Hivework (televisión labeling) Learn how to make the

Hivework (televisión labeling) Learn how to make the

Welcome community, continuing with the good vibes of sharing information about the best crowdsourcing pages where we perro get excellent profits.

This time we bring you another tutorial on Hivework to earn PayPal or Bitcoin dollars.

Focusing specifically on the task called «televisión labeling V2«.

Ideal information for those who do not yet understand this work.

Before entering Hive and starting work

I want to tell you that in the past we talked about another quite afín task within Hive Work, that of the commercials that pays us to rate vídeos.

We invite you to see it!

But now it’s time to talk about another task of the “timestap” type where our work will consist of classifying vídeos of a certain category in a specific period of time.

Of course, if you already read the previous articulo, surely this sounds very familiar to you.

But in effect, the work is practically the same except for a few small differences that we will explain below.

Remember that in these tutorials we are only teaching you how to perform the tasks.

If you need to know about issues such as registration, account configuration, payments and others… I suggest you consult the complete review that we did to the page:

« How to work in hivework »

Clarified this point let’s start.

What does the task consist of?

Basically Tv labeling v2 is ALMOST the twin of the Commercial labeling v3 task and I say almost because despite the fact that the principle on which both jobs are based is the same (vídeo classification) in this one we find some noticeable differences that distinguish it from its sister .

obviously here too we will be watching televisión recordings in which it is up to us to determine the categories of the vídeos in the specified period of time, during the reproduction of the same.

However, the dynamic to do this is somewhat different because here IF we have to label almost all the categories of vídeos that make up the task, which are: Commercial, televisión promo, Movie Trailer and a new one called “Sponsorship”.

Usuario interfaz explanation

  1. Vídeo length: We perro see exactly the second of the vídeo in which we are.
  2. Playbar: On it we are going to move to determine the points where the vídeo begins and ends.
  3. Playback speed: Very useful, you perro increase it to make vídeos play faster.
  4. Red bar: The main thing of the task, since you have to focus on the vídeos that are passing in the red bar or that occupy the most space within it.
  5. end of vídeo: It is the mark where the vídeo ends.

    It is very important to place it accurately.

  6. Next button: Once you have finished classifying a vídeo, this button is used to move on to the next one.
  7. Time limit: Countdown that Hive gives us to finish the job.

    If it reaches zero, it automatically removes us from the task and gives us the next one… (But obviously they don’t pay us for the previous one, since we left it half done).

  8. Label button: Worth the redundancy we will use it to label the vídeos.

As perro be seen, in the controls we also find similarities with respect to the commercial labeling task… But in Tv Labeling we notice 2 subtle differences, which are:

  • The addition of the labeling button called “add timestamp”.
  • The absence of the time bar where we equipo the end and start (since it does not appear until we add the label).

Correct way to do the task televisión labeling v2

Essentially it is: Play, identify, pause (so far everything is the same as in commercial labeling) except that the end of the vídeo is not marked by pressing a combination of keys (alt + Y también) but once paused we must clic the labeling button “Add timestamp” to add the label.

Once this is done, the bar will be aparente to us to mark the times where the end and the beginning are established.

Identify the end and beginning of vídeos

It’s fácil, usually most vídeos start and end with a completely black screen (but don’t put the black screen) but what follows after it to mark beginnings and before it to mark endings.

You cánido help yourself with the arrows on the keyboard to go forward between the seconds until you find and mark the first and last image of the vídeo exactly.

Doubts regarding the red line

It should be noted that if you get a commercial or program that takes up space on the red line, but starts long before you reach it… you mark it from where it starts, it doesn’t matter that that part of the vídeo is outside the red line.

The image above espectáculos how once the vídeo is paused (at the exact point where it ends) after clicking the labeling button, a menu will appear with the available categories to select.

It should be clarified that the category selected according to our criteria must be the one corresponding to the vídeo that we identified, otherwise we will do all the homework wrong which in the long term translates as a ban (suspension) of it.

Find the category

In the following example, after we select “Tv promo” because it is a televisión promo and then check the category, a search bar is enabled where we must write/search for the name of the program/product/movie or sponsor shown on the screen.

With this, what we have done so far is labeling the vídeo and, in turn, marking the point where it ends in the time bar.

By labeling the vídeo we also mark its end in the time bar at the point where we had paused it.

The last thing we have to do is use our mouse cursor, then put it “above” the starting point on the time bar and “drag it” to the exact frame second where the tagged vídeo begins.

The final result is what we see in the image below.

So, we see that in 5 fácil steps (play, identify, pause, label, mark start) we will correctly perform each of the vídeos that appear to us during the task.

And so we will do with the rest of the categories either “Commercial”, “Movie Trailer” and “Sponsorship” (except the tv programming since in these we only check the box that is above the labeling button).

