest in rising or falling price, as long as a market study has been carried out to confirm this behavior.

The question is that they are divided into two forms of operations according to the time they remain open before its expiration.

The first is the classical binary operation.

These operations refer to regular positions of at least 15 minutes on the platform.

They are the ones who maintain a cómputo between expiry time and profitsince by staying open for a minimum of a quarter of an hour, they give you the opportunity for the price to evolve quite a bit in your favor.

On the other hand, there are the Turbo binary trading.

As the name indicates, they are those that expire quite quickly.

In fact, the maximum time to operate with them is 5 minutes.

You should know that binary operations not available for europe due to regulatory issues with the European Union.

However, from Latin America you perro operate in them.

And like most brokers, IQ Option allows trade CFDs.

Contracts for difference allow you to invest in an asset without actually owning it.

That is you only negotiate with its purchase and sale price. When opening a CFD trade, you do not need to entrar a time limit like in binary options.

At any time you perro choose to close the trade.

You perro too invest with leverage, which allows you to open operations larger than the allocated capital, since the rest is provided by the broker.

However, this is a double-edged sword.

Remember that the more risk, the juicier is the benefit at the end of the operation. The point is that you must examine whether it is worth taking that financial risk.

IQ Option has been for a few years a excellent broker for traders novices and experienced, and thanks to its innovations, it continues to be so today.

Knowing how it works and everything you cánido do with this great platform will allow you improve the visión you have about the en línea trading and it will even encourage you to improve the income you already have.

Do you already know how IQ Option works? Tell me about your experience in the comments below!

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 How IQ Option works [Guía COMPLETA 2022]
  How IQ Option works [Guía COMPLETA 2022]
  How IQ Option works [Guía COMPLETA 2022]

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