How and where to work as a virtual assistant in

How and where to work as a virtual assistant in

Every day there are more businesses that open their activities on the Internet, and that they need someone to help them with tasks such as organizing their tasks, scheduling appointments with clients, etcétera.

That’s why every time they meet more virtual assistant job offers. People who work from home, doing fácil activities and earning in dollars or euros.

But hardly anyone knows what it is about, few people know exactly what it is or what does a virtual assistant do

For me, It’s one of the best jobs I’ve ever had. At first it was a bit difficult for me, I did not know where to work as a virtual assistant, nor did I know how much I should charge.

I tried several pages, but they did not respond to my proposals and besides that they paid very little they charged me 20% commission.

When I finally noticed that a friend used a page called Asistademy in which they gave him good jobs and they paid him very well, I went directly to his website to investigate a little more.

There I found all the information I needed to be a virtual assistant, and to find jobs with which I have earned up to $1264 per month.

I know what it’s like to need a little help, that’s why in this article I want to share with you everything I’ve learned about being a virtual assistant so that you too cánido find this job and start generate income from home.

Do you want to work as a virtual assistant? These are the steps you must take

What is a virtual assistant?

What functions and tasks does a virtual assistant do?

Types of virtual assistants

Training to be a virtual assistant

How much does a virtual assistant earn?

Where perro I find work as a virtual assistant?

Who hires a virtual assistant and why?

My experience working as a virtual assistant

whatWhat is a virtual assistant?

Virtual assistants are people who work independently and en línea doing fácil activities, which perro be design, administration or planning and cánido work for a person or for a company.

The great advantage of being a virtual assistant is that you perro work from home or from a personal office.

You don’t have to espectáculo up at an office, stop studying, or stop spending time with your family, because you do everything in your own space.

As a virtual assistant you are independent, so you cánido make contracts with several people, or have a single long-term contract, and escoge the hours in which you will work.

If what you are looking for is to undertake, you cánido also create your own company and hire several assistants, so you will be like a service provider.

As you will be independent, you perro do the virtual assistant work remotely, that is, you do it en línea.

Vídeo calls are hardly used, they are, above all, correo electrónico messages or phone calls.

The activities carried out by virtual assistants are fácil, such as provide customer service, answer correos electrónicos electronics, organize agendas, plan trips…

You don’t need to be a professional what you need are some administrative, planning and organizational skills that are learned in a short time.

There are many options where to work virtual assistant, because they are sought after by business people and companies, so the field of work is large, although there is also a lot of competition.

Virtual assistants have become so important that they have even created a International Association of Virtual Assistants.

whatWhat functions and tasks does a virtual assistant?

1. Administrative tasks

As a virtual assistant, you will have to do some activities that They have to do with business management.

But, they don’t have to do with accounting, but with ordinary activities, that although they are fácil, it is very important that they are fulfilled.

Several of these activities are writing, such as write letters, answer correos electrónicos, and copy and review documents.

Others are organizational, such as archivo documents, organize correos electrónicos, maintenance and updating of databases and classifying invoices.

An important part of the activities are planning, such as keeping other people’s agendas, making travel reservations, organize events, plan schedules for projects, assign activities, and schedule meetings.

It is also possible that as a virtual assistant you will be asked for research activities, such as find information about customers, and suppliers, research correo electrónico addresses or phone numbers, or find specific information for the development of a project.

For some jobs, some customer service skills are also included, such as answer questions and queries, attend to claims, attract new customers, give technical support and do surveys.

2. technical tasks

technical tasks They are the ones who need some knowledge, whether basic, accounting, computer programs or any language.

If you have knowledge of accounting, in addition to administrative activities you could carry out the bookkeeping, inventory control, make and control a budget, and the management of the entire process of billing and payment of invoices.

Knowledge of computer programs will help you create databases and keep updated and create spreadsheets in Excel, create slide espectáculos, use business programs like SAP, and manage a remote team.

If you handle an additional language, you cánido also include the translations and work as an interpreter.

All these skills and activities that I detalla here, they are not mandatory.

I orinan, if you have them, great! They are a agregado that will be added in what you are going to charge, but it is not mandatory that you have them to get a place to work as a virtual assistant.

3. creative tasks

There are places where working as a virtual assistant has a lot to do with advertising and marketing.

For this reason, activities are carried out that have much to do with creativity.

Some of these activities are related to web pages, such as write articles for a blog, create landing pages, manage guest posts…

Other more interesting ones deal with audiovisual media, such as editar photos, audios and vídeos, create infographics and design publications.

Much of the marketing is done through the popular networks like Instagram and Fb, creating the content for these accounts, managing the YouTube channels and the podcastsand interacting with people who leave comments on posts.

These skills They are only necessary if you have an interest in these topics, and if you feel any inclination for the work of community manager.

