How 24Option works >> Tutorial and

How 24Option works >> Tutorial and

A couple of years ago I decided start investing en línea.

At first I didn’t know much about how to do it, but thanks to the demo accounts offered by many brokers, I was understanding all those graphics and perfect my trading strategies.

When I became an expert, I realized that to obtain good profits it is not enough just to know which asset to choose or which method to put into practice: the platform you invest in it is also very important.

Some brokers have pages too complicated to understand even for the most experienced, others have such huge commissions that they take most of your profits.

That’s why for 2 years I have tried more than 32 brokers different, always looking for the one that gave me the best results in the simplest way.

The last of them has been 24Optionand here I am going to teach you how does it workhow to open an operation and withdraw your money, and most importantly: if it is a reliable broker and if, according to my experience, it is the best to start investing.

This is how 24Option works to earn money with your investments

What is 24Option?

How does 24Option work?

How to create a free account at 24Option

Types of accounts at 24Option

Platforms to trade in 24Option

What is the minimum deposit of 24Option?

How to make a deposit at 24Option

How to withdraw your profits from 24Option

What assets cánido you invest in with 24Option?

How to open a trade on 24Option

What commissions does 24Option charge?

24Option Regulations

My experience using 24Option to invest

What is 24Option?

24Option it’s a en línea trading broker in which you cánido invest in CFDs (contracts for difference) and in the Forex market.

Currently, it has become one of the best options among traders to carry out operations that generate profits.

The platform was designed so that new users and experts could have an intuitive interfaz when it comes to invest in financial assets.

It has extensive educational material in the form of seminars, webinars, tutorials, news and much more.

Everything so that you cánido understand how trading on the depósito market works using the 24Option platform.

whatHow does it work 24Option?

24Option currently have one of the trading platforms easier to use of the entire broker market.

It has several menus that make it easy for you to navigate, whether it is to deposit, withdraw, trade, request help or simply switch between your real account and demo account.

Here I explain how each section of 24Option works in detail:

Upper part

This area consists of two toolbars that you will use very often.

You perro use them to communicate with the customer service team, deposit, withdraw, switch accounts, return to the main page and change the language.

The first, starts from where it says “Welcome”, followed by your name.

Here you perro do the process of Account Verificationsee the details, change your password and sign out.

This is followed by a series of letters and numbers beginning with “TA”.

By clicking here you perro switch between your real account and the demo.

Follow the real-time chat symbol and a shield indicating the account type What do you have at the moment? For example, “B” is for basic.

The second bar starts at the 24Option logotipo, where you perro return to the main page of the web portal.

Followed by the icon to change the language and the live chat icon.

After this, you will see a text that says “Banking”, here you cánido make deposits and withdrawals of money. Later, in “My account” you cánido review all your personal information.

Finally, there is the button in black with yellow borders to change accounts.

Central part

Here are two menus that interest you quite a bit.

On the left side is the list of financial assets in which you perro invest.

You will be able to see that it has a filter and several parameters such as sale, purchase and the percentage of price change.

It is very easy to use and just by clicking on one of the derivatives, you cánido trade with it now.

In the center is the section for trading with the asset.

Once you have chosen from the list and you have pressed it, here it will espectáculo you the options to invest up or down.

Are 4 things to keep in mind: the lot volume, the pip value and the buy/sell buttons.

You perro also put the values take profit either stop lossmarking the small squares that read as “close at loss” or “close at profit”.

To start the operation, you must press the “Trade” button.

I inform you that when you select an asset, the price graph does not appear so that you perro do the correct market analysis.

Therefore, if you need it, you cánido press where it says “espectáculo graph”.


In this section you perro see all the operations that are in progress, the history, economic calendar and more.

It allows you close active positions in a single clic and without waiting.

There is an option that seems very interesting to me, which is the Daily Market.

Allows you to read the latest news from the financial world and gives you trading signals so you cánido invest more safely.

In addition, in the last part of this table, you will be able to see the cómputo you have in your account, the profit/loss and much more.

As create a free account at 24Option

1. Go to the website

For create an account at 24OptionThe first thing you should do is go to their website to register. Registration is completely freeand it won’t take you more than 2 minutes to create your account.

Clic on the backlink below To go directly to the 24Option page:

Once you are on the 24Option page, clic on the top right on the yellow “Sign up” button to start registering.

2. Write your data

After clicking on the “Sign Up” button, you will see a form to entrar your dataand they will ask you if you want to create a demo account or a real one.

