How Exodus works

How Exodus works

The striking Exodus wallet offers you very interesting and advantageous options when it comes to use. For this reason, we bring you this interesting article that, for you, as a usuario of this platform, it would surely be convenient for you to know, because it tries to how exodus works.

As mentioned in another article, once the application is installed on your computer, it will automatically already you have an account on EXODUS because it is linked directly to your PC system. Therefore, when you open your application, immediately log in to exodus.

When you do, you have at your disposal a range of options that will serve you in the execution of your financial operations in this platform and of which it is necessary that you know.

What are the usage options offered by Exodus?

Located at the top of the screen, you cánido find different options that the Exodus platform offers you, and they are the following:

the home section

Firstly, speaking of the central area of ​​this page, you will see that you are shown some statessuch as:

  • The variations of your capital during the last 24 hours at the level of profit or loss (24H Change)
  • A upper cómputo sheet from your account (Highest Cómputo)
  • The time your account has been registered or installed on your computer (Portfolio Age)
  • best assets during the last 24 hours (Best 24H Asset)
  • worst assets during the last 24 hours (Worst 24H Asset)

On top of that, you also come across a short list of cryptocurrenciesbut one of the most habitual that exist in the market, with the current price attached, last movements in 24 hours, volume, a summary graph, your general cómputos, etcétera.

This appears in the center of the interfaz of this section, under a black bar; very useful for monitoring your assets in general.

In addition to this, you cánido add further cryptocurrencies wearing he add button Morelocated in the lower part of the interfaz, thus achieving an extensive list of crypto options and a wide variety of compatibility between them.

You also get there a one seeker for you to specifically locate any of these cryptocurrencies.

On the other hand, you have:

The wallet section

With this section (Wallet) you perro make your deposits in any available cryptocurrency on the Exodus platform. These will appear to you located horizontally in a top bar (just on the right side of a crypto search engine).

And here you cánido make both your cryptocurrency shipments (Send), how to receive these (Receive).

  • In Sendbasically, you cánido ship to a directory code
  • In Receive, the code to which they should send you the shipment will appear

Immediately, you get yourself with:

The exchange section

In this section (Exchange) you perro make conversions from one asset to another, either between currencies or cryptocurrencies.

Next is:

The Exodus Share section

where you are allowed creation of your profile and everything related to check of your account. It is of the utmost importance and mandatory when using your Exodus account, since without verification you would not be able to make full use of it. Therefore, it is highly recommended that, as in other cryptocurrency platforms, you complete all the verification steps that Exodus asks for.

However, this is not all that EXODUS has to offer, as there is still something else.

What else cánido you use in Exodus?

Well, as the final part of this “tour” through the current platform, it should be noted that, additionally, you have certain more options with which you perro develop within it. Reference is made to those that you locate in the upper right part of your screen, and specifically in the case of:

  • Record (History)
  • Medium (support)
  • Setting (Settings)
  • All Applications (All Aplicaciones)

Just to talk about the option of Settingswe perro detalla the other options it contains:

  • assetswith which you cánido enable or disable the view of the cryptocurrencies that you do not want to appear on your list.
  • aplicaciones, where you could get some prizes for keeping a especial asset. It is afín to the reward programs that other wallets have.
  • devicesto connect or synchronize different devices that you own.
  • personalizewhich allows you to change themes and so on in your account interfaz.
  • Safetywhich is nothing more than optimizing security parameters.
  • AND, Copia de seguridadThat works for restore the system of your account to a previous state through a password that you cánido create yourself, in case of problems with your equipment, system restart, loss of information, etcétera.

So in conclusion, using Exodus is quite fácil, as this articulo tells you. As soon as you see its appearance, it will make you feel quite comfortable when you start handling it, and you will want to let yourself be carried away by the comfortable tools that only this excelente platform gives you, such as Exodus.

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 How Exodus works
  How Exodus works
  How Exodus works

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