How do I know how much money I have on my card?

How do I know how much money I have on my card?

The Saldazo card is a service that has been granted by the Oxxo store chain, which allows the use of a debit card that is linked to a savings account, backed by both CitiBanamex and Visa.

In this sense, we must understand that we are talking about a service that allows the person to have a mobile account, through which money cánido be sent and received through its mobile application.

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  • In this way, we have to understand that for activate Saldazo cardyou must use the mobile application that has been created only for Telcel, from which, through a procedure that will be explained later, it will be fully operational to make and receive deposits of up to $18,000 pesos per month.

    We are talking about the activation of an account that is called Transfer Banamex and that provides financing services such as: Transfer itiBanamex Card, Salzado Card and Solo Celular Telce.

    How to activate Saldazo card?

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  • For activate Saldazo card We need to carry out a fácil procedure using the mobile phone, which consists of dialing *4444 from your Telcel, entering the 6-digit number of your preference, confirming the NIP* Transfer that has been assigned to you, receiving the mensaje de texto and where the PIN Transfer activation success, and you’re done.

    It is also important to note that for activate Saldazo cardthe request for it is required to have it in our possession, therefore, the steps to follow for your request are the following:

    You must attend any OXXO with your voter identification card and provide personal information about:

    • Real identification name of the person.
    • Day and area of ​​birth.
    • Full room address.
    • Telcel cell phone numeric code.

    Now I know the way how to activate saldazo cardIt is also important that we take into account the benefits that come with this service, to examine whether or not it is convenient for us to request and use it.

    So among the benefits of the Saldazo card we highlight:

    • It has a maximum estimate of $18,000 pesos per month to handle on the Saldazo card.
    • The deposits you have made on the Saldazo card are the ones you perro use to cover expenses, that is, the ones that will be available in the service.
    • It does not present a commission charge, much less a minimum cómputo.
    • It is ideal for making payments for product purchases at OXXO and establishments linked to VISA.
    • By presenting the Card number at your OXXO store, you will be able to receive and send money to your account easily and instantly.
    • It allows the recharge of cómputo from the cell phone, only if the Telcele is associated with your Banamex Transfer Account.
    • It is allowed to send money with Transfer Banamex from Telcel.
    • Withdrawal of money is allowed at any OXXO branch.

    Now, once the process of how to activate the Saldazo card is clear, and the way in which it is requested as well as its benefits, we have to talk about other information that interests us in this regard, and it is of the Saldazo card cómputo inquiry.

    Check Saldazo card cómputo

    For Check Saldazo card cómputo You only need your cell phone because from there you cánido obtain the information on the financial status of the card.

    To carry out this procedure we only have to send a text message to the number 4040 with the word Cómputo, you will immediately receive a message asking you to type your Transfer PIN (6 digits) and your cómputo will appear on the screen immediately.

    Another way of Check Saldazo card cómputois by going to an ATM of any bank, where through an easy procedure you perro obtain the cómputo of the card.

    On the other hand, it is also important to take into account how to recharge cómputo on the Saldazo card? so that this is not an inconvenience for the client, so the procedure to be carried out to carry out this action consists of the following.

    • Send a text message to number 4040 with the word RECHARGE and the amount to be issued.
    • You will immediately receive a message asking you to confirm the purchase information and the NIP Transfer (6 digits).
    • Immediately afterwards, one more message will arrive with the authorization number to confirm the success of the shipment.

    This is all the information we need to know in order to manage the terms of how to activate saldazo card and how check Saldazo card cómputo,being a fairly fácil, comfortable and efficient procedure when carrying it out.

    The Saldazo card is one of the most efficient services that Oxxo has offered to its distinguished clientele, it allows a series of payments to be made both over the phone and physically, and allows the client to have additional money backed up at all times. that will serve to cover needs that arise along the way.

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  • The Saldazo card has been really efficient since it went on the market as a financial service provided by Oxxo to expedite the payment procedure that is made in this marketing chain, as well as payment in other entities that work with the card backlink. VISA.

    So having a Saldazo card means having a fairly efficient financial service at your fingertips that allows the person to speed up their banking procedures, or rather, their monetary procedures, pay in different establishments without problem and make transfers by phone. cell phone, without the need to go to any Oxxo office, which would take time away from the person’s synchronized daily routine. We have that this is an efficient card in its procedure, useful for people and very beneficial, do not wait any longer and request yours immediately, you cannot be left without the opportunity of this service.

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     How do I know how much money I have on my card?
  How do I know how much money I have on my card?
  How do I know how much money I have on my card?

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