I recommend that you clic on “Real” since in this way they will also give you the demo account without having to create it later.

Then, you have to fill in the information that they ask for.

Entrar your first name, last name, correo electrónico and a phone number.

Mark that you accept the terms and conditions and press the yellow button “Start trading”.

!! Congratulations!! You have already created your 24Option account and you are ready to make a profit.

3. use your account

Now that you have everything ready, it’s time to start use the 24Option platform.

You have the option to start with your demo account and take advantage of a virtual $100,000 to make risk-free trades; or maybe deposit the minimum of $100 and dedicate yourself to investing with your own money.

My recommendation is that use test account so that you get used to the way of trading.

There is no rush in which to deposit, the iniciativa is that learn all you cánido of the platform to avoid losses with your real money.

Account Types at 24Option

exist 5 types of accounts at 24Option to which you perro access depending on the amount of money you plan to invest.

They all have different characteristics that will serve you according to what you need from the platform.

demo account

This is the free account What do you get when you sign up? It works very well to get to know the trading platform and learn everything you need when investing with your money.

you start with $100,000 virtual that will allow you to operate in all the available assets of the broker without risk or plus costs.

You cannot make deposits or withdrawals, but otherwise the platform is fully functional for this account.

Normally, it is used by users to know how to invest correctly.

Also, many others use it to practice trading strategies without having to use your real money.

Basic Account

This is the first real account you cánido get.

It is created together with the demo, but it is activated once you deposit $100.

When you do that, you cánido already invest with your own money in depósito operations.

It allows you to access all the assets of the platform, with a personal account manager including.

You perro also entrar educational material available in the form of webinars, webinars, tutorials, consejos.

All for free so you perro improve the way you trade.

You perro make deposits with no plus fees, while withdrawals are free the first time you do it.

After that, you will be charged a commission.

you should also pay a maintenance fee $10 per month due to the use of the platform.

This account is the one that perro help you if you are a newbie or if you do not want to invest too much.

silver account

To enable this account, you need deposit $2,500.

It is used by traders who have more experience in investing, but do not yet consider themselves experts.

You have all the features of the basic account, but some very destacable improvements are added, such as an explanation of risk management, customized courses on analysis asset prices and trading strategies.

In this account already maintenance is not paid.

gold account

Here you already entrar the area of ​​the expert investors, since a deposit of $25,000 is necessary to activate the account.

In addition to the above features, you also have a custom course for using the MetaTrader4 platform.

You no longer have to worry about the payment of the commission when withdrawing money (once a month), this is now a thing of the past.

This is the account that is currently being used the most by traders, since it takes the weight of the maintenance fee and the extraction.

Platinum account

Finally, there is the account that offers you everything that the 24Option broker perro give.

To get it, you must deposit $100,000.

The improvements it gives you is the possibility to trade with spreads and the free money withdrawalsevery day.

The Platinum is designed for those traders who take en línea investments very seriously and who do not want to pay plus commissions, but who at the same time want to get big dividends for their operations.

platforms for trade at 24Option

The good of 24Option, is that it gives you different options to entrar to trade.

You have 3 types of platforms to operate in the broker: the web version, Metatrader 4, and the mobile application.

There is the web version, which is the standalone application of 24Option found on its web portal.

It is not necessary to download anything else to use it and just by registering you perro start trading.

It is quite intuitive and very fast.

Has the basic and advanced aspects so that any trader feels comfortable and finds how to navigate without getting lost.

Then there is the version of MetaTrader 4.

You must download this platform from the broker’s page.

It’s the aplicación most used by expert traders, since you have very advanced indicators and trading signals to improve your forecasts.

This version perro be used for both the phone and the computer.

Finally, there is the mobile application, either Android or IOS operating system.

You perro entrar and use both your demo account and real ones.

You will have no problem making opening and closing operations, viewing histories and making deposits or withdrawals.

It has the indicators and general graphs to make the aplicación lightweight for the phone.

I recommend that if you are going to use it, you have the latest programa on your mobile to avoid operating errors.

Which is the minimum deposit from 24Option?

The minimum deposit of 24Option It varies depending on the payment method you choose.

Generally, the amount is $100and it is one of the lowest figures in the en línea trading market.

The payment methods to entrar money are many, so you perro escoge where you want to carry out the process.

