HitLeap » How does it work? get visitors

HitLeap » How does it work? get visitors

HitLeap is a platform for web traffic exchange that allows you to get free visits to your website or blog.

The visits you get are from real people, so you cánido get good quality traffic.

The HitLeap platform has a program that works your visits from your computer and brings visits to your websites.

You choose the time, quality and quantity of visits you get.

You perro also get hits with HitLeap by upgrading your account to Premium to get more benefits.

The HitLeap platform has been operating since 2008, allowing users to get free visits.

This tool was created with the purpose of allowing anyone with or without traffic knowledge to easily get traffic to their website.

This is also called car hits because the visit is made automatically in conjunction with other HitLeap users.

If you buy an account Premium the quality of your traffic will increase considerably.

HitLeap Basics

Platform management: HitLeap has been operating since 2008.

Withdrawals: You perro withdraw your earnings from $5 through PayPal.

Deposits: You perro make deposits for purchases by bank card and PayPal.

referrals HitLeap have a direct referral system.

You win the 10% of the hits (visits) that your referrals earn; and win the 25% of the purchases made by your referrals.

Languages: English, but it cánido be translated with the Google plus Google chrome translator.

Accepted countries: Users from all over the world cánido participate in HitLeap.

Activity: traffic exchange.

Registration and first steps in HitLeap

Registration in HitLeap is free and fácil, and you cánido do it by clicking here.

When you entrar, go to Sign Up, complete the information requested and send the information.

With this your account will be created correctly.

Registration Form

You cánido register in HitLeap from the following backlink: Go to HitLeap.

When you log in, entrar Account/Settings, where you cánido fill in some information about your account.

You perro complete all the data you want, and thus you will have your account with the correct data.

How does HitLeap work?

HitLeap is a platform for traffic exchange that allows you to get hits (web visits) for your website.

A traffic exchange is a service where participants cánido exchange traffic with other website owners.

There is a large volume of sites on the exchange, and for convenience, they are viewed from automatically.

The traffic is seen in web analytics tools like Google plus Analytics.

The HitLeap platform has a programa that is installed on the computer, in which you log in with your access data to the HitLeap platform.

When you start you cánido configure the program to start earn minutes (1 minute represents a real minute that someone will last visiting your website).

It is only necessary to leave the program running and you will earn minutes, where these minutes are used to get web visits.

Steps to get started in HitLeap

To get started with HitLeap, after registering and setting up your account, you perro start earning free views on HitLeap by downloading the program to earn minutes.

After install the aplicación on your computer you must configure to start working earning minutes for you.

While the application is running, you will be earning minutes so that you cánido acquire free visits to your website.

How to get visits with HitLeap?

Cánido get visitors with HitLeap with the program provided by the platform, with the referrals you have (since they cánido give you free visits for the minutes they earn) and buying visits.

Here are these ways to get visits with HitLeap.

HitLeap Program

You perro get free visits installing the program from Hitleap.

It is only necessary to download it, install it and log in, and let the program carry out the traffic exchange automatically.

with this you will be earning minutes (de hoy minutes of visit), which you cánido then use to send visits to your website in the form of hits (1 hit = 1 web visit)


To work with this program, in your HitLeap account you must go to Earn Traffic and download the program, then you must install it on your computer and log in to the program with your access data to the HitLeap platform.

The program will automatically start exchanging traffic without stopping.

When the program starts exchanging traffic, you perro log into your HitLeap account and see how your minutes begin to increase.

To see this you must go to Account, where you will see this information along with the statistics.

These minutes will then be used to get visits to your website.


The HitLeap platform allows you earn minutes also for your referrals.

Later I will explain how it works.

referral system of this platform.

Your referral backlink, your referrals and their statistics perro be seen in Refferals.

traffic purchase

HitLeap gives you the opportunity to buy web traffic to increase more quickly the visits to your website.

