If you are looking to improve your way of trading within the platform of eToro, it allows you to use a modality that is very useful for such effects. We refer to the sections of CopyTrade and CopyPortfolio. In this articulo we will be talking to you precisely about how both CopyTrade and CopyPortfolios work on eToroin a basic, but instructive way.

What are CopyTrade and CopyPortfolios on eToro?

In general, with the modalities of CopyPortfolio and CopyTrade from eToro, you will be able to manage the business strategies of other entities on the aforementioned platform to achieve your goals, in exchange for a certain commission that they take. It is a very useful and effective measure if used in a well thought out way.

Firstly, we are going to tell you a little about what it has to do with CopyPortfolio.

What is the eToro CopyPortfolio?

Specifically, when talking about CopyPortfoliorefers to copy trading concept from a portfolio other than ours, be it large companies, an iniciativa, etcétera.

How do I access the eToro CopyPortfolios section?

Being already inside your eToro account, you cánido access the eToro CopyPortfolios section heading to the left sidebar of your page and clic in the section of CopyPortfoliojust below the option People. Within this section you will find the CopyPortfolios that you have at your disposal on eToro.

What are the types of CopyPortfolios on eToro?

Basically, there are three types of CopyPortfolios within the eToro platformand they are as mentioned below:

Market CopyPortfolios

These are based on an iniciativa or an algorithm. For example:

  • CryptoEqualwhich is based on all cryptos.

  • chip-tech, which deals with semiconductors; very useful on the subject of technologies, etcétera.

  • Utilitiesbased on the theme of public utilities.

A little further down, you get:

Top Traders CopyPortfolios

Are those whom eToro deems major traders in the framework of depósito market negotiations.

And in last position are:

Partners CopyPortfolios

In this case, we talk about CopyPortfolios of very famous people and influential in the crypto-financial world. And we have the example of:

  • ALTIA Investment

  • Warren Bufet-CF

  • Carlicahn-CF

Now, eToro offers you another way to manage trading strategies, and we refer to the modality of CopyTradeof which we comment below:

What is eToro CopyTrade?

Now, when you talk about CopyTradewe are talking about people (traders) who, as users of the platform, carry out their crypto-financial operations in an exemplary manner and They offer that you cánido copy them in your business model.

How do you access the eToro CopyTrade section?

In the same way as in the previous case, but this time, to access the eToro CopyTrade section you just have to go to left sidebar of your account interfaz and, in this case, search and clic in option People.

What are the types of CopyTrade that exist on eToro?

Regarding this topic, there is much to say. But we will try to summarize it for you as best as possible. There are various areas in which people who operate in this modality are deployed.

When you are inside this section, you will see a top bar of different categoriesamong which, you cánido locate the Copy Trader What are you looking for or are you interested in copying?

Are categories use filters to optimize your search, and are grouped in the following order:

After that, you will have to clic to the button Forwardto see the results of your search.

The result you will get is a lot of profiles of many peopleMany of whom have quite a track record and experience within eToro. You perro organize these as Performance, short term investment or by settings advanced.

Yeah you press in any of these profiles you perro access further information regarding your activity and other relevant aspects, displayed, in turn, in a top panel of options. These options are the following:

  • feedwhere you cánido see his way of management and, if you wish, you perro leave me a comment.

  • Statisticswhich espectáculos you a bit about the person’s performance since they entered the CopyTrade initiative. You perro also see within this section the index of copiers that has, Operationsetcétera.

However, you still need to know how to get hold of these tools within eToro. We explain it to you below:

How to CopyTrade and CopyPortfolios on eToro?

Seen all of the above, now you perro see how to do CopyTrade and CopyPortfolios on eToro. Actually, the method is very fácil. You just have to pay attention to the following:

How to do to a CopyTrade?

To do a CopyTrade, You must do what is described below:

  1. In the section Peopleyou shall choose the option that interests you and you you will clic on.

  1. With this, you entrar a model trading box where you perro immediately manage the way of trading of its owner, according to the guide values ​​pre-established by it. You have for it:

  • The section of Amountwhere you cánido entrar an amount based on what is already there.

  • The option Modifywith which you are allowed editar stop loss on the copy, if its value falls below the value you equipo.

In the end he you clic to Copy and it will be adjusted.

How to make a CopyPortfolio?

For make a CopyPortfolioproceed in a afín way to the previous case, as discussed below:

  1. In the section CopyPortfolioalso mentioned before, you must select the option you want to copy and press in her.

  1. In this way, you would entrar the advanced options of that portfolio and, in it, you are given the option of Invest.

  1. This, in turn, will take you to a sample trading box (“Invest in Portfolio”), afín to the previous case, with which you perro manage business copy of the current portfolio. For this you are given the options of:

  • Establish the Amountwhich will go according to the minimum investment equipo by the portfolio.

  • Modify the loss margin limit that is placed, and adjust it to your interests.

Finally, he you will clic to invest to finish the operation.

From what has been said here in this article and much more, these peculiar modalities of CopyTrade and CopyPortfolios What does the platform offer you? eToroThey are very useful in business crypto-financials, if they are put to good use. In this material, though basic, an attempt has been made to be complete enough for your instruction. And we hope that it will be so.

Vídeo tutorial on how CopyTrade works on eToro

For any clearing up of doubts regarding this topic, the invitation is for you to see our vídeo about How CopyTrade works on eToro in 2023by clicking the following backlink:

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  How COPYTRADE works in ETORO
  How COPYTRADE works in ETORO

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