Let’s see some examples with other categories

In this task we perro see an example with the category “commercial” in this case of the oil company “Marathon”

After tagging, we drag the start point on the time bar to the second box where the commercial starts.

We cánido see that we follow exactly the same steps as with televisión programming.

Particularly in televisión programming that promotes a sport, either the “MLB” or “NBA” must be chosen in the name of the label the one that has the word “playoffs” enclosed in parentheses as we see below:

Usually this will be in most cases where an event of a certain sport is promoted, but it will NOT ALWAYS be like this, there are sports that do not have this category, in those cases the name they choose will depend merely on their good judgment (as in the most tasks).

About sponsorships

Finally, the new category that we have in this task are the “sponsorship” or simply “sponsor” to which the best way to define them is as a kind of “baby commercials” since in their very short period of time a brand is promoted or service.

In the following sequence of images we will see an example:

As perro be seen in the example above, sponsorships have a very short duration, so we must always adjust the size of the playback bar to its duration.

Consejos and frequent doubts in vídeo classification tasks


How much does the televisión labeling task pay?

The habitual thing is to see it paying between 2 and 3 dollars but it has come to pay up to 6 dollars for every 1000 vídeos.

It all depends on supply and demand, it has even gone as low as $1.5 in times when there are a lot of people doing the work and few tasks available.


How much cánido you earn weekly working on televisión Labeling v2?

It’s definitely all in the time you put into it, although it’s not a secret mega trick, really It is the strategy that works best for me..

If you invest more than 6 hours a day, you should earn at least $20-25 a week.

Undoubtedly, apart from the time you dedicate to it daily, there are also other factors that equally influence the amount of money you perro earn weekly, such as:

  • The speed of your computer: If you use an old computer or with very low resources, the page will run too slow.
  • The speed of your Internet: I recommend putting a plan that is at least 8 or 10 MB, to disminuye the lag in the vídeos.

    Improving the Internet will not only help you in Hive, it will also help you in all mini jobs pages.

  • The experience you have: The more experience you have, the faster and easier it becomes to detect the type of vídeo it is.
  • precision: If you get carried away and do not take care of this aspect, you will be constantly banned for 2 or more hours and it is a waste of time.
  • Work at dawn: Well, for those who don’t have much trouble staying awake like vampires, at least in my case (at dawn or very early in the morning) the Internet is more fluid for me than in the rest of the day… That’s why I prefer to work in that schedule, since the vídeos load quickly… During the day it goes slow or I get distracted and it’s not much for me to say.


Why don’t you give the test answers?

This tutorial is more than just a supplement to improve your homework skills, but obviously it also serves to help you pass the test.

Although by itself the qualifier is already very well explained and comes with detailed instructions with many example vídeos.

It should be noted that there is not much difficulty in passing the qualifier, since it is easy (although somewhat long), but anyway if you want to see the exact answers that you must put, for that there are already many vídeos on YouTube that espectáculo them.

But at the same time I warn you that it is not good to copy the qualifiers (They are there for a reason) So that you perro make mistakes and learn without repercussions, you cánido try it as many times as you want until you pass it.

If you copy and do not learn, when you are doing the paid work you will not last even 10 minutes and you will be banned or suspended from the task.


Which is better between Commercial labeling v3 or televisión labeling v2?

Without a doubt, it wins Commercial labeling v3.

Remarkably, as I imagine you have noticed, this task pays a little less than commercial labeling and requires a little more work.

But even so, it does not hurt to have it among your enabled tasks, since it also leaves not inconsiderable profits and the MOST IMPORTANT thing is to have a diversified work portfolio since when one task is not available they cánido complement the other.


When in doubt, refresh the page by pressing the F5 key

When updating the page they change your job for another, so you avoid doing it wrong.

But do it only when you really have no iniciativa what to put or where to mark.


The vídeo looks very small or is not distinguishable well

If the poor quality of the vídeo prevents you from being able to vea the brand of the product or determine something… In those cases, you perro expand it simply by scrolling the timeline down or right clicking on the vídeo and clicking on the option that says “open vídeo in a new tab”.


Personally, it seems like an easy task to me, you just have to read the instructions well and apply a little logic.

I recommend learning how to do it. to get the juice every time they see her paying 4 or 6 dollars and also to have it as a copia de seguridad on days that commercial labeling v3 is not available.

Create your free account at Hive Work

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And well, dear readers, this would be all about this task.

If you have any doubts or if you have some additional tricks to share, I invite you to do so in the comments… I perro only wish you good luck.

See you in the next articulo!

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 Hivework (televisión labeling) Learn how to make the
  Hivework (televisión labeling) Learn how to make the
  Hivework (televisión labeling) Learn how to make the

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