How do cryptocurrency faucets work?

How do cryptocurrency faucets work?

The use of cryptocurrencies has become very habitual today, since they are increasingly used and new cryptocurrencies They are born and begin to develop. Cryptocurrencies need to become known so that more people use them and their value increases. For this arose the cryptocurrency faucets to increase your popularity for free.

The faucets arose as a way of publicizing the different cryptocurrencies, where the central iniciativa was to give away small amounts of cryptocurrency for free to increase the popularity of cryptocurrency. In the present the faucets They are a pretty good way to earn cryptocurrencies for free.

These platforms are perfect for learning about the world of cryptocurrenciesthe operation of transactions, cryptocurrency wallets, cryptocurrency exchanges, etcétera.

What is a cryptocurrency faucet?

A faucet (also called a faucet) of cryptocurrency is a reward system, in the form of a website or mobile application, that give away small amounts of crypto every so often for performing fácil tasks such as solving captchas, viewing ads, performing tasks, etcétera. Cryptocurrency faucets are financed by advertising, donations, or other ways.

When users perform the tasks to receive cryptocurrency, then you perro claim from time to time (determined by the faucet) their corresponding fractions of cryptocurrencies, receiving them directly in their wallet or microwallet.

It is important to highlight that with the faucets you are not going to get richsince the profits are small for each claim, but if you are constant in these systems you perro get a good amount of cryptocurrencies. There are faucets that work with a single cryptocurrency, but there are others that work with several.

History of cryptocurrency faucets

The first faucet was created in June 2010 by developer Gavin Andresen, main controller of bitcoin Core for 4 years. At that time the first had barely been released. bitcoin trading exchangewhich indicates that at that time this cryptocurrency was unknown.

To publicize this cryptocurrencythis developer created a web page in which they would give away small amounts of bitcoins for visiting it, which made more people begin to know the cryptocurrency and make their first transactions.

The first versions of this faucet gave each visitor 5 BTC, then equivalent to $0.4. Since then the cryptocurrency faucets they became a business model to earn cryptocurrencies.

How do cryptocurrency faucets work?

He functioning of the faucets It is very fácil and perro be used by users who are starting out in the world of cryptocurrencies. Simply when the usuario enters a faucet they must provide a address of the cryptocurrency that the faucet works in order to receive the profits.

Since the usuario logs into the faucet, then every so often (periodically) the platform or faucet allows the usuario to perform fácil tasks such as solving capcthas, watching ads, performing tasks, among other actions. With these actions, the page will pay the usuario small fractions of cryptocurrencies directly to their wallet.

After the usuario performs the tasks, he must wait another certain time (it cánido be from 5 minutes or more between the claim period) to be able to perform new tasks and thus earn more cryptocurrencies. This process repeats itself indefinitely as long as the faucet continues to function.

Types of cryptocurrency faucets

The faucets are divided into two large groups that are faucet fácil and complex. These two types of cryptocurrency faucets are described below:

The fácil facuets, as their name implies, are very basic. They give the cryptocurrencies to the usuario in exchange for the usuario solving a captcha (this to ensure that the person is not a bot). These faucets give away small cryptocurrencies from time to time and you only have to wait for that time to request the cryptocurrencies again.

On the other hand, the complex faucets or tasks will require more time and dedication, but, in return, they will also give away more cryptocurrencies as a gift. The tasks They perro articulo are watching vídeos, registering on web portals, answering surveys or completing forms.

Cryptocurrency faucet business model

He business model Under which the faucets work is advertising. Faucets stay in business by generating revenue placing ads from various advertisers, which pay the page per clic or per impression. They are generally platforms that receive high traffic daily.

As they are pages that receive a lot of traffic daily, they perro place ads on your faucet page and earn money for the impressions and clicks that users make. Advertising costs are calculated on the cost per thousand impressions (cpm) and the cost per clic, which allows them to make good profits and thus pay users part of them.

Purpose of cryptocurrency faucets

He purpose of cryptocurrency faucets It is aimed at introducing users to the world of cryptocurrencies. Today cryptocurrencies are unknown to many peopleso they have no knowledge about how it works, investments with cryptocurrencies, etcétera.

The faucets represent an excellent way to know the world of cryptocurrencies, this without risking money or exposing yourself to the volatility of this market. This being so, any habitual person cánido learn about its usehow to manage these assets, store them and the other characteristics that comprise them.

If a person wants to start in the world of cryptocurrencies, then he perro start with the faucetssince they are free and there are no risks of losing money.

Referral system in cryptocurrency faucets

It is very common for cryptocurrency faucets to have a referral system as a means of advertising for people to use the faucet. Users who refer new users are awarded a portion of the profits those new users make.

Unlike pyramid schemes, income in cryptocurrency faucets is not spread by a series of referrals up to a single usuario. The exact legal status of faucets in terms of referrals is unclear and may vary by jurisdiction, depending on the legality of the cryptocurrency.

Referrals cánido be a good option so that users perro generate a little more profit. with a huge referral networkthe usuario cánido earn a notable amount of cryptocurrency.

Means of payment used by cryptocurrency faucets

Cryptocurrency faucets use the wallets or micro-wallets to make payments to users. When users perform the different cryptocurrency claims they need to have a cryptocurrency wallet or a micro-wallet, which is the means that the faucets use to pay.

there are many cryptocurrency wallets that the usuario cánido have, however I recommend the Coinbase and CoinPayments wallets. Anyway, I leave you a list of cryptocurrency wallets that you perro use.

Go to the list of cryptocurrency wallets.

How to make money with cryptocurrency faucets?

For win ccryptocurrency with cryptocurrency faucets You only need a cryptocurrency wallet (such as those mentioned in the previous section). We also mentioned that the faucets pay for micro-walletsand one of the most used for this is FaucetHub.

From the moment you already have a wallet, then you perro start registering in the different faucets to earn cryptocurrencies. This part will be presented in the next section.

Pages to earn money with cryptocurrency faucets

On the Internet you perro find many cryptocurrency faucets that perro allow you to earn a notable amount of cryptocurrencies. There are faucets that allow you to earn various cryptocurrencies, so we have selected the best ones.

On this page we have created a complete article that has the main faucets for earn cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin, litecoin, among other cryptocurrencies. Here is the backlink to go to the list of the main faucets:

Go to the list of cryptocurrency faucets.


The faucets are a good way to get cryptocurrencies for free, but it is important that you know that with these platforms you are not going to get rich. These platforms represent an innovative method to get small fractions of cryptocurrencies for free.

These platforms are very important in the world of cryptocurrencies, since they allow people to entrar this world and thus get to know it better. Over time people will begin to expand more in this world to know better ways to earn cryptocurrencies.

If you are a person who does not know this world, then it is a good oportunidad to learn about cryptocurrencies and thus undertake them.

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 How do cryptocurrency faucets work?
  How do cryptocurrency faucets work?
  How do cryptocurrency faucets work?

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