How do I know how much money I have in Infonavit?

How do I know how much money I have in Infonavit?

Infonavit is a Mexican institution that has been created to provide workers with the possibility of having credits that allow them to buy a home for its establishment, as well as it is an institution that carries out retirement and pension savings processes in this same case.

In this sense, we must understand that we are talking about an institution that allows Mexican workers have savings that will help them both to have a property as well as to cover the expenses after their retirement from work, that is, when retirement time is granted.

In this way, we have to understand that we are talking about everything that has to do with questions from the person who is registered in Infonavit, regarding how much i save I have? EITHER What are the savings modalities? And that is what we will talk about next.

How much savings do I have?

So that the person perro know the estimated amount of money they have in Infonavitwhich corresponds to the savings that have managed to consolidate, it is only necessary for the person to request the information either through the Afore account in the option of “housing subaccount”, as well as directly from the windows or service centers of Infonavit or through the institution’s website.

It is a fairly fácil procedure, so when the question of how much savings I have in Infonavit? Or the need arises consult savings in Infonavitit is nothing more than just applying to one of these three options and that’s it.

Now, there is another way to check the savings in Infonavitand this is through the official page of the institution, which we will talk about next.

Request for the estimated savings that Infonavit has through its official page

To check the savings that you have in Infonavit, it is necessary for the person to entrar the official page and entrar the information of the correo electrónico and password that has been used to register the person on the platform. .

After being able to entrar the platform officially, it is only necessary to go to the option of “Saving” and then to “How much do I have saved” And voila, the information is displayed effectively.

For this process, it is necessary for the person to have an account record, otherwise it will be much more difficult for them to keep track of their finances on the institution’s platform.

Account opening in Infonavit

Register on the official Infonavit page It is necessary if you are part of the institution, since this implies that the person cánido manage their own resources in the institution, keeping an exact account of what they have managed to invest in it.

In this sense, we must understand that opening an account in Infonavit will be one of the most convenient ways to know How much savings do I have in Infonavit?for consult and check how much is the estimate of money in savings as many times as necessary, this with the intention of making the person realize the time in which they cánido request the money they have to make the investment.

Based on this, we have to understand that to open the opening you only need to have the referring documentation to the popular security number, correo electrónico, mobile phone, CURP and RFC.

When presenting the information that has been requested, that is, the documentation that the person must have, all that remains is create the password and that’s it.

This will allow the person consult or check the savings in Infonavit as many times as you want, with the purpose of keeping as many clear on what is happening with your money, if the capital increases or not.

With this we cánido already understand the way in which workers cánido access information about their savings in Infonavitwith the purpose of achieving that they cánido understand the way in which they save and that given the time, they perro request the withdrawal of their funds for the purchase of a property.

The truth is that we are talking about a fairly fácil procedure that it does not take a lot of time for the person and that it allows him to follow the sequence of the order of his savings in this institution, so that he understands what is done with his money.

Infonavit also presents a service that allows to cover the mortgages that the people or rather, the workers that belong to its subscription have acquired for some reason or another, as well as cover the purchase of a real estate that is mortgaged and that the person wants to acquire, even with a mortgage and all.

we talk about a mexican institution quite efficient that has accompanied Mexicans throughout their lives, granting them credits with which they have been able to buy their homes and other assets, as well as providing investment opportunities in terms of retirement and pension systems.

Infonavit has become the safest means so that workers understand that protecting themselves with an investment that will be completely necessary in the long term, is the most effective means that exists to face retirement without fear, without having to wonder what else to do and without worrying about not having an investment fund.

investment that manages to cover the cats when that time has come.

Without further ado, this is the effective way in which people perro know their account status in Infonavitin addition to creating a record on the official page that allows them to know all the services offered by the institution, register in those that are most attractive, and keep a stipulated order that allows the person against with an exact estimate of the number of digits that He manages his savings, that is, the amount he has managed to save to be able to face some important investment such as a house or any other property.

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 How do I know how much money I have in Infonavit?
  How do I know how much money I have in Infonavit?
  How do I know how much money I have in Infonavit?

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