Guys of virtual assistants

The kind of virtual assistant (AV) you perro be depends on the number of people in your team, of the type of job you want to have and the type of activities you want to do, some examples are: administrative AV, entrepreneurial AV, popular media AV, employee AV.

let’s start with What you want to do.

Every virtual assistant is special, based on your skills and the way you like to do your job.

To find out what type of assistant you are, based on the work you do, keep in mind the list of activities that I showed you above.

If you are good with administrative activities, you are a administrative virtual assistant.

you perro work as personal assistant of a business person, that you need someone to take care of the small tasks that have to be accomplished.

You could also work for small businesses or large companies, doing office work.

If you are more than do technical tasks or have special knowledge, You perro work as a virtual store assistant, virtual executive assistant or manager, or consulting assistant.

The virtual store assistants They are in charge of receiving orders, processing them, verifying payments, shipping, and responding to buyer comments.

He y también-market and internet sales they are growing a lot, and they give so much work that it is impossible for a single person to manage it.

This type of virtual assistants, They have a great field of work.

The executive assistant or virtual manager, He has a slightly more professional profile.

In addition to administrative tasks, as an executive assistant you will have the responsibility of execute projects and coordinate teams of work.

In many cases you will also be assigned the task of recruitment of new staff or recruiting talent.

Let’s say as an executive assistant you will have a couple of little stars on your shoulder.

Virtual assistants for consultation or virtual consultants, They give a kind of technical support.

The strength of the virtual consultant is that has a lot of specialized experience in a subject, for example, sales, finance, y también-commerce, law…

If you work as a virtual consultation assistant, you will be in charge of guide a team specific job.

If you identify more with creative tasks, You cánido work as a content marketing virtual assistant, digital product virtual assistant, popular media virtual assistant, or broker virtual assistant or virtual broker.

To find where to work as a creative virtual assistant, you necessarily have to search en línea, It is very difficult for you to find work outside the Internet, because the profile requires someone active in electronic media.

The content marketing virtual assistants They are the ones who help create publications or develop content for web pages or popular networks such as Instagram, Fb and YouTube.

These contents They cánido be text or audiovisual media such as images, audios and vídeos.

The difference with the content marketer, is that the virtual assistant does not design the strategy or escoge the parameters of the content, but rather follows the instructions to do so, review or refine it.

Something that I find very positive about this work is that you will always gain new skills, you will have the opportunity to learn, and to practice without taking responsibility for the results.

The work of a digital product virtual assistant is to help sell.

Digital products cánido be applications, computer programs, en línea courses, subscriptions to websites, podcasts or magazines.

As a virtual assistant for digital products you collaborate with advertising, testing the products, or providing customer service.

The popular media virtual assistants, They work for popular network managers or community managers.

The job is to maintain and increase the activity in popular networks.

Schedule the posts, you reply to comments and get new followers.

The difference with the popular media manager is that you as an assistant you will not design the strategies, You will not carry the reports or the analysis of the data from these platforms, you will simply complete the tasks assigned to you.

The intermediary virtual assistants they have excellent public relations skills.

Some people would put this type of virtual assistant in technical activities, but for me, the ability to relate to many people and maintaining a network of contacts, has more to do with spontaneity and an open personality.

If you are one of those who knows many people and easily create a new backlink with strangers, you perro be a virtual intermediary.

virtual brokers, connect people to create relationships professional or business

For example, you could search for employees for a business, or connecting independent contractors with businessesor to distributors with manufacturers.

Very good! When you have decided what you want to do, you have to know Who do you want to do it with?

There are people who don’t mind working alone from home, but there are others that need to work as a team.

be a virtual assistant does not necessarily orinan that you will be a hermitbecause you perro form a work team.

So, if you want to work alone, without the problems of coordinating schedules with other people, you perro be an assistant. mono-entrepreneur.

The mono-entrepreneur offers personal services, works directly and does all the chores by himself.

If you prefer to work with other people, so that your computer is not your best friend, you cánido be part of a multi-assistant team.

In multi-attendee teams, everyone works for the same people, but each one brings a specific skill.

In that way, each one performs a series of activities to achieve a great goal.

The advantage is that it will be easy to find someone to cover you when you have an emergency, or when you want to be free on a holiday or take a vacation.

You perro form your own team, or look for one that is already formed and needs new members.

After knowing what and with whom you are going to do it, you have to think about As you do?

Do you want to be a Independent entrepreneur or a contract worker?

There are people who seek to leave the stress of the office behind, have a more maleable schedule and work from home, without losing stability of a salary.

Likewise, there are many personalities and companies that they hire virtual assistants within their payroll.

Them paid a monthly or hourly salary, but the work is done remotely.

