Housers » How does it work? Earn money with

Housers » How does it work? Earn money with

housers is a platform for participatory financing in real estate assets whose activity consists of putting in contact natural or legal persons who offer financing in exchange for a monetary return (investors) with natural or legal persons requesting financing in their own name to allocate it to a participatory financing project (promoters).

The investment in the projects published by Housers will be implemented, either through the loan applicationparticipatory or fixed rate, either through the creation and assumption of shares in limited liability companies.

The investment projects published in Housers will consist of financing a promoterwho contacts Housers directly and sends electronically all the information required so that a Detailed analysis of the proposal in order to estimate its feasibility and to be able to proceed with its publication.

Housers General Data

Housers is a company legally registered in Spain, and it belongs to Housers Global Properties PFP, SL.

Housers is licensed by the National Depósito Market Commission in accordance with Law 5/2015 on the Promotion of Business Financing.

It is registered with number 20 in the CNMV’s Register of Participatory Financing Platforms.

The Housers platform has physical offices in the following areas of Spain: La capital española, Valencia, Milan and Lisbon.

Housers Basics

platform management Housers is a legally registered platform in Spain.

withdrawals They cánido be requested by bank transfer.

Deposits They cánido be made from €50and the means of payment are: credit card and bank account.

referrals It has a direct referral system, and you earn €25 for the first deposit made by your referrals.

Languages English and Spanish, but it perro be translated with the Google plus Google chrome translator.

accepted countries Users from all over the world cánido earn money.

Activity real estate crowdfunding
Pay? Yes, Housers makes payments without problems.

Registration and first steps at Housers


Registration on the Housers platform is free and fácil, and you cánido do it by clicking here.

When entering you must select if you want to register as an individual or company, complete the indicated data, complete the captcha, accept the terms and conditions, and finally create your account.

In case I send you a verification correo electrónico to your dirección de correo electrónico, then you go to your correo electrónico and verify your account.

Registration Form

You cánido register on the Housers platform from the following backlink: Go to Housers.

First steps

After registration you must complete the configuration of your account.

For this you must entrar the section “My data”, where you will have to complete the general information of your account.

It is essential that you complete the information with your real datasince in this same section you will have to upload your identity document.

When completing the information and adding your identity document you must wait for Housers certify that you are a real person.

They will compare the information you uploaded with the one you posted, and based on this they will determine that you are a real person.

add bank account

To add a Bank account you must entrar the section “My Housers account / See account”.

In this section you will see the bank accounts that you have added, and you cánido also add a new one Bank account.

After adding at least one bank account you will be able to withdraw your earnings with it.

After adding your account you must wait for the Housers platform to validate your account, since it must be an account that is in your name and active.

This account perro be local or from any valid country.

How does Housers work?

Housers is a platform for real estate crowdfunding in which projects of natural or legal persons cánido be financed to obtain a return.

These entities that need financing are called promoterswho contact Housers to get them to finance their project.

The investment projects published in Housers will consist of financing a promoter for the acquisition of real estate assets, its possible exploitation in lease and its sale in the market after a certain period.

He promoter He is the one who contacts Housers directly and sends all the information required so that a detailed analysis of the proposal perro be carried out.

Housers rigorously analyzes the investment projects it receives from developers based on criteria homogeneous and non-discriminatoryin order to verify their viability and to protect the interests of investors.

Risks and Warnings at Housers

It is necessary to know the risks involved in investing in Housers, but we will also see some warnings to know about the world of investments in this platform.

These elements are presented below:


Housers is not a credit institution or investment services company.

It is not attached to any investment guarantee fund or to any deposit guarantee fund.

Therefore, the invested capital is not covered by these funds.

Participatory financing projects published on the web are not subject to authorization or supervision by the National Depósito Market Commission neither by the Bank of Spain nor by any other regulator, national or foreign.

Likewise, it is reported that the information provided by the promoters has not been reviewed by the National Depósito Market Commission nor does it constitute an informative brochure approved by it.

Housers does not provide financial advice and nothing on its website should be construed as such.


The risk of loss total or partial capital invested and risk of not obtaining the expected monetary return

Risk of illiquidity to recover the investment, that is, if an investor wants to liquidate his investment before the expected term, this liquidation cánido be delayed.

He promoter You cánido accumulate more than one project on the platform, which carries an additional risk of concentration.

The promoter has some resources own limited so that their responsibility in the project is limited to those resources.

There are other risks that you cánido see from the following backlink: Go to risk information.

