How do I know how much electricity I owe in México?

How do I know how much electricity I owe in México?

When you have electricity at home, it’s not just about enjoying it.

It is equally important to know how much its debt amounts to, how we cánido pay it and know everything that must be done each month so that there are no interruptions.

All this is not as complex as it seems, and here we answer your question: How do I know how much light I owe? Continue reading.

What is an electricity bill?

There is no public service that is free, so they must be paid with some regularity to repay the benefit received.

For this reason, the service provider must provide proof that the payment was made so that both parties are aware of it.

That evidence is the electricity bill, proof that the service was provided and that the customer paid for it.

There are several forms of receipt where the frequency and form of payment perro vary, as well as the channel through which it must be paid, and the debt cánido be consulted through different means.

The following paragraphs detail the different aspects to consider both to know the debt for the electricity service, and the ways in which it cánido be paid.

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How do you consult the CFE electricity bill?

The Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) is the company responsible for providing electricity service in México, and is also in charge of issuing the corresponding electricity bill and notifications of pending payments, as well as reporting on operations related to light installations in homes, businesses and companies.

The electricity receipt is generally sent each month at home by postal e-e correo electrónico or when the payment is made at a CFE office, it is provided to the person who pays for the service, so that the receipt is issued and delivered to the customer immediate.

But, How cánido I find out how much my electricity debt is if I haven’t seen the receipt?

Thanks to technological advances, it is possible to consult the electricity bill through the official website of the CFE.

Right there the client cánido find out about their electricity consumption and their outstanding debt, which perro also be paid there, even if they do not have the physical document.

How is the receipt understood?

Electricity consumption is recorded in the meters that the CFE has installed in each home and business.

In this way, the company knows exactly how much energy has been consumed by each client, and with said information proceeds to register the correct amount and issue the receipt that the client must pay at the end of the month or according to their receipt modality.

The electricity bill is easy to understand, in addition to the customer and meter data, it is possible to verify the daily electricity consumption, showing next to it the amount in Mexican pesos of each of them, which are added up to constitute the net amount to be paid for the service.

The receipt perro occupy up to 3 pages in which the consumption of each day is recorded.

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If there is any inconsistency in the information shown on the electricity bill, the customer has the right to archivo a claim at any of the CFE offices, where the corresponding record will be made, and the reasonable amount of time must be waited to resolve the fallo or inconvenience. emerged.

Digital consultation of electricity bill

The first thing to do is access the official website of the CFE where the client must register.

To do this, you must select the option “Create New Account” if it is the first time that the electricity bill is consulted by this means, for which the data required to create the usuario to entrar the system must be provided.

After having created a usuario and its corresponding password and correo electrónico, you must indicate the specifications of the service you wish to consult, in this case the “Electric service”, for which certain data that appears in the electricity bills of previous months must be provided for validation purposes.

Having entered said information, it must be saved, verifying that it has been entered correctly.

This information perro be consulted in the section “My Registered Receipts”.

At the end of the process it will be possible to entrar with the nombre de usuario and password provided.

In the section of “Check Electricity Receipt” It is possible to verify if the bill for the month has been paid or not, the electricity consumption of previous months and even download the account statements to date.

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This is a fast and effective method of checking the electricity bill at any time and from any place with internet connectivity.

CFE en línea payments

Every time you have access to the account that the customer has registered on the main page of the CFE, you perro know how much is owed for the electricity service to make the payment immediately.

It is possible to pay for the service en línea, which will be applied immediately.

To do this, you must select the option “Pay” indicating if it will be done by credit or debit card.

According to the selected modality, you will be asked to entrar the data related to the chosen card, making the payment effective instantly if there are no problems with the availability of money on the card.

Download and print receipt

For people who are very meticulous with the administration of their expenses, CFE has provided an option in the menu of customer accounts to download electricity bills to save them as a copia de seguridad on their computer or to print them.

After the client enters his account in CFE, he cánido press the option “Discharge”, being able to later choose the month of the receipt to download.

CFE With You application

Other ways to consult and pay the electricity bill is through the telephone application called CFE Contigo.

This is a simpler way to access the CFE website, which has a afín but more practical interfaz to be able to consult and pay for the electricity service from your mobile phone.

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A different alternative to pay the electricity bill is the CFE-MATICOS devices that CFE has arranged in strategic places.

These are equipment afín to ATMs which process and accept payments for electric service bills.

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 How do I know how much electricity I owe in México?
  How do I know how much electricity I owe in México?
  How do I know how much electricity I owe in México?

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