In this case, most likely you have to stick to a schedule, Maybe it’s not as strict as in an office, but you do have to guarantee certain availability.

If you want to break chains completely, you will be a independent entrepreneur.

you perro work as contract virtual assistant for one or more companies.

In this case, you do not have to adhere to a schedule, hours are completely maleable and they will pay you by project, by encuentro goals or by hours of work.

In all these cases, if you speak another language, you perro be a offshore virtual assistant or abroad.

In general it is understood as cheap tarea, because due to the economy of your country you perro charge lower rates.

But also, there are many companies that pay it very well, because they understand it as an agent that breaks cultural barriers.

you You bring your knowledge of another language to the company and the culture of the region in which that you live.

That’s how I know makes it possible for an English brand to find followers in Latin America Or in China, for example.

It may seem like too much information, but the type of virtual assistant you want to be will flow by itself, I am giving you all this information so that you have a guide to the paths you perro follow.

The most common thing is these types of virtual assistants and your own skills are combined and with experience you will cover more space.

Here I leave you a summary:

Training to be a virtual assistant

To be a virtual assistant you don’t need to have a diplomanor have many years of experience, but there is some basic knowledge that will give you the necessary skills to get a job and do a good job.

Anyone who has a basic understanding of using a computer, it cánido be a virtual assistant.

You perro be a virtual assistant if you have worked in an office before, if you are studying and need plus income, or if you have never worked, but you have a computer at home and you use it frequently.

You don’t have to be a professional or have a wall full of certificates, but it’s not a given either, yeah you will need some basic skills.

These basic skills help you work independently to get a job and have excellent results so that they give you good recommendations.

I have heard of several courses and training programs, but the only one that I dare to recommend is that of Asistademy.

Why do I recommend Asistademy? I recommend it because it is the one I have tried and I cánido tell you for sure that it works.

With Asistademy’s training, you will have all the necessary knowledge about how to get a job, how to get paid, how to develop your skills and how to undertake independently.

This is one of the best advantages of this coursewhich is complete.

you will learn to identify what your skills are as a virtual assistant, to be able to develop them and take advantage of them.

You will understand what are types of clients that hire virtual assistants, which one best suits your needs and where you perro find it.

With all this, you will be ready to start on your own, even if you don’t have any kind of experience.

In addition, you will have access to exclusive job offers on the portal of Asistademy jobs.

If you are interested in knowing more about Asistademy, in this article, my colleague María tells you about her experience: Is Asistademy REAL? Read THIS before becoming a virtual assistant

whatHow much earn a virtual assistant?

It all depends on the client you get, the type of assistant you are, and how long you work, but the average income for a virtual assistant It is from $400 to $900 a month.

When you start to work independently, you have to know that your income will not be fixed, it will always vary and that will depend entirely on you.

You also have to know that it is a slow process, the first month you cánido make $100 or $200.

don’t be fooled for those advertisements that offer $1000 in a week, because I assure you that they are false.

The important thing is that you know how to sell yourself to customers, In order to find people who are willing to pay what your work is worth and who also know how to maintain those relationships, you perro learn this in a short time with Asistademy.

There are people who work 3 or 4 days a week, like about 4 or 5 hours, they perro earn between $400 and $450 in a month.

If you dedicate yourself to this full time, like if you have an office job, 8 hours a day, Monday to Friday, you perro earn between $700 and $1500 per month.

I didn’t have a good start With the virtual assistant job, at first I was only paid $2 an hour and since the work was very little, I couldn’t work every day.

When I did the training assistademy, I got a job on their platform where they paid me $487 for a week, working full time.

I decided to work for projects, and until now, The most I’ve ever earned is $1,264 in a month.

whatwhere perro i find work as a virtual assistant

It is possible that you will find something on the job boards, but job pages on the Internet are more common, and on the job platform. Asistademy you have a large number of offers of work.

There is some job boards like Indeed and Computrabajo, It is the ones that there may be some other announcement for virtual assistants.

But these pages they are mostly for conventional work and not for remote work, I mention them to you just so you don’t miss them, it’s worth taking a look.

The pages where you perro find where to work as a virtual assistant are those that offer jobs en línea.

Some examples of these pages are Upwork, LinkedIn, Workana and

I subscribed to all these pages, in some of them you have to pay a commission to be able to send proposals.

In others, it seems that there are many offers, but I never received an answer.

The one that I thought was the best option was Upwork, They do not charge commission for sending proposals, although if they have a limit, you cannot send as many as you want.

On Upwork I got my first job, but the emotion did not last long.

I realized that the reason I got it was because they paid so little, my contract was for $2 an hour.

Besides, of those 2$ Upwork took 20% commission from me, In the end, I was earning $1.8 per hour, which is less than what is earned in many countries with a habitual job.

