How do I know if I have to charge a refund?

How do I know if I have to charge a refund?

When a person makes the IRPF payment, they must wait for the results of the Ministry of Finance to find out if the cancellation covered the amount of taxes or not.

If the cancellation is positive, the taxpayer must cancel what corresponds to him. But, in the case that it is negative, the declarant must request the return of the money to the Tax Agency.

To find out if you have a return to claim, you must entrar the website explained below, I invite you to continue reading the article!

How are IRPF refunds collected in 2023?

As is well known, the payment of Personal Income Tax, better known as personal income taxis a tax that all people residing in Spain must pay.

The amount of the same depends on the income that has been had throughout the year and its payment is annual. Once the Tax agency has processed the declarations, they perro give a result in favor of the taxpayer.

When it is the case of an amount in favor of the declarant, he must request that it be returned the money, which will be paid to your bank account. That is, it is not necessary to go to any bank or any other place.

How do you check whether or not you have returns?

Once the IRPF declaration is made, the Treasury will give a result, be it positive or negative.

If it is positive, the person should cancel what you owe in taxesbut if it is negative, then it will be this body that must reimburse the amount that is in favor of the citizen.

To find out if you have returns or not, you must entrar the website of the Ministry of Finance. There you will find the status in which the declaration is found. And in the case of obtaining an amount in favor, a refund must be requested.

After this, you must wait for them to make a payment order and the money is transferred to the bank account.

Steps to follow to collect income tax refunds in 2023

If you want to collect income tax returns, you must:

  1. Visit the website of Treasury.

  2. See the status of the declaration and if it is negative, request the return of the corresponding amount.

  3. Periodically review the declaration statuswhich should say that the request for a return has been considered.

  4. Wait for said body to carry out a pay orderwhich will appear reflected in the status once it is done.

  5. Then, within a maximum of 10 days after the payment order is issued, the money must be in the bank account of the taxpayer.

When are returns charged?

The term stipulated by the Tax Agency to make refunds to taxpayers is 6 months. The time begins to be counted after the last day that the declarations in general finish being presented.

Generally, the money is repaid through a transfer to bank account of the declarant before the established time.

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 How do I know if I have to charge a refund?
  How do I know if I have to charge a refund?
  How do I know if I have to charge a refund?

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