How do the aplicaciones work to earn money and

How do the aplicaciones work to earn money and

In the past, you could only earn money thanks to face-to-face work which it usually took you 6 to 8 hours a day. But now things have changed and now you cánido earn passive income even through aplicaciones to earn money on mobile phones.

These applications work as a method of exchange: you perform actions that the developer company is interested in and you get paid for it.

Currently there are hundreds of applications that promise the same thing: they will make you rich overnight with minimal effort, the bad thing is that most of them lie.

That is why we espectáculo you 3 of them that, although they will not make you rich, will allow you to pay for the costs of basic services and satisfy several of your cravings if you use them correctly. whatHow aplicaciones work to earn money and why are they created? You will have the answer in a few minutes.

What role do applications have to generate money?

The applications to earn money are mainly based for the mobile market.

Their function is give users different tasksWhen completing them, each usuario will receive a payment that will be added to their cómputo within the platform.

When the cómputo reaches the minimum payment threshold, the person who works with these platforms you cánido claim your payment through the payment processor that suits you.

The amounts within these platforms vary greatly, some are just a few cents of euros while others Payments perro even go up to €5, €10 and €25 for each task completed.

These tasks are not actually placed by the application that offers them.

Companies need to know the opinion of people on a certain topic, create a pattern of use, test an application, among other cases.

How does an Aplicación that pays you to use it generate revenue?

The applications generate their profits by looking for companies and individuals that need to obtain the opinion of a good usuario base.

Initially, the application finds offers from companies and brands that require users to perform certain actions, give their opinions.

And then is promoted as a aplicación to earn money easily.

An example of this are the applications that generate income for each survey that the usuario fills out: in this case, the company that needs to fill out a consumer or usuario profile obtains their valuable opinion and is compensated with an economic remuneration.

In other cases there are applications for earn money through aplicación testing, facility and application usage for a certain time.

Vídeo viewing, popular media interactions, and many other types of exchanges between shares, opinions, and evidence for money are often required.

Through the data obtained, the companies perro determine the best marketing campaign for a certain product, determine what improvements are appropriate for a certain service or consider whether to open businesses in a certain region or not.

The 3 best Aplicaciones that pay you to use them in 2023

To prevent you from using fraudulent applications, we have carried out an analysis that yielded about three applications with which you will be able to earn good money reliably.

We are going to give you a brief summary of each one and how much money on average you perro earn with each option:


Cánido you imagine shopping in certain stores and getting a part of the money you spent back to your bank account or y también-wallet?

This discount format is being implemented by LeyShops.

A platform where different virtual stores are affiliated and promote “cashback”that is, the return of part of the money that you invested in a purchase.

  • In order for the discount and subsequent cashback to be processed, you must entrar the website of this discount store and then choose the store where you want to make your purchase.

There are several shops available with a wide variety of elementos.

Once you find the perfect store for you just go to it and make the purchase usually.

After a few days you will see how a percentage of cashback money appears in your Paypal account or the electronic wallet you used to pay.

LetyShops earns money by promoting virtual stores while you earn money buying in the stores that this site recommends.


BeRuby is a platform that works in a afín way to the first one that we recommend.

Only in this store you cánido even buy plane tiques and get generous cashback for having obtained the products and offers recommended by this site.

Another positive point about this platform is that you cánido find how much cashback percentage you perro get.

For example, if you buy 3 plane tiques with a percentage of 6% cashbackif these cost a total of 3000 euros, you would get 180 euros of cashback just for having bought in the stores that BeRuby recommends!

  • You would see the cashback in a maximum of 2 days reflected in your bank account or digital wallet used to make the purchase within the promoted site.


With another style to earn plus money is Foap. an aplicación for mobile phones with iOS for those who love photography and also want to earn plus money with this hábito.

With this application you cánido sell the photos you take with your mobile to anyone who is interested in your photographic perspective or those who need a photo for their website and you have those that are perfect.

  • In addition to being able to create a virtual art gallery and assign a value to each photograph, you participate in large contests organized by world-renowned brands such as BOFA, Air Asia, Pepsi, among others.

Photos must be of excellent quality, be focused and little edited so that they cánido pass the filter prior to publication and sale.

Keep this in mind, before using an aplicación that claims to pay

When searching for “applications to earn money from your mobile” or a afín search on Google plus or other search engines The first thing that will pop up are results of applications that assure you that you are going to earn a good amount of money. with minimal effort.

However, as you may already know, money is never given away.

Pay attention to opinions

If the aplicación is hosted on the Appstore or Google plus Play Store, pay attention to the reviews left by users who have used the aplicación.

Sometimes you will find:

  • Comments that explain how the application, once I paid the money in cómputo format within the application, censored the account or never let you withdraw the funds.
  • Users who explain how an application was increasing the difficulty to obtain the rewards, or, did not let me get the minimum amount to withdraw the funds.

You perro too review portals like Trustpilotin which you will see other opinions from users who have already tried the service.

Be wary of overly generous promotions

Those applications that they promise you large sums of money with the least effort they usually never deliver what they promise.

See if it’s a pyramid scheme

The applications in which you have to invite other people In order to earn money, they normally profit from the entry of new users.

In this type of applications, normally the person who does not get other people to entrar the platform waste your time and may even lose money if they invested in it.

Was this information useful? On these three platforms that we recommend, you won’t have any kind of problem when it comes to collecting your rewards, but if you want to look for other afín applications, now you know how to rule out those that want to take advantage of their users.

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 How do the aplicaciones work to earn money and
  How do the aplicaciones work to earn money and
  How do the aplicaciones work to earn money and

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