Hintsters Surveys: Perro you make money with

Hintsters Surveys: Perro you make money with

Earn a $5 gift when you sign up for Hintsters Survey.

Learn how to earn money with paid surveys and reviews with this platform.

Hintsters Survey is a survey panel that will allow us to earn money for completing paid surveys.

One thing that makes it different from other platforms is that it offers us a good remuneration for reviewing products and services, regardless of whether they are positive or negative.

This panel belongs to the surveys that pay by Paypal, which is their only method of payment.

And so far users from all over the world perro use it.

If you want to earn money with paid surveys, look at the review we have done on this platform.

HintstersSurveys is owned by Dale Network, Inc.

This platform allows us to earn money by doing paid surveys and giving our opinion on products or certain services such as: restoranes, hotels, movies, books, applications, games, etcétera.

You make your payments mainly by PayPal and does not have a referral system.

Although you perro place the page in Spanish, most of the platform is still in English, it is not translated.

But you perro use the Google plus translator in your browser to use the platform in Spanish.

You cánido also earn money by taking surveys on Ysense.

Signing up for Hintsters is free and the process is fácil.

At the top, the “Log” option appears at the top.

It will then send you to a screen like this:

Entrar the requested data such as: names, dirección de correo electrónico, address, gender, among others.

Then, you will receive a confirmation message in your dirección de correo electrónico.

Once you have completed this entire process you will receive $5 gift.

The first thing you need to do, when you’re inside, is to fill out your profile information to complete new surveys.

Go to the “Surveys” option and a bar will appear at the bottom right with the option to complete your entire profile.

HintstersSurveys does not have a referral system, so there are only two ways to earn money: paid surveys and reviews.

Doing paid surveys

To start doing surveys, you must go to the option: “Surveys” (surveys in English).

Once you are there, all the available surveys in which you perro participate will appear.

These surveys perro be completed in a period of 15 to 20 minutes.

And the payment revolves around the $0.50 and $1 for each one.

We have also prepared the best surveys in Spain, in case you want to learn how to earn more money with surveys.


HintstersSurveys will also allow you to review different products and services.

You cánido search for a specific product or service.

If it is a physical place such as a lugar de comidas, you cánido also filter the establishment by the area in which you are.

The process is afín to how you are reviewing a product in an en línea store or a uso contínuo service.

You perro leave reviews, ratings and even photos.

Another thing is that reviews don’t always have to be positive and have 5 stars.

Hintsters appreciates your honesty, even if it means giving a bad review.

So you will also receive rewards.

Of course, we recommend that you read the terms and conditions of the platform, before making reviews.

So that you are not penalized for violating any condition of use.

Like all the platforms we’ve reviewed at CGD, Hintsters has its pros and cons:


  • Free registration.

  • $5 gift when creating an account.

  • Both your positive and negative reviews will be taken into account.

  • Each survey will indicate its duration and its reward.

  • Pay through Paypal.


  • Terms and conditions too strict.

    One small mistake and you could lose your account.

  • Very high minimum withdrawal amount.

  • The redemption may be refused, if you violate the terms and conditions.

You also have other alternatives to Hintsters Surveys, where you cánido get better rewards for taking surveys.

This time we recommend three:


Toluna is a platform afín to Hintsters, but with more popularity.

It has a good flow of surveys and they will pay us to try products for free.

Make your payments by Paypal once we reach €35.

If you want to know more, check out our Toluna review.

loopster panel

Loopsterpanel is another survey panel that offers us up to €1.50 for every survey we complete.

Upon arriving at €10, we cánido withdraw our earnings by Paypal and Amazon.

Here our Loopsterpanel guide.


This is one of the most habitual platforms today, with more than 5 million registered users.

we will receive until €2 reward for each survey and €1.66 by referral.

Again, you cánido see more in our YouGov guide.

withdrawal minimum

Hintsters has Paypal as the only method of payment.

The minimum amount to make your withdrawals is $25.

The platform offers you a summary that tells you how much money you have and how much is left to claim the reward.

Yes, HintstersSurveys is a serious platform that makes its payments on time.

On the web you perro find positive reviews about it.

Of course, you must be attentive to the terms and conditions of the platform, since they are very rigid with them.

If you fail to comply with any of them, you will not be able to request your payment.

Here we leave you a list with the most reliable surveys, so that you increase your chances of earning money with paid surveys.

HintstersSurveys is a good platform for taking surveys.

Although it takes a bit to reach the minimum payment amount, it has an advantage and that is that the surveys do not last long.

Also, the $5 gift for signing up is a great help.

The only thing to be careful with is the terms and conditions.

Before using it, we recommend you read them to avoid any penalties and the loss of our earnings.

For the rest, it is a platform that we recommend at CGD.

You cánido also check out more of our survey opinions.

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 Hintsters Surveys: Perro you make money with
  Hintsters Surveys: Perro you make money with
  Hintsters Surveys: Perro you make money with

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