You have the common deposits through the Visa, Mastercard or Discover cards. It also accepts Skrill, Neteller, AstroPay and bank transfer.

Now, the question is the following: electronic payment methods and cards, you only have to pay $100 to start using your real accounts.

However, for bank transfers, the minimum amount is $1,000.

The good thing about this broker is that the money income is super fast and secureand if you have a problem, they will let you know right away without having to go through tedious procedures or days of waiting.

The only deposit it takes 5 days in becoming effective in your 24Option cómputo is that of bank transfers.

There is also a maximum amount that you perro deposit either daily or monthly, these amounts are $10,000 and $40,000, respectively.

How to make a deposit at 24Option

make a deposit in 24Option it’s super fast and easy.

The first thing is that you must be in the trading room and with your real account. You will not be able to earn money from the demo.

With all this prepared, you perro go to the “Banking” section to start the process.

Here you will see a bar with several options such as deposit, withdrawal, money transferrequests and history.

Since you need to add money to your 24Option cómputo, the first box must be checked.

It will espectáculo you several predetermined amounts to select from, these are the most common amounts that traders invest.

However, there is a blank space where you perro write how much money do you want to depositthat is minimum $100.

Below you have the payment methods what perro you useand they’re filtered so you cánido see the top ones or all at once.

Once you choose the way you are going to deposit, it will take you to a window for you to fill in your card details, in case you want to deposit money like this.

If it is with Skrill or Neteller, it will espectáculo you a small box for you to fill in with your information and Press “Send” to make it effective.

The money will arrive immediately if you did the process with any method, except bank transfer.

As withdraw your winnings by 24Option

The good of 24Option, is that the area of ​​making deposits and withdrawals is the same.

You don’t have to do more than entrar the section “Banking” and select the “Withdrawal” option.

Remember that you perro only do this do from your real accountif you are in the demo, you will get an fallo.

The first thing you have to do is place the amount you want to withdraw.

He minimum withdrawal is $10.

To make the withdrawal you must fill in the bank details of your account and then choose the method with which you want to withdraw the money.

Everything is done through a withdrawal request.

When it is approved, the amount you requested will reach your bank account or your virtual wallet.

On the other hand, I must tell you that he first withdrawal at 24Option is free.

In the rest, you will be charged a commission.

Gold or Platinum accounts have discounts for withdrawing money and there are times when withdrawing money is completely free.

In which assets perro you invest with 24Option?

In 24Option You have several assets in which you perro invest: Forex, cryptocurrencies (like Bitcoin), commodities, stocks, and indices.

To find them, you must go to the trading room and look in the left menu.

There is a big list with all instruments for you to select.

You have in total more than 100 assets to choose which ones you want to start investing with.

You cánido find the best combination to put together a strategy that allows you to generate profits while using various derivatives.

I leave you here a small list of some of the assets that you cánido find to operate in each group:

  • Forex: Currency pairs such as EUR/USD, AUD/USD, JPY/USD, GBP/USD, etcétera.
  • Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dashcoin, etcétera.
  • Raw Materials: Platinum, Gold, Silver, Oil, etcétera.
  • Actions: from companies like Amazon, Twitter, Google plus, Apple, Microsoft, Tesla, etcétera.
  • Indexes: S&P 500, NASDAQ 30, etcétera.

Remember that all these instruments are to trade through CFDs (Contracts for Difference) or Forex.

As open a trade at 24Option

Open a trade at 24Option It is very fácil considering the intuitive platform offered by the broker.

For this, it does not matter if you are in your demo account or in the real one, it works exactly the same.

Once you are in the trading room, you must choose an asset with which to operate. You do this from the left menu, here you will see the entire list of instruments that you perro use.

Now, you should direct your attention to the central part of the trading area.

Here will be the purchase or sale price of the instrument you selected.

You won’t be able to see any charts to do the analysis you need, but don’t worry, you cánido press “ShowGraph” in order to espectáculo up.

Since you know where the price will go, you perro go back and open your position

Choose if you will invest upwards (buy) or downwards (sell), select your values stop loss and take profit; and finally, Press the “Trade” button. With this you will have already opened your position successfully to start making profits.

whatwhat commissions does 24Option charge?

24Option has 3 commissions that are important to remember when doing en línea operations, especially because they orinan plus charges to your money in the account cómputo.

The first is the withdrawal fee.

This applies to all accounts except Platinum and Gold.

It is a percentage for each withdrawal of money you make and varies depending on the payment method you use.

