Holiday Swap: A new and better Airbnb?

Holiday Swap: A new and better Airbnb?

whatHave you ever thought about changing your house for a beach house or a cabin in the mountains?? Well now you perro with Holiday Swap.

This nifty venture allows you to trade vacation homes with another person.

You may have heard of other alternatives to Airbnb, VRBO, and Vacasa, but Holiday Swap offers a whole different perspective on vacation rentals.

Now that you’re intrigued, keep reading this in-depth Holiday Swap review to see if it might be a better fit for your travel needs.

Holiday Swap website

What is Holiday Swap?

Holiday Swap is a platform that allows its users to securely exchange their homes with each other.

The aplicación offers home listings in over 185 countries with over 1,000,000 users worldwide.

You cánido trade in an entire house or just one room, making it a unique way to plan your next vacation!

Subscription for Holiday Swap starts as low as $10 a month and they have several subscription plans you cánido upgrade to.

These give you benefits like unlimited property exchanges, plus guests, dedicated dirección de correo electrónico support, and options to boost your property in search.

This aplicación is for digital nomadsstudents, groups of friends or just singles looking to exchange their homes for a vacation.

You perro use Holiday Swap in two ways.

One way is that you perro do a classic two-way swap, where both parties trade houses for a equipo amount of time.

Or you perro host your property in exchange for tokens.

You save the tokens for a future trade or a property you would like to rent.

The aplicación has features like unlimited messaging, interactive maps, and a fácil layout to make it easy to view properties.

Many have called it a combination of Tinder and Airbnb.

Either way, it offers a community of like-minded travelers the oportunidad to trade their homes and save money in the process.

You cánido access Holiday Swap through their website or through their aplicación, which is available on IOS and Android.

Unlike Airbnb, Holiday Swap focuses on exchanging homes and accommodations, while Airbnb focuses on renting third-party accommodations.

Also, while Airbnb allows hosts to equipo their own rental price, Holiday Swap works on an exchange system where travelers exchange their home or accommodation reciprocally.

Holiday Swap users pay a subscription fee to access the platform and perro exchange their accommodation as many times as they like during their membership.

Another difference is that Holiday Swap offers a “trade credits» that allows users to earn credits for every exchange they make and then use those credits to exchange their home or accommodation elsewhere in the future.

In addition, Holiday Swap has a global community of users who share travel recommendations and advice, which perro be useful for travelers looking for more authentic and local experiences on their trips.

Who founded Holiday Swap?

Holiday Swap was founded by James Asquith, a British traveler with a mission to support a community of like-minded travelers.

James is a Guinness World Record holder for being the youngest traveler to visit all 196 countries.

James Asquith, image courtesy of Holiday Swap

How does Holiday Swap work?

Interested in how this home exchange aplicación works? Let’s dive into the process:

  1. You start by creating an account to verify who you are.

    You must entrar your details to verify your account.

    Once you receive an correo electrónico to confirm it’s you, you cánido start customizing your account.

  2. Holiday Swap currently offers a 2-week free trial of their aplicación.

    After that, you pay a subscription fee starting at US$10 a month.

  3. Now you cánido start listing your property for home exchange.

    You must write an accurate description of the property and articulo at least 3 photos to verify your home for the exchange.

  4. ohThat’s all! You cánido start chatting with a community of travelers and exchange your property.
Image courtesy of Holiday Swap

How to contact Holiday Swap customer service?

The best way to contact Holiday Swap is through the aplicación or vía their correo electrónico:

They encourage you to get in touch if things aren’t right at your property, you have a problem with the aplicación, or just have a general query.

However, if it is an urgent issue, they suggest you contact the other party.

They also have a Frequently Asked Questions section to answer any general questions you may have.

What is Holiday Swap’s cancellation policy?

Travel plans have to be put on hold sometimes.

Unfortunately, life perro get in the way! Holiday Swap’s cancellation policy is a little different from other vacation companies.

Because you use tokens to pay for your vacation, it makes it a bit simpler.

When a reservation needs to be cancelled, Holiday Swap advises you to contact them by correo electrónico to start the process.

If you make an instant booking and cancel within 7 days prior to travel, you will lose all paid tokens.

If the host cancels within 7 days before the trip, you will receive your tokens back.

There may be different circumstances that affect the cancellation process, so it is recommended to contact Holiday Swap by dirección de correo electrónico.

You perro view the full cancellation terms and conditions here.

Homes available in Albuquerque

What are people saying about Holiday Swa?p?

Reviewers talk in depth about the aplicación, comparing it to various afín platforms.

On the Google plus Play Store, Holiday Swap has received more than 2,000 reviews, rating the aplicación 3.8/5.

Many of the reviews mention positive things about the aplicación.

Users find it easy to download and find it an innovative way to find accommodation and connect with people when backpacking.

Others say it’s been a great way to save money and explore the world.

They also praise Holiday Swap’s excellent customer service and quick response times.

Image courtesy of Holiday Swap

ohThere are also some negative reviews en línea! Some reviewers share their experiences that the aplicación is not working properly and you are unable to delete it or cancel your subscriptions.

Other reviewers mention that there is limited information on Holiday Swap available before signing up.

However, there are answers from Holiday Swap that try to help customers.

There are also reports of Holiday Swap users not getting the apartment they had seen en línea and being disappointed that the property had flaws.

Or that the hosts canceled at the last minute, interrupting their travel plans.

In general, the good reviews outweigh the negative ones.

You bet on Holiday Swap that the holiday home will be just like the photos.

However, you also do it with Airbnb, and Hostelworld! The unique aspect of Holiday Swap is that you cánido chat with the people you will be renting to or from.

You perro get the security you need before you go on vacation.

If you take the leap and try something new, you have the oportunidad to make new friends and experience some amazing vacation homes around the world.

And for only $10 a month!

Is Holiday Swap worth it?

Holiday Swap is an innovative aplicación that connects travelers from all over the world with new vacation homes.

This is not for the faint hearted, you need to take a leap of faith to try something completely new.

If you’re up for the challenge,then you find yourself with lifelong friends, amazing vacation homes and great savings!

There are drawbacks to this aplicación to be aware of.

Many reviewers have mentioned that they didn’t get the property they envisioned.

There were also mentions of reviewers who had hosts who canceled at the last minute.

However, with Holiday Swap’s excellent customer service, you have all the resources you need to feel supported in times of need.

So if you want to try something new and save some money, you have to try Holiday Swap! This Airbnb alternative offers better value and a way to connect with other homeowners from around the world.

This could be your ticket to a mansion in California, a beach getaway in México, or a cozy cottage in the UK!

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 Holiday Swap: A new and better Airbnb?
  Holiday Swap: A new and better Airbnb?
  Holiday Swap: A new and better Airbnb?

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