Besides, they told me when there was work, so I could not choose my schedule, nor how many hours to work.

Why do I keep telling you? In summary, Until then my experience was bad.

One day, I saw that a friend from the university had the Asistademy page open, she wouldn’t tell me what it was, but I did my own research.

When I completed the Asistademy training.

I was able to entrar the employment platform and I saw job offers that I didn’t even imagine that they could exist.

For example, customer service jobs offer special training, and for executive assistant pay up to $1500 a month!

The first job I got with Asistademy, It was as an assistant for a special advertising project for a shampoo brand.

It was a brand new, and they wanted to do different events for distributors and to make themselves known to buyers.

For a week I helped them answer correos electrónicos, RSVP for events, and book catering, venues, and transportation, for that week they paid me $487.

I perro tell you that this experience was great! I was able to do several interesting things and time flew by, the good thing is that That is the type of jobs that are obtained with Asistademy.

whatWho hires a virtual assistant And why does it?

Any business that requires a minimum of organization You need an assistant, and nowadays, more and more people and companies prefer virtual assistants.

Come on from the smallest to the greatest.

There is business people, or entertainment personalities who need help to organize their agenda and complete some tasks.

These people seek above all personal assistants, someone they cánido count on to answer correos electrónicos, manage networks popular, and plan your agenda.

As a personal assistant, you cánido also receive the strangest tasks, such as buying birthday gifts or trying the food in a lugar de comidas.

If you find it fun you cánido do these tasks, if you don’t feel comfortable, don’t do it, you equipo the limits and you find clients that are closer to your personality.

Then there are the Small business.

They are companies that are starting or family businesses.

This type of business almost always what they need are basic procedures, For example, keeping track of inventory, keeping documentation up to date, and contacting new customers, suppliers, and distributors.

We continue going up to big enterprises.

The companies that have been in the market for many years, They divide their departments by processes, so that the goals are better met.

These companies necessarily have at least one assistant in each department.

The work of a virtual assistant in a large company has a lot to do with correo electrónico correspondence, Answer phone calls and schedule meetings.

And at the highest point are the multinational companies.

They are companies that They have offices in several countries, they are the most open to having remote employees, because they have the best experience with working remotely.

These types of companies could ask you to be a representative in your country, doing business in organizations or doing market research.

They are also the ones who work the most with reservations for air tiques, hotels, transportation and restoranes.

My experience working as a virtual assistant

Remote work is something still very new, Although it started many years ago in the US, it still has a long way to go in the rest of the world.

That’s why, it’s a great opportunity to get ahead of the competition.

Every day there are more and more people who take their work from the office to their home, and companies are already creating positions that are handled remotely, and You don’t want to be left behind, do you?

well i I didn’t want to be left behind.

One day going through those Youtube vídeos with which you cánido lose a whole day without realizing it, I started by watching a makeup tutorial and I ended up seeing one about the new jobs at home.

The vídeo was so well explained, that I realized that this is something serious.

Besides, I already I had seen some other job offer, but I thought they were for people who had studied for that, and I was very wrong.

I I started looking for pages for jobs on the Internet, that many people call work freelancing

I found several and I signed up for as many as I could; the ones that mentioned the most in the weblogs were Upwork, Workana, and charges for submitting proposals, and at Workana I never received an answer.

On Upwork I took a while to complete my profile and It took me a little longer for them to accept me a proposal.

One of the typical mistakes of the beginner, It is not knowing how much to charge and ending up charging very little.

It happened to me, in my first job at Upwork They paid me $2 an hour and they took 20% off. commission.

I was not happy, but I kept doing it, one day I saw that a friend was also working on her computer in the library.

We greeted each other and as we saw that we were on the same plan, we decided to continue encuentro to work together.

In the conversations we had, I realized that she earned better than me and could work more often, but he never gave me more information.

In one of those meetings, I saw that the Asistademy page was open, I asked her what it was about, and she closed the notebook and wouldn’t tell me, perro you believe it? What a great “friend”!

But, I didn’t care so much, because I had read the name correctly

I started reading about Asistademy and found this backlink: assistademy.

I signed up for the free introductory course and I realized that this is how she got jobs that paid very well.

I completed my training and started looking for job offers, The first job I had I had fun and they paid me $487 for a week.

I have seen many long-term offers, but since I do other things, I only take jobs by project, and I always search on the Asistademy platform.

The least I made is $380 the first month and the most I have won is $1264.

This is a job you will like if you perro get along with people and if you don’t have problems with long-distance communication.

I I learned how to do it, get paid, get clients and where to work as a virtual assistant with Asistademy, so I also take advantage and leave you the recommendation.

What do you think of the virtual assistant job? Leave me a comment below and tell me what you think.

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 How and where to work as a virtual assistant in
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