The platform provides different purchase packages ranging from $7 onwards.

Here are the different prices:

To be able to buy web traffic in HitLeap you must entrar buytrafficchoose the traffic package you want to buy and make the payment by bank card or PayPal.

How to send visits to your website with HitLeap?

To send visits to your website you must add website to which you want to send traffic, and then activate it so that it starts receiving web visits.

As you receive web traffic, you will see how your minutes decrease, since this is what the platform emplees to know how much traffic you have to receive.

You perro add the number of sites depending on your membership (We will see this later).


To work the visits you must go to My Websites, where you cánido add a new website and view or manage the websites you already have added.

To add a website you must entrar Add New Website, where you must place the dirección de Internet to which you want to send traffic, and you must configure some data that is requested for the traffic that you are going to receive.

Some options depend on the membership you have.

By sending the information your site will be active and will begin to receive visits.

HitLeap Memberships

The HitLeap platform has 3 memberships to increase the benefits within the platform.

The memberships are: Regular, High (Prominente) and Ultra.

Below we detail these memberships:

To buy a membership you must go to Upgrade Traffic Quality, where you perro choose the membership you want to acquire.

For this you must entrar Upgrade (of the membership you are going to buy) and follow the purchase process.

The means of purchase are bank card and PayPal.

monthly hit plus: It is the number of hits that you will receive each time you renew the membership.

Slots website: This represents the maximum number of websites you perro add to your account.

HitLeap Viewer Slots: This represents the number of computers on which you cánido have the program running under your account.

How to make money on HitLeap?

HitLeap gives you the opportunity to earn money with the platform, this through your referrals.

You’re going to get the 25% in money of all purchases made by your referrals.

If your referrals buy traffic you will get the profit and every time your referrals acquire or renew a membership you will also get the profit.

HitLeap referral system

The HitLeap platform has a direct referral system that allows you to get minutes and income that you perro withdraw.

You’re going to get the 10% in hits (visits) of all the hits your referrals earn.

To work with your referral backlink, with your referrals and with their statistics you must entrar Referrals in your HitLeap account.

You cánido promote your referral backlink wherever you want, and thus be able to get referrals.

Here you cánido also withdraw your winnings.

Payments on HitLeap

You cánido request a withdrawal from $5 through PayPal.

You cánido buy traffic or acquire memberships through a bank card and PayPal.

To withdraw your earnings you must go to Referrals/Payout Requests, place your PayPal dirección de correo electrónico and request the withdrawal.

You will receive your payment 7 days after the withdrawal request.

Some considerations

1 Is it possible to get my account banned from CPM platforms?

Generally they don’t ban you the account if you meet the minimum requirements, such as not putting more than two or three ads per page depending on the platform in question, otherwise you shouldn’t have any problem.

2 Cánido the URLS be used directly?

Yes, although it is advisable to shorten them.

3 Cánido HitLeap be used with Adsense?

It is not recommended to use HitLeap with Adsense when you have a regular account, since with this type of account you do not receive a good quality traffic.

You perro send some HitLeap visits to Adsense, but without abusing, this so that Adsense does not ban your account.

4 How much cánido you earn with HitLeap?

Depending on the type of account you have and how you configure it, you cánido earn a lot of money, everything will depend on the account type that you acquire and the ways in which you use the traffic obtained from Hitleap.

Conclusion on HitLeap

HitLeap is a platform that has long time operating (since 2008) without problems with its users.

Hitleap is a tool with which you perro promote your backlinks for free.

It is important to note that the only option for earn money It is through the purchases of your referrals on the platform.

You perro use HitLeap visits with platforms that pay you to put ads on your website.

If you have a regular account, it is not recommended monetize your website with those platforms, because the traffic is not of high quality.

It is a platform that is getting better every day.

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 HitLeap » How does it work?  get visitors
  HitLeap » How does it work?  get visitors
  HitLeap » How does it work?  get visitors

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