How does staking work on Kraken?

How does staking work on Kraken?

We will tell you about Kraken Staking, especially everything related to its operation, how to activate it and the options that are available. You should consider that getting rewards is possiblefor participating in coin staking not only in Kraken, but even in fiat.

You will find below how you perro do it, as well as what are the percentages that move, together with what is currently enabled.

What is Staking coins?

To start, you must access the Stating coins, considering that it may be constantly updating. Possibly today there are some, but half a year later there will be more or others.

Staking consists of doing hodl and commit to it in a crypto, you could earn certain percentage profits doing practically nothing. Those available for it always vary, but you get them in annual percentage.

Generally the most common will have higher staking. Examples:

  • Polkadot (DOT)is one of the ones with the best percentage, with 10% per year
  • Cordano (ADA) has 4-6% per year
  • Etherium (ETH2) with 5-7%

Even by keeping the Euro itself or the USD (Dollar) they have a very small percentage, but it could vary according to inflation.

In the same way, within the same platform, if you go down a bit almost to the end of it, you will find more information about it. If you need to have a little more in-depth information, you will find it there.

How to win with Kraken?

The first step will be to log in to Kraken, after that, being in Startyou will have to go to the upper edge and select Gain. Once inside, you will have to consider that what it is based on is staking. In principle, the platform will summarize what it is.

Below you will have a list with all that are available. If you select Stake, you cánido choose which of those that are there you want to stake. Previously you will have observed what are the percentages that it gives you.

Polkadot (DOT)

If for example you wanted place Polkadot (DOT), considering that it gives 12%, being one of the ones with the highest percentage, in addition to being one of the best known today:

  • You select it, for later To deposit either Buy

In case you have selected it, but it is not staking, the option to apply this to them would appear directly. Also, it would appear in Cómputo of shares the amount of Polkadot you have allocated to staking.

Meanwhile in total rewards it would be updated daily, taking into account that it would be 12% annually in this case. If it has been 100 euros, for example, at the end of the year the amount that you would have in value of additional Polkadot would be 12, or relative to the amount placed.

Also, you will have Reward the percentage corresponding to each cryptocurrency. Basically you will only have to have the one you want to stake, in your Kraken wallet. Or in any case make the purchase directly so that it is automatically put into staking.

Vídeo tutorial on how Kraken Staking works, how to activate it and available options

You may already be completely clear how staking works on kraken, as well as other available options, and even how it works. But if you have any questions, or want to remember something that you have overlooked, you cánido access the vídeo tutorial in which we explain step by step and live, everything you need to know.

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 How does staking work on Kraken?
  How does staking work on Kraken?
  How does staking work on Kraken?

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