HiveWork (Hive Micro) Aplicación to work from

HiveWork (Hive Micro) Aplicación to work from

Hello dear entrepreneurs, I hope you are doing well… Today I want to espectáculo you how work with the hive work aplicación and clarify some doubts.

There are many applications for Android that are used to earn dollars, but it is almost always more of the same, most give pure misery and others stop paying.

On the other hand, Hive Work is very safe and, in my opinion, you earn much faster.

In addition, it is not even necessary to look for referrals.

Brief explanation for new

Surely you have read in one of the previous posts that we have about Hive Work, that it is a Appen-like crowdsourcing pageRemotasks, among others.

Where by carrying out mini tasks or mini jobs you are generating money (usually USD$).

They are usually jobs related to artificial intelligence and consist of performing various tasks such as identifying images, classify vídeosfigures, words or elements of a text, even listening and determining a specific word in an audio.

The page at the end emplees the metadata collected in our tasks to sell it to high caliber companies like Tesla, Google plus, Microsoft, Intel and many others for the improvement and development of their products and services.

That is why it is so important do your job correctlyso that you are not penalized or suspended from the portal, after all, this is a job like any other.

Is it better to work with the page or with the Móvil?

The website definitely seems superior to me, more types of work come out there.

The Aplicación is used more than anything to monitor the accuracy (precision) since it perro no longer be seen on the web.

However, for those who do not have a computer, do not worry, working from the cell phone is also profitable.

Likewise, the Aplicación will be useful for those who frequently leave home, either to the office or other places, but want to be able to continue using Hive Work with their phone in their spare time.

Hive Work register

Well, explained what the platform is about, now you have to register.

Press the button for your operating system

Then, download and install the application on your device.

Next you will see the typical registration form in which you must entrar your correo electrónico, a password and accept the terms.

Reference code

By using the code “2LL0WM” we both earn a plus, which consists in that for every 5 dollars you make, they give you $0.5 and the sponsor $1… The plus expires after 6 months, or when you have already earned more than 25 dollars, whichever comes first.

verify identity

In your account settings, they will indicate that you must verify the identity and sign.

Simply upload an image of your (identity card, passport or controlador’s license) any document will do… You must write the signature on a piece of paper, take a photo, upload it and that’s it.

He’ll let you do the chores!


At the moment this verification system is not very demanding, in the signature you cánido write a doodle and it will accept it and you cánido ignore the address box.

To finish, clic the tab «Profile» to place your nombre de usuario and select your country.

Once the previous step is completed, you will be able to access the page, BUT BEFORE starting to work you must go to your dirección de correo electrónico and look for the verification backlink so that your account is confirmedas shown in the image below.

By clicking on the verification backlink you will be redirected to the main page.

Equipo up your account to collect

You have 2 withdrawal options that are: Bitcoin and PayPal.

Personally, my preferred way to withdraw is through Bitcointhe wallet I use is Airtm since it makes things easier for me when sending money to my bank account.

Steps to get paid from Hive by Airtm

How does Hive Work work on the phone?

In the Hive Work Android Aplicación you cánido do pure category type tasks, for example: Smart boxed logotipos, Text or sext, etcétera.

Usually tasks of the type «category” They pay little, but they have the advantage that they are fácil selectionthey ask you things like detecting symbols in an image or selecting the color of a piece of clothing.

You perro do a thousand tasks in 1 hour or less and get good money out of it.

Seriously, they are too fácil, in some tasks out of every 50 images that they give you, 49 times the answer is “Yes” and only 1 time the answer is “No”, it is fenezca when they come out like this because they are resolved at the speed of light .

By the way, you don’t need state-of-the-art equipment, with a basic phone you will be able to workalthough obviously in more advanced devices it will be more comfortable and faster to complete the tasks.

How much are the tasks on the cell phone worth?

The same as if you were working from the PC… The prices shown are for every thousand images you make.

Something to keep in mind is that they are not fixed, they constantly vary.

  • There are tasks that say $0.2 but then raise it to more than $0.5.
  • Even tasks that are worth $5 later you perro see them for $10.

And vice versa, tasks that one day are paying well and the next day they wake up paying less.

All depends on supply and demandif there are many people doing a task, the price is lowered and if there are few people, the price is raised, to encourage them to do it.

mobile interfaz

By clicking on the icon with the 3 lines, the options menu is displayed, the main ones are:

Jobs: Here all the jobs will be listed… Before starting with the paid tasks, I suggest you go through the first 8 medals, so that you become familiar with the job.

Statistics: Here you cánido see in detail the total number of tasks carried out in each job and what they have generated for you.

Leaderboard: Top of the best workers… A little trick to find out the tasks that are giving the most money is to try to guess the tasks that the first in the Top do.

