How bloggers make money with Admitad

How bloggers make money with Admitad

If you’re at that stage where you’re starting to get serious about monetizing your blog, this vídeo is for you.

In this articulo, we’ll explore how content creators monetize their platforms with Admitad, and how you perro too.

And we’ll do it in five easy steps.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a way for website owners to earn money by promoting brands and their products/services through backlinks and codes on their en línea resources.

To be successful, website owners need to establish themselves as experts in a specific niche.

When a usuario buys a product through the affiliate backlink, the brand pays a commission to the website owner.

This perro be a profitable opportunity for website owners as they earn money and commission through their readers or viewers who purchase products through their affiliate backlinks.

What is admit?

A partner network is a kind of platform that brings together advertisers [marcas] with affiliates [influencers o bloggers].

Admit is a leading affiliate marketing network in which website owners perro promote digital and physical products.

In other words, Admitad is a partner network.

Admitad started in 2009 and has since evolved, launching new projects and expanding into other niches.

In 2018, he launched Admitad Projects, a corporate startup studio.

In 2021, it entered the US market and acquired Tapfiliate, an award-winning affiliate marketing programa.

Currently, Admitad pays more than 700 million dollars annually to its partners and works with more than 2,000 advertisers on its affiliate platform, such as Adidas, AliExpress or SHEIN.

How to enroll in the Admitad partner network as a publisher

To sign up to the Admitad partner network as a publisher, follow these steps:

  • Go to the registration page:
  • Choose whether you want to sign up vía a popular media account or a sign up form.
  • to.

    If you sign up through a popular network, sign in to your account and grant access to Admitad.

    Next, check and modify the personal information and agree to the terms of use.

  • b.

    If you register through a form, entrar your correo electrónico address, create a password and accept the conditions of use.

  • Confirm your correo electrónico and fill in the registration form with your name and nombre de usuario.
  • Accept the terms for publishers.
  • Clic on “Sign up”.

Once you’ve signed up, you perro start earning by adding advertising space and joining affiliate programs.

How to join an affiliate program within Admitad?

Once you have registered with the Admitad Partner Network and added an ad space, you will need to join an affiliate program.

How to join a program from the catalog

Go to the catalog and choose a program you would like to join.

Use the filters on the left to quickly find programs that offer the conditions you need.

For example, to find programs you could join instantly, check the Automatic moderation box in the filters.

To join an affiliate program, look for the “Join or Request Moderation” button on the program listing.

If the button is inactive, you will not be able to connect your ad space.

If you see a “Join” button, it means that the program allows coche-connection.

To join, clic the “Join” button, read the terms and if you agree, clic “Accept”.

To join an affiliate program, clic “Join” if the program allows coche-connection, or “Request moderation” if manual moderation is required.

After reading the conditions and rules, clic “Accept”.

If your ad space meets the estándares, you’ll be connected to the program instantly, and you cánido start working by getting an affiliate backlink and displaying it in your ad space.

Your membership application will be sent to the advertiser for review within 5 days.

You perro find out when the moderation will end in the program tab in the catalog.

If your ad space meets the advertiser’s requirements, they will connect your space to the program; you will receive a confirmation dirección de correo electrónico.

Once joined, you perro start working: get an affiliate backlink and implement it in your ad space.

Learn more about ways to get a backlink

If your ad space does not meet the program rules, the advertiser may reject your application.

In this case, you will receive a rejection dirección de correo electrónico.

To find out why the advertiser rejected your request, clic Find out why on the program card.

If the review period has expired but you haven’t heard back from the advertiser, you’ll see a notification on the program card.

If an advertiser is overwhelmed with moderation requests and cannot process them in time, the moderation process cánido take a long time.

To expedite the process, you cánido create a support request through Admitad and explain how you intend to promote the advertiser’s products or services, which may bring your request to the advertiser’s attention and lead to a faster decision.

To do this, clic on the button «Claim«.

How to monetize your blog or popular media platforms

Here’s what you need to do to make money as a creator en línea, in 5 easy steps:


Build an audience en línea first

Step number one is to build an en línea audience.

Think influencers, think bloggers, think anyone who has any kind of success en línea.

That’s because they have followers and a dedicated audience that knows, likes and trusts them.

Without it, you perro articulo the most awesome content en línea.

But if nobody sees it, then you cánido’t really monetize it.

Because one of the ways that you cánido really leverage your en línea platform to work with brands and make money en línea is by leveraging not only your content but also your seguidor base.

So the first step is to start building that audience and following on the platform of your choice, such as:

  • A YouTube channel where you perro increase your subscriber base
  • A TikTok, Instagram, Fb popular media profile where you connect with your followers
  • A website that brings together a reading public
  • An correo electrónico list with a tight-knit audience


Choose a profitable niche

Step number two is to choose a profitable niche.

You probably hear this advice a lot.

So let me break it down into easier steps.

A profitable niche is a niche that has good opportunities.

It doesn’t orinan going into the money-making niche, it just means picking a topic and audience base where you know your advertisers are willing to pay to reach that audience.