For example, on credit or debit cards 3.5% is charged; while for bank transfers, the charge is $30.

In addition, for electronic media such as Neteller, a percentage from 0.9% to 3.5% is charged.

Gold accounts have the free withdrawals once a monthwhile Platinum are permanently free.

The second commission with which you should be careful is that of inactivity.

This charge occurs when you have been logged out of your account for 2 months or more.

During this time they will charge you 80 euros or $92according to the exchange rate of the day.

However, if you continue without entering and you get to add 3 months, the figure will increase to 120 euros or $137. And if due to bad luck, after 6 months you still have not entered, you will be charged 200 euros ($228).

So the best you perro do is maintain a periodic deposit to your accountperhaps once a month so that you do not fall into this unfavorable point.

Finally, there is the maintenance account, which is only applicable to the basic account.

This is simply a monthly charge of $10 for the use of your usuario on the platform.

Now, there is something called Spread and swap, which are fees charged during operations; Although they are not considered as commissions, they should be at this point because they are recurring and affect the profits you obtain.

The first is the difference that is created between the purchase price and the sale price. That is, if an asset has a buy value of 2 and a sell value of 1, the difference will be 1.

This is the Spread.

This fee it is charged the times that you are going to invest in an asset such as a right to open that position.

The second is a fee for having trades open All night long.

This charge varies depending on the derivative you are using.

regulations of 24Option

24Option has several regulations that ensure that you will not be affected in any way for the money you have deposited on the platform.

The iniciativa of ​​all these rules is that they are present to ensure that the broker is not a fraud and that it complies with what is dictated in its mission and visión.

The first is the license you have due to your entry into CySEC.

It is also authorized in the other countries of the European Union to carry out en línea trading under the Passport Law.

All this allows you to market in the broker’s financial assets as a national of an EU country.

Now, if you are not from these countries, but still want to trade on this platform, I tell you that 24Option is registered with the Belize International Financial Services Commission. The organizations named allow anyone who wishes to trade on this portal to be covered against any inconvenience.

Hence you cánido get your money back if there is a problem that the CySEC or if any other body that regulates the broker considers that it deserves it.

In addition to this, it must be included that it is an obligation request your identity document or any other that allows you to confirm that it is you, at the time of each registration, deposit or withdrawal.

So you cánido rest easy and invest with confidence in the face of regulations as demanding as these.

My experience using 24Option to invest

The experience I have had in the broker 24Option It has been quite satisfactory and very fácil, especially for how easy it is to handle the investment platform what are you offering.

I perro stress that the system has never failed me when making a deposit or withdrawal.

And it is that due to all their regulations, they are obliged to behave in a very special way with these actions. They cánido’t affect you in any way. the trader’s investment experience.

So, knowing all this, I decided to create an account and to use it for a while to see how it worked.

The encuentro with this account was quite good.

The platform from the start it is very intuitive even if it is the first time you use it.

You will be able to find everything you need to trade and without help.

In my case, I got used to it in a few minutes.

It is that easy to handle.

I spent two days using the demo account, and once I felt confident enough, I deposited $100.

They immediately came to my cómputo and I started trading.

in the following days I managed to win a total of $397 in several operations and I wanted to make a withdrawal to find out how long it would take for the money to reach my account.

Since I deposited the money with my debit card, I had to withdraw my earnings by the same means.

Being an electronic form of payment, I received the earnings immediately.

Customer service is also another topic that works very well.

Once, I had a connection problem and the money that I deposited was not cashed in the portal.

I was worried because it was a relatively large amount and I contacted to get a solution.

In less than an hour they contacted me, and in the end I was able to recover my money and continue to operate normally. They were very kind to serve me and without any fault.

Spreads and Swaps are also not that expensive, so it does not affect too much the income you get for each trade you close in profit.

Little by little I was changing accounts to obtain the improvements they offer and thus stop paying the commissions for withdrawals and for maintenance; I don’t regret it at all.

At the moment, I trade from my phone since 24Option also has a mobile application.

It has everything I need and I don’t have to be glued to the computer all the time.

With just a few movements of my finger on the screen, I am already trading and earning income.

My opinions on 24Option is that it is undoubtedly an excellent broker whether you are already an expert in investing or if you are just starting out in this world and want an easy-to-use platform, with a low deposit, and to help you with all the questions you may have.

And you, have you tried how the 24Option platform works? Tell me about your experience in the comments!

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