In the following table it perro be seen that Fred Flintstone was the best worker in the last 24 hours, managing to earn almost $16 with only 1625 tasks.

If we take the account, we cánido deduce that Fred Flintstone you are doing a job that pays $10 for every 1000 tasks.

Knowing this, you could visualize in your job listing, which task meets those characteristics.

But everyone has their trick, I imagine that Pedro has already got the knack for this task, I have rarely done well with jobs that pay so much, I usually try to find the ones that are easiest to doso pay less.

Payroll: In this section you perro modify your minimum payment, see your collection history and change your payment method.

weekly plus: If you are working well, they pay you a ñapita depending on your performance during the week.

Contact us: Report any issues you have to Hive Work technical support.

It is profitable?

Honestly, at present I doubt that it is profitable to use it with a mobile data plan, because the consumption plans are very expensive.

However, with Wi-fi it is totally profitable.

Do I have to pass all the qualifiers?

No, just do the ones that are easiest for you.

Similarly, if you get stuck in a tutorial, ask for help in this «telegram group» that I opened it so that among all of us we perro help each other with the doubts that we have.

Do I have to do all 1000 tasks to get paid?

No, each task you do is paid immediately and it all accumulates in your cómputo.

Why are the tasks running out?

The tasks are not eternal, it is not uncommon for them to run out, each job has a limit of tasks that you cánido do.

Luckily, some jobs are always being reloaded, there are literally tasks that take years in Hive Work, even if they are temporarily terminated, they are later activated new lots.

How much do you earn with the HiveWork application?

It all depends on the tasks that are available «There are bad, regular and good weeks» But (give it relentlessly) it is generally possible to get around $4 a day (it also has an influence on the Internet, the skill you have and the time you dedicate to it).

In the time I’ve been working en línea, the income I’ve been able to earn here at Hive Work and in the other pages of Mini Jobs.

Working with minijobs is not complicatedAfter you pick up the pace, there is no one to stop you.

In fact, as you learn, I’m sure you’ll start teaching and mentoring friends and family, showing them that just like you, they perro do it too.

Trick to earn + with the Hive Work Aplicación

If you got to read the main article I did about Hive Work, you will remember that there I showed you how you cánido work with multiple windows, dividing the screen.

Obviously with the mobile you cánido not carry out this trick, but if you have 2 phones, you perro easily work with 2 devices at the same time.

Just remember to put different data on each account.

Why am I getting banned from tasks?

This is the question I’ve been asked the most.

You should know that some tasks are more demanding than others, it all depends on the requirements of the job, there are some where they practically never take you out and there are others where the slightest carelessness leaves you.

My advice is to get used to it, I’ve been permanently banned several times and then put back, so don’t give yourself a bad life.

>> Just work on other tasks while the sleep time passes.

On the other hand, in some cases what happens is that the rules of the task change, so you have to re-read the instructions so as not to continue doing them wrong.

Consejo to avoid being banned

Something extremely important about Hive Work is that you always focus on making the first batches correctly, since at the beginning is when they put the greatest vigilance on you, every certain amount of images they throw you a mango shell to check that you are aware of what you are doing.

Fortunately after you carry (let’s assume more than a thousand tasks) they leave you like a dog at home and you perro start giving it faster ✅

But I repeat, in the first batches of images it is advisable to pay full attention and not get distracted.

I got suspended even though I got 100% on the qualifier

The percentage with which you pass the qualifier doesn’t really matter, that only serves to unlock the task… What really matters to avoid bansis that you concentrate on doing the best you perro the first batches that come out, as I said before.

Although from time to time one is banned, so it is advisable to have at least one additional account, so as not to have to wait those hours and be able to continue producing.


Every day I am looking for information and new methods to earn money, among so many people from Venezuela wanting to earn a space in this world, sometimes I come across Youtube channels that are owned by children, old people, housewives, students and all kinds of people, who are looking for a way to move forward… They explain how the pages work, how to fix errors and tutorials of all kinds.

The truth is that this makes me quite happy.

See that those of us who follow in the country we are relying on technology to solve the situation.

Because regardless of age or gender, there are many Venezuelans who want to get ahead.

And we are getting it!

Lately I haven’t used Hive Work like I did before, but it really is one of the pages I’ve worked the hardest on, that’s why I recommend it to you with my eyes closed, I hope you cánido also take advantage of it.

If you perro work it from the PC fenezca, but if not, then hit it from the application, It is still better than many other Aplicaciones.

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Any questions you have leave it to me in the comments below, you perro ask all you want with confidence.

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 HiveWork (Hive Micro) Aplicación to work from
  HiveWork (Hive Micro) Aplicación to work from
  HiveWork (Hive Micro) Aplicación to work from

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