So choose a niche that has good advertisers and collaboration opportunities.

Admitad has a guide on how to choose a profitable niche of Admitad, which I urge you to consult.

And keep in mind that Admitad, within its partner network, partners with bloggers and advertisers and helps create those connections, so you don’t have to reach out to these big brands that wouldn’t otherwise talk to small bloggers.

Instead, you cánido go through a third party that builds those connections for you and that’s why partner networks are a great place to start as a newbie.

It’s a little easier, you cánido see at a glance who’s there and what they’re offering and you cánido jump in or raise your hand when they have a oportunidad to sign up.

You cánido also see each program’s commission rate, average sale, cookie duration, etcétera., so you cánido compare afín brands and promote the best one to your audience.


Don’t Just Rely On Sponsored Posts – Try Affiliate Marketing Too

Step number three is where many influencers fall a bit short of truly monetizing to their full potential.

And that’s it, don’t just rely on sponsored opportunities, start affiliate marketing too!

Affiliate marketing is a great way to have full control over what you promote, how you promote it, how often, etcétera.

There is no limit and there is no one-time reward fee.

perro be a source of recurring and passive income.

Let’s say, for example, that you find a great brand to work with on Admitad and you connect with them and run an Instagram campaign.

You get paid for it once.

But what if you loved that brand and they also have an affiliate program?

You perro then start pitching it to your audience in other places where it makes sense, and also get paid for the sales generated by the content you create around that brand.

I know it cánido be overwhelming if you’ve never done that before (and you’ve never strayed away from those sponsored collaborations) take control and create your own affiliate marketing campaigns.

If you’re new to it, check out this ultimate guide to getting started with affiliate marketing.


Monetize your website, not just your popular networks

Step number four is to monetize your website and not just your popular media platforms.

I’m a big proponent of having your own platform and that should be a self hosted blog.

I have a free guide on starting your own blog that you cánido sign up for below.

But if you already have a website or blog, which you’ve been neglecting in favor of posting on popular media, I urge you to rethink your strategy moving forward.

And that’s not just because popular media platforms perro be unreliable, but because you’re also missing out on money that you perro earn on your website as a trabajo independiente content platform.

For example, you cánido make money from website content by signing up for the Admidad partner network or by finding other affiliate programs that fit your niche and showcasing those products on your blog.

Instead of just posting Instagram stories that disappear within 24 hours or creating a reel that only appears in the feed in the first few weeks of its life, blog articles and website content live on!!

People cánido find you years later due to good SEO and other factors.

You have a great opportunity to monetize your website, so don’t neglect that.

You cánido add banners to the sidebar of your website that are easily discoverable, for example, or focus your marketing on content = aka promotions that are found within each article that is relevant to that especial topic.

Admitad and other affiliate programs provide these banners for you or you perro also generate clickable backlinks from your affiliate panel, making it easy to spread your promotional efforts to all of your en línea platforms.



Optimize your affiliate associations and increase your clicks

Step number five is to optimize those affiliate associations and increase your clicks.

This is what tends to happen with new affiliate marketers: everyone gets excited, gets into these affiliate networks and starts working with brands and incorporating their backlinks.

But it’s not something they’ve done before.

And it is very rare that when you do something for the first time you do it right (the first time).

So a lot of this is guess work at first.

To fully maximize your potential for clicks and conversions, you need to look back at what you’ve implemented and what results you’ve grown from it.

Then adapt and improve that.

Here is a useful article on how you cánido improve clicks and conversions in your affiliate campaign to read below.

Here’s a pro consejo for you if your affiliate backlinks (that you added at least a couple of months ago) aren’t working:

Not getting enough clicks = not enough visibility for your backlinks or banners.

It means either not enough people perro see them or you’re not engaging them enough for them to clic.

That means you’re basically not enthusiastic enough about a product and you’re not describing how it perro solve your problem.

The solution: Work to improve the visibility of your backlinks and the sales copyrights that surround them.

Not enough conversions = products are not a good fit.

However, if you’re seeing more clicks, but not enough conversions (a good conversion rate = 2% by the way), then you might want to research the products you’re promoting and whether they’re a good fit for your audience. .

For example: if you’re reading a skincare tutorial but you have very oily skin, and then the blogger in question only recommends products for dry skin, you’re not going to buy those products.

The fix: Reevaluate the products you promote to make sure they meet the needs of your audience.

Final words on affiliate marketing for content creators

Content marketing is not done, so we trick people into buying through our backlinks and we trick brands into working with us.

We want to connect with the right people and we want to help the brands we work with do the same.

And that means really looking into your needs, your wants, and figuring out the best products for that, whether we know that from personal experience (obviously, if you also have oily skin, you’ll know what to recommend for people with oily skin) or just listening to your audience.

Read your comments, start those conversations with your audience, listen to their questions, and learn from it.

Then, look for good affiliate opportunities and follow the five steps above to monetize your popular media and blog content in a way that’s beneficial to both you and your audience.

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 How bloggers make money with Admitad
  How bloggers make money with Admitad
  How bloggers make money with Admitad

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