How does Wallapop work?【BUY and SELL】

How does Wallapop work?【BUY and SELL】

Wallapop is a Spanish digital platform Created for the purchase and sale of second-hand products.

In this sense, we are talking about a web corner where people offer those things that they have in their homes and that they want to sell, taking into account that they must be things that are in good condition to be able to advertise them on the page.

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  • we talk about a mobile application that has been in force since 2013 and that has allowed people to offer their products through the Internet without having to go to places of sale where they perro offer everything second-hand that is no longer used by its owner.

    This is quite an aplicación efficient and committed to his worksince it has achieved the number of 10 million active users who have trusted its services due to their quality and because the sale and purchase of products has effectively occurred in the best possible way.

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  • What does its operation consist of?

    This is a digital platform that allows the direct contact between seller and buyerachieving a business relationship that is not equipo aside until the purchase is completed and the product is delivered correctly.

    We talk about a en línea space in which the relationship is allowed only between seller and buyerbeing the people who interact throughout the purchase process.

    In this sense, we must understand that agreements are made between both partiesthat is, seller and buyer, who agree absolutely everything, wallapop What it does is publish the product with the address where the seller is located, so that in this way people search for products that are closer to their geographical location.

    No commission charge

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  • It is also important to take into account that from the moment of registration until the moment of the sale and acquisition of a product, nothing is charged, that is, there are no commission requirements, much less.

    The event in which the platform charges is when the person wishes contract the Premium serviceor when you want your product to appear on the initial page published many times a day, but this is the decision of each usuario, for the rest, the commissions are completely zero.


    We must go to the official page and immediately go to the option of “record” which cánido be done through accounts such as Fb, Google plus and Dirección de correo electrónico.

    Once this step is done, all that remains is fill out the form with personal data And that’s it, a fairly fácil and practical way to register on a product trading website.

    Purchasing process

    Now let’s talk about the way in which the negotiation process through wallapop.

    It turns out that we are talking about a well-structured page, where we are given the facility to use a search engine that will summarize our options and that will present us with the products that we want to see precisely in the places that are closest to our location.

    By this we orinan that despite the extensive demand and promotion that exists on the page, you cánido narrow down the search specifically about what we really need, it is only a matter of announcing it to the page and the results that we are requesting will be presented automatically.

    It is important to take into account that wallapop offers all kinds of products on the page, therefore, there is the possibility of offering and searching for absolutely everything that you want to negotiate.

    However, when the product of interest has been selectedthis in his publication brings the option of a button that indicates “chat” which the person must select to open the chat with the seller, where a negotiation conversation will begin that has the freedom to change prices and adjust details, as long as both parties agree.

    In the same way, it is important to take into account that to ensure that you make a fair and real purchase, the person who has requested the chat you should pay attention to the number of stars that the seller has and if its information is not suspicious, since otherwise, we could be talking about a scammer, and it is important to pay attention to this type of event.

    On the other hand, it is also important to note that Wallapop refund the money to the buyer if the product is not received within 48 hours.

    Sell ​​on Wallapop

    Once the buying process has been determined, it is important to understand how to become a seller in Wallapop.

    The process is very fácil, the potential seller You must upload the photos of the product to the page official of wallapopthey must be decent photos that espectáculo the product in all its glory and are attractive to the eyes of buyers.

    The photo must get into the category that corresponds to you as a product, accompanied by a description of the sale and, of course, the price that the seller wishes to equipo, noting that once contacted by the buyer, this price may be negotiated at the convenience of both parties.

    When everything about the sale of the product has been finalizedwhat remains is to publish and that’s it, the seller must wait to be contacted vía “chat” by the potential buyer to adjust the process and detail the final points of the negotiation.

    The truth is that Wallapop is a fairly comfortable and fácil trading platform to use, which provides people with the possibility of buying and selling a series of elementos over the Internet, safely and in completely legal terms.

    Never before had it been so comfortable to make this type of sales, but since wallapop came to light, now everything is possible through the internet, without traveling long distances, without looking for stores where to offer the products, just create a publication on the net and that’s it.

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     How does Wallapop work?【BUY and SELL】
  How does Wallapop work?【BUY and SELL】
  How does Wallapop work?【BUY and SELL】

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