Honeygain is a new aplicación that we perro install on our móvil, or on our computer, be it windows or mac. This application will allow us make money doing nothingvery few pages will give us this opportunity. All of us who are dedicated to earn money on internet We know that this is difficult and I, if I were you, would not miss this opportunity. Do you want to know how to do it? so let’s get to it.

honeygain se define as a crowdsourcing company that allows other companies conduct intelligence investigations, market and also business. For those of you who do not know what crowdsourcing is, tell you that it is the task outsourcing.

For us to understand, honeygain is dedicated to “renting” the megabytes of internet that we have too many so that other companies use them to carry out studies and market research. If you are reading me, you have internet, right? How many megabytes do you have? How many do you use? Let me tell you that I’m sure you don’t use half of ityou are the ideal candidate to use honeygain apk.

That is what Honeygain does, once registered, what it does is use your spare internet and “rent it” to other companies. Right now, has thousands of users and they have already paid thousands of dollars vía Paypal without any problem.

Registration and first steps in Honeygain

The first thing to earn money with honeygain team is to download it. Let me tell you that if you download it with my backlink you will start with honeygain 5 dollars. He minimum payout is $20, with which, you already have a route done to be able to collect. Yeah clic on the button below, you will directly access the registry. Registration is extremely fácil. You only have to entrar an dirección de correo electrónico and a password.

To the few seconds to register from this backlink you will receive an correo electrónico that you have put You must verify your dirección de correo electrónico clicking on the text “check dirección de correo electrónico“. This way you will activate your honeyagain account. After this you will be able to log in to your account.

Once logged in, you will see that indeed, you have $5 in your account. From now on, you cánido download your honeygain and start to earn money.

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As you perro see, you cánido download the application for ios (honeygain ios), for your android device (honeygain android) and also for your Windows computer.

I will install it on my Windows computer. and on my android móvil, so I perro earn with the devices at the same time. Do not worry yes when downloading program tells you that the application cánido harm your computer. The application is totally harmless, it will work in the background and does not affect its performance. Don’t worry about safety either. no customer data is saved. The only data that is saved is that necessary for the service. This only includes your correo electrónico address, IP address. How much traffic you make per month and the payment methods chosen.

Honeygain how it works

If you don’t know how honeygain works let me tell you what it is the system is quite fácil. As I have told you before, when you install the programa or the Honeygain apk you will allow your connections to be managed and shared. The programa will give the traffic that you do not use to third parties in exchange for one economic remuneration. You will earn credits for every kilobyte (KB) you don’t use and “rent”. The “change” will be $0.01 for every 10 credits.

you do not have to do anythingsimply download the application on your notebook, MacOS or mobile device (be it Android or iOS). After connect the device to the network and the application it will start automatically to manage your connections that you do not use to share your traffic that you do not use in exchange for credits that will be added to your account.

The application perro be used on up to 3 devices per IP. Then you perro use it on all the devices you want. the application is available to everyoneso you cánido tell all your friends and family so they perro download Honeygain too.

Referral system in Honeygain

As in most of the pages we use, this one has a referral system. The page is valid for everyone, therefore, we perro invite friends from all over the worldboth in Europe, Spain and Latin America. There is only one level of referrals and we will have them for life. For get your referral backlinkwe will clic on “referrals

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As you perro see in the image, we will get 10% of the profits that our referrals get. They will also be able to have up to 3 devices connected by IP.

Honeygain pays and how to collect

If you are wondering, honeygain paysIn fact, many colleagues and myself have received more than one payment from this page (you cánido see the payments on my popular networks). As I have told you above, the minimum payout is only $20, counting that with the registration they give you $5, you will only have to get another $15. Therefore the thing is not so difficult to get right?

for my friends from Venezuelaif you wonder if honeygain pays in Venezuela The answer is yes. honeygain venezuela pay without any problem.

The payment option is very fácil, first you will have to reach 100% of the payment, the option to withdraw your money will appear. He method used by Honeygain it’s Paypal, although they plan to put some more. The Payments are processed in less than 24 hoursalthough you always have to have some patience.

As you cánido see, we already have the option to make money doing nothing, simply using the part of our internet that we don’t spend. The earnings data HE update every night at 00:00so when we get up the next day we will see our money increased.

Other ways to earn money

Honeygain reviews

Knowing that the Honeygain apk will not steal any of our confidential data and all it does is use excess bandwidthSeems like a great way to make money from home. The only thing you have to keep in mind is to have it connected when you use your computer, and never use it with a VPNsince the points will not be added to you, and therefore, you will not add money.

Another thing you have to keep in mind is do not use it with your mobile datain the event that you have contracted a data rate, since you will consume them and it will not be profitable for you. It logical is to use it in a WiFi connection or if you want to use it on your mobile phone, have unlimited data.

All this what perro i explain it’s on their website on the same registration site, the downside is that there is no Honeygain forum (at least as far as I know). However, on his page and in this same articulo everything is very well explained.

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