Hodly: Excellent portfolio to trade with

Hodly: Excellent portfolio to trade with

Hodley It is an excellent wallet for various cryptocurrencies that also offers us the possibility of negotiating with them in a fácil way.

It is a wallet that belongs to the well-known options platform IQ Optiona broker from which we have already received more than 1000 dollars and which happens to be indisputably the most used and reliable of all that we perro find en línea.

Hodly puts at our disposal a great platform where we perro store our cryptocurrencies safely, we find up to 12 of the most used and with the most market capitalization.

And it is that with Hodly we will have to forget about operating with difficult graphics and trends, since the web is focused on eliminating the complexity of the markets, which is why the simplicity with which the web is designed is focused on the general public , hence the ease when selecting a depósito to buy and sell.

In addition to storing them, we cánido buy and sell them at any time, and all this at a single clic away.

It is also worth noting the wide variety of payment methods that the web has, some methods that will be available to withdraw our benefits in euros or dollars.

How to open an account on Hodly and verify it

Once again, as in all the pages that we have in our portfolio, registration in Hodly is free, we cánido do it by clicking on this backlink.

If we already have an account open on the IQ Option platform, it will not be necessary to complete the registration in Hodly, we just have to log in with the same nombre de usuario and password.

For registration we will only need to fill out a small form with our dirección de correo electrónico and a password.

Once this is done, the next step will be to entrar the account and verify our profile and identity, essential steps to be able to entrar or withdraw money to our account in euros or dollars.

There is no need to verify the account to use Hodly as a wallet, so we cánido receive or send cryptocurrency payments without any problem, even if we have not completed the verification.

In the vídeo you perro clearly see how to verify the account, for this we must entrar our profile and clic on the orange button Increase.

How to buy cryptocurrency on Hodly

In section Panel Within Hodly, we will have access to the accounts of the different cryptocurrencies, in addition to our account in euros or dollars.

Clicking on any currency will open the option to buy or receive said currency.

If what we want is to buy, we cánido do it from different methods.

The methods to buy or deposit euros in our Hodly account are: Visa/Mastercard, Neteller, Sofor and webmoney.

The minimum deposit is €30 or dollars if we want to deposit money into our Hodly account, and €10 or dollars if we directly buy any currency.

Buying Ripple on Hodly

Purchases of any cryptocurrency by card have an associated commission of 4.9%this commission disappears when entering any cryptocurrency from an external address, that is, from a digital wallet such as coinbase or any other, towards Hodly.

How to receive cryptocurrencies

In addition to being able to invest in cryptocurrencies, Hodly is mainly a wallet where we cánido store them with complete confidence.

For each of our cryptocurrencies we will have a unique address, as happens in other walletsthat address is the one we will have to use to receive external payments.

Receive external payments

To access these addresses we only have to select the desired currency and in the form on the right clic on OR RECEIVE.

If what we want is to send any coin to another processor, we just have to copy the address of this coin in the option given to us by the wallet in question.

How to withdraw money from Hodly

At any time we will be able to withdraw our dollars or euros from the platform.

We simply clic on our account in euros and we will see that in the form on the right just below the Deposit button, the option to Withdraw.

Selecting this option will display the options available to do so, which will be the same as for the deposit.

Use Hodly from your mobile phone

Hodly also has its own free application for Android and IOS.

In this way you perro always carry your cryptocurrencies with you and easily and quickly access all the features of the platform.

The application is available in Spanish and is totally free, it doesn’t take up much space and it has a very friendly interfaz.

Is it safe to use Hodly?

Absolutely yes.

In addition to being backed by a platform as renowned as IQ Option, Hodly has some specific features that add plus reliability to your money.

And it is that 80% of the money of the platform’s clients is stored sin conexión, it works as follows:

1 · Sensitive account information is transferred to secure sin conexión storage.

2 · Data is encrypted and copias de seguridad are made on flash drives and on paper.

3 · Finally, both copies and originals are distributed in various bank vaults in different countries around the world.

2-step verification

We have the option to activate the authentication in 2 factors.

Every time we entrar the platform, in addition to your name and password, a pin number will be sent to your phone number vía mensaje de texto.

secure payments

When you use your card you will not have to worry about the security of your data, since Hodly has the following security systems:

SSL protocolthe Internet gold estándar for protecting the exchange of information en línea.

PCI DDSworld-class security estándar for accepting, storing and processing bank card information.

AES-256the latest advanced encryption estándar, this estándar makes your sensitive data inescrutable.


Hodly is a magnificent portfolio for cryptocurrencies, in addition to having the most capitalized ones, it offers an easy way to access them.

Far from the stridency, Hodly stays in simplicity, with it it will be extremely easy for us to carry out any of the desired actions, from buying cryptocurrencies, to storing them safely, to exchanging them.

Although we already have quite good and safe wallets and trading platforms in our portfolio, I decided to add Hodly for the diversification thing, and it is that you do not have to have all your eggs in one basket, also, not only for the reason of risk, if not also because it offers features independent from the rest.

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 Hodly: Excellent portfolio to trade with
  Hodly: Excellent portfolio to trade with
  Hodly: Excellent portfolio to trade with

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