How do I know if I’m in Veraz? step by step guide

How do I know if I’m in Veraz? step by step guide

At some time, many people have had a bad run in encuentro their payments or the timely cómputo of their debts, which is why their credit opportunities have been affected in all banking entities nationwide.

Having this type of unfulfilled economic commitments in the Argentine Republic, makes the debtor become a creditor of a place in the Veraz, which is a report of the credit and financial situation of a physical or natural, skilled individual.

How to know if I’m in the Veraz It is one of the most common questions that many users ask themselves daily.

In this articulo we will explain how to consult Truthful and find out if you are involved in any measure of credit suspension, which affects your financial year and deprives you of enjoying certain benefits.

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What is Veraz and what is it for?

As we already anticipated something in the introduction to this articulo, we tell you that the Veraz, in addition to being a report on the credit situation of an economically skilled person, is also a database that includes those who are currently delinquent and have not been able to pay off the debt they acquired with a bank or financial entity.

This database includes the necessary information to disclose the type of debt acquired, the debtor’s personal data, as well as the amount owed and the time of default.

The truthful reports they report the problems that a person has had to honor their economic commitments with companies or banks; these reports detail the non-compliance that has been incurred, affecting the usuario in the success of future transactions such as the request for bank loans or credit cards.

Remember that in order to access any of these benefits you must have a clean and responsible credit historywhich speaks for ourselves and attests to our honesty of payments.

How do I know if I am delinquent in Veraz? Consult the database and find out

Perhaps, at some time, you have incurred in a payment commitment that you should have honored at the right time, but situations beyond your control prevented you from doing so.

Whatever the reasons for which you could not pay your debts on time, the BCRA or other banking entities exempt you from your responsibility to do it when it corresponded to you.

Sometimes we fear that we are subject to some punitive measures, but we don’t know if we are on the blacklist or if we were lucky enough to be left out of it.

If you do not know how to consult the Veraz and find out if you are on the list of delinquents, read below and discover the way to do it.

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Entrar the website

The Central Bank of the Argentine Republic (BCRA) allows you to carry out this query through its official website so that, in just a few minutes, you perro find out if you are in the Veraz and what to do to get out of it.

Entrar this electronic portal and go to the ‘Information Center’, clic on this option and the system will go to ‘Reports by CUIT’.

Register your CUIT number

Once you have entered the ‘Reports by CUIT’ section, you must register either your CUIT or CUIL number to obtain a report on your credit history with this bank and other financial entities in the country. How to know if I am delinquent in VerazThis common question among bank users cánido be easily answered if you have a CUIT or CUIL number; as fácil as entering this information on the website and checking your status.


After entering your CUIT or CUIL number, you will be able to access a report detailing your entire history, indicating whether you are delinquent or solvent for your luck.

This procedure is free of charge and you perro do it 365 days a year, whenever you need it.

Through a direct consultation to the truthful page

What if I’m in the Veraz is a question that many people often ask themselves, worrying beforehand without really knowing if their name is in this database or not.

The first thing you should do is find out if you are in the Veraz system and, for this, in addition to the option that we presented previously with the BCRA, there is the direct consultation to the Veraz page.

Let’s see how to know if someone is in the Verazwith these fácil steps.

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Make a phone call

The first thing you should do is make a call to the Veraz system, through the number 011 5352-4800, any business day (Monday to Friday) from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

request the report

The automatic response system will indicate several options, having you select the operation you want to perform.

In this case, dial number 1 to access the truthful request for free.

Indicates the type of applicant

Once the system allows you to entrar the request option, you must indicate the type of person requesting the report.

You must indicate if you are a natural or legal person, you must mark option 1 to indicate that you are a natural person.

Then mark 1 or 2 depending on the gender, if you are a man or a woman.

Entrar your ID

After indicating the previously requested data, entrar your National Identity Document number, at the request of the automatic system in the call you are making.

After marking your ID, press numeral and continue with the instructions.

Provide the other required information

Request truthful by phone It will also require the entry of personal data such as telephone number, home address, among others that the system requests.

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Check your report

In order to get your report by Veraz You must now check option number 1 to access the report with the information you need.

Receive and validate your pin

As one of the final steps in completing and successfully fulfilling your application, a pin will be texted to you in order to confirm your identity.

Entrar the truthful website and complete your information

After having validated your identity, you perro successfully entrar the official Veraz website to complete the required information such as your ID, correo electrónico, pin, gender, among others.

Receive the document

Completing your data in the system will help you complete the process of truthful report requestwhich will finally be sent to your correo electrónico address.

The Veraz report will indicate the type of debtor that qualifies you, and cánido be qualified in six different categories:

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Indicates that the acquired debt does not exceed 31 days.

Low risk

It refers to the payment due date between 31 and 90 days from the date indicated to honor this commitment.

Medium risk

A medium risk usuario is one who has a debt between 90 and 180 days past due.

High risk

Here are the debtors whose payments should have been made between 180 and 360 days ago.


This category indicates that there are late payments for a year or more.

Irrecoverable due to technical disposition

This modality describes debtors who were exonerated from paying their debt, but who were in arrears for a long time.

In face-to-face mode

Finally, another way to consult the truthful in person mode It is by going to the Veraz offices and presenting your ID to access your report or report for free.

It is convenient for you to know that this type of procedure to consult and obtain the truthful information through its official page perro be done free of charge every 6 months; if you want to do it more frequently you will have to make a payment to get the information you need.

What to do if I am in Veraz?

If, upon receiving the document, you confirm that you are indeed in Veraz, you should try to settle your debt as soon as possible in order to get off this black list, which will put you at a disadvantage regarding future credit opportunities you may obtain.

It what does it orinan to be in the truth it is the withdrawal of any benefits from credits, loans or commercial concessions that you could get if you were up to date with your payments.

Having a record in Veraz will be really detrimental since you will have to finance any purchase or investment you wish to make, without having the opportunity to receive aid in the form of credits from any bank.

The best thing is to be up to date with your payments and avoid acquiring debts that you will not be able to pay in the future.

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 How do I know if I'm in Veraz?  step by step guide
  How do I know if I'm in Veraz?  step by step guide
  How do I know if I'm in Veraz?  step by step guide

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