Invest in projects published by Housers

After verifying your Housers account (having uploaded your identity document and being validated by the Housers platform) you will be able to start financing projects and thus obtain a monthly performance of the published projects.

To finance projects you must entrar the “Opportunities” section, select thethe opportunity in which you want to invest.

Here you cánido see all the details of the opportunities in which you cánido invest, the percentage of profits, how much is financed, type of financing, etcétera.

You just have to clic on “Invest”, place the amount you want to invest (from €50), the deposit method, and follow the steps to achieve it.

After investing, you will be able to see your investments and their details in the section “my investments”.

When you make your first investment, the platform will give you €25.

Phases of published projects

Below are the phases that the projects published by the Housers platform go through:

financing phase

when the platform Housers publishes a project, it must be financed by 100% to start receiving returns (this is the financing phase).

Full financing usually lasts between 3 weeks and 2 months, so in that time it is not yet get returnsbut the Earlyield functionality has changed this, since it allows you to obtain returns in this phase.

constitution phase

Once the collection of the required amount (financing) has been completed, the constitution phase, in which a real estate company is created that will own the aliquot part that you have invested.

All of this procedure is carried out under a notary.

One of the advantages is that it is a real real estate company, completely legal, and independent of whether Housers closes tomorrow.

Property rehabilitation phase

In general, the projects in which they are invested are properties that do not have optimal conditionsso a much lower price cánido be negotiated, and then after a small work to recondition the property It is put up for rent while waiting for the revaluation of its price.

Income obtaining phase

In this phase you are already obtaining a return on the investment derived from the rent of the property, while waiting for the 4-5 years that projects usually last.

The particularity of this investment is that it has a double return: between 6-7% profitability average per rentalagregado an average net return of 8-10% per year until the end of the investment project, which is usually between 3 and 5 years.

Earlyfield at Housers

Earlyield it is a functionality that will be applied to all opportunities in the crowdfunding phase.

Its function is the following: from the moment you invest in any oportunidadyou will obtain an annual return of 10% of your investment until the project reaches its total financing.

The profitability of 10% The annual cost of this functionality is calculated taking into account the amount invested and the days that your investment has been waiting for the opportunity to be finance.

This functionality will only become effective if the project in which you invest is financed.

If you invest 1,000 euros on July 7 and the financing is completed on July 29, your money has been invested in the project for 23 days.

you rentability will be: (10% per year /360 days) x 23 days of your investment, that is, 0.64%.

Therefore, for your investment of 1,000 euros you will get 6.4 euros.

When will you get paid EARLYIELD?

You will receive the profit of EARLYIELD the last day of the month following the closing date of project financing.

Following the previous example, if it is completed on July 29, Earlyield interest will be charged on August 31.

EARLYIELD costs will be borne by Housers and will be strictly contingent on funding for the project.

Referral system at Housers

Housers owns a direct referral system, with which you get €25 for the first deposit made by your referrals. you perro find your referrals in the “My data/See promotions” section, where you perro see your referrals and you cánido also generate a code to obtain your referral backlink.

Payments in Housers

You cánido withdraw your earnings through a bank account that you have added on platform.

To withdraw your earnings you must entrar the “My Housers account / Withdraw” section, select the Bank account, place the amount and request the transfer.

You must wait a certain number of days to receive your commissions.

The minimum deposit is €50, and the means of payment are: bank card and bank account.

To add a cómputo to your account, you must entrar the “My Housers account/Login” section, choose the payment method and follow the indicated steps.

With this deposit you perro invest in the different opportunities offered by the platform.

Diversification of the investment in Housers

Housers advises the investor to diversify the risk on several occasions, and it really is very sound advice.

The iniciativa is that the risk of losing the investment is much less if we invest in several projectssince if one of the investments does not meet the expectations generated but the rest do, we will continue to make the rest of the investment profitable.

Diversification is really important to implement, since it gives you the security that the risk of loss is minimalso when investing it is necessary to take into account financing several projects instead of just one.


Housers is a company quite reliable to investsince it is legally registered and has a business model based on real assets.

Housers undertakes the task of deeply analyzing the projects that come to him, this to ensure that the project is feasible for investors, which increases security.

In addition to this, Housers is characterized by being a company transparent, that it informs about office data, legal data, etcétera.

All this is increases the platform reliabilityHowever, there are risks that the investor has to take into account before investing with this company.

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 Housers » How does it work?  Earn money with
  Housers » How does it work?  Earn money with
  Housers » How does it work?  Earn money with

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