How eTORO Works (eToro Tutorial)

How eTORO Works (eToro Tutorial)

For you, who are impatient to master the functions of your account on the platform eToro.comcomes this articulo that is directed, precisely, to teach you How eToro works. This will be a tour where we will try to explain, as clearly and briefly as possible and in a basic way, the different modalities of this financial broker.

What are the different Features that eToro has?

Well, once you are inside your account on said platform, you will be able to see in the upper part, firstly:

The eToro search engine

with which you cánido find the Actions either cryptocurrencies of your interest, in addition to track down people also. You just have to entrar your search and then you will get your result.

On the other hand, on the left of your screen you have a panel in which you will get several options and they are the following:

Real or Virtual Portfolio

This option refers to the different account types that you cánido manage within your eToro account, referring to the first (royal portfolio) to the account where you handle real money and the second (virtual portfolio), to a demo account or simulation account (the money you handle is not real).


Which, by default, already appears open on your screen showing you a watch list of different stocks, cryptocurrencies and personalities.

The truth is that you cánido also display other lists, such as all watch lists and recent investments. Also, you have the option of create new watchlists and add the actions you want to follow them in a personalized way (Create new list).


This section refers to the actions that you currently have in you briefcase and it is broken down as follows:

  • available capitalwith which you cánido make movements.

  • invested capitalwhich you cannot mobilize, since it is inverted.

  • Benefit either Loss that you are having in your actions without closing.

  • Lastly, you total capital (the sum of all the above).


Here you find all latest and leading news in relation to actions or markets that have had some relevance in world events.


And in this section what you will find are the main and most prominent values in the market, grouped in grids and ordered in the following way in the upper bar:

  • Actions

  • ETFs

  • cryptocurrencies

  • Indices

  • Raw Materials

  • AND Foreign exchange


This type of platform allows you to make a copy-trade of some usuario or, in other words, it refers to copy or imitate the negotiation procedures prominent people within the broker, in exchange for some type of percentage.


Afín to the previous option, this one allows you to copy the way of trading of the top personalities within the eToro platform.


Within this section you will find a kind of more complete tutorial and detailed of what you have seen so far. You will surely be interested in taking a look at it.

Withdraw funds

Here it is basically about withdrawals to your bank account or credit card. You cánido do this as long as you have available capital in your eToro account.


In this section you are allowed adjust all parameters of your account until you customize it to your way and comfort. Among them we perro mention those that have to do with:

  • notifications

  • Account

  • Privacy

  • Payments

deposit funds

With this option you perro deposit money to your eToro account with which you perro make your respective investments in the market. The box espectáculos you the methods that you have at your disposal and gives you all the fields that you must fill in very easily in order to then be able to transfer the money to you.

Write a Articulo

You have this option in the upper bar, to the right of your screen, identified with the icon in pencil shape. Yeah you press in it, you cánido write something you want to comment or share with users who follow your profile.


Located just to the right of the aforementioned option, the option to notifications it serves to keep you aware of important aspects that are happening in relation to your account. You perro also adjust this in the configuration section, for example, so that you do not receive notifications to your correo electrónico if you do not want it.

How to Trade on the depósito market within eToro?

manage your depósito trading Within the eToro platform it is quite fácil. When you open a share within your eToro account you have available several optionsas they are:

  • The News recent and most outstanding related to this action.

  • The Statistics of such action.

  • A Graph to see what behavior this has had during the last days.

  • and a section of Investigation.

In addition to this, if you wish invest in this action, you have the button designated for it.

Yeah you press this button will take you to trading box where do you get all the orders both of buys like sale and where you perro do the following:

  • Entrar the amount What do you want to buy in this action (amount in $).

  • Indicate the fixed rate, if market either limit.

  • Indicate if you want to fix stop loss, take a profit or how much leverage you need.

  • Finally, you you will clic to equipo action and this would remain open to operate.

As described in this interesting article, how to use the eToro platform It is quite comfortable and easy to use. There are no complications when it comes to manipulating its interfaz, as it is very clear. Take a tour of your eToro usuario account by following these basic steps that we have provided here and you will surely be successful on your journey.

Vídeo Tutorial on how eToro Works

If you have any questions regarding this interesting subject and need more information to know the basic use of this platform, be sure to watch the Vídeo How eToro Works, attached to the following backlink:

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 How eTORO Works (eToro Tutorial)
  How eTORO Works (eToro Tutorial)
  How eTORO Works (eToro Tutorial)

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