Heleum: My experience after a year

Heleum: My experience after a year

Hello fundraisers, we come with a articulo dedicated to heleuman application that we have been using for just over a year.

Although I don’t usually write articles of this type, there are so many people who are registering on this website under my recommendation that I am forced to do so.

I feel obliged because my subscribers, readers and referrals are the raison d’être of this blog, and consequently I cannot allow them to entrar, invest and trust in businesses of this type knowing on my part that it is a major mistake. , this is why I must end my relationship with Heleum.

First of all, in case you don’t know her, I’ll tell you a little about what Heleum is about.

You cánido also take a look at the review that in its day we did on this web.

Heleum’s business model

Heleum is an application of Uphold launched in the summer of 2017.

This application performs a kind of automatic trading between cryptocurrencies with the launch of what they call balloons.

The operation is fácil.

We deposit money on the platform and with it, Heleum launches a series of balloons, with each balloon a small amount of that deposit is used to purchase a cryptocurrency.

During a certain time Heleum will be doing automatic trading with each currency and balloon, with the intention of providing us with a percentage of profits.

When the aplicación finds these earnings acceptable, the balloon pops and we get a commission.

The truth is that it sounds good.

As with any investment we assume high risk, this is a no-brainer.

What really attracts attention and makes Heleum’s lack of seriousness very clear, is the platform’s promise to make profits with all the balloons within a maximum period of 90 days.

My experience at Heleum

Let’s go with my experience, which curiously coincides as I have been able to verify with that of many users, which has made me clearly think that Heleum is a fraud.

As I say, a year ago I registered on the platform hoping that it would give me results, without having great expectations but with the confidence of a more or less secure business, since it comes from an important payment processor such as Uphold. .

Anyway, confident I made my first money transfer from Uphold to Heleum, and the truth is that to my surprise the application didn’t take a single minute to launch the first balloons.

A few days passed and those balloons began to grow, making operations always successful.

So much so that they all began to explode, leaving me quite a notable profit.

The thing looked luxurious.

Earnings achieved with my first balloons

So far the good news, for me and for many other users.

As I have said a little above, I have been able to learn that many other users have had an identical operation of the application, a great start with great profits, which invites people to trust themselves and invest more money, as we will see below, this is a very bad iniciativa.

Heleum is a fraud

Heleum puts the hook with successful operations so that you bite, if not what explanation cánido we give to the fact that after the great start, we all see how the operations become a real joke?

And it is that when you have obtained successful operations after having registered, you will only receive sticks.

The application will launch a large number of balloons with the money you have or have reinvested in the platform.

Those balloons, unlike the first ones, will only ocasione you losses.

The most striking aspect of the matter is the difference between the transactions of the first balloons where we obtained profits, with those that are carried out with the negative balloons, and that is that from going on to make five, six or seven daily movements, we went on to not knowing anything about said balloons in weeks or months.

And I repeat, this is a fact that is repeated with a large number of users.

Well, I suppose you are thinking that this is something that cánido be habitual in trading investments, yes, I know.

But there is a detail that makes it impossible to think that Heleum is not a fraud.

The detail in question is that Heleum on its platform ensures 100% that a balloon explodes within 90 days and I have all been active for more than 365!!!

Balloons active for more than a year, all with heavy losses

In the image you perro see all the balloons that were launched after the first ones with profits exploded.

As you cánido see, they have been active for more than a year and none has come down from 77% loss.

What is more illuminating is that they have not made a single movement for almost two months, a sign that the application is dead or simply that they are letting the losses continue to mount.

Heleum does not keep its promises

That the balloons do not finish exploding is not Heleum’s only lie, two weeks after launching the website they announced the next launch of their Android application, a year and three months have passed and we are still waiting.

Not to mention their referral system, a complete fiasco.

Despite having an amount that should be giving me a 40% residual commission, the truth is that I do not see it anywhere.

There are no detailed statistics, the cómputo never moves, it gives a botched and flaky feeling that pulls back.


In short, after everything I have experienced and analyzing the situation, I make it very clear that Heleum pays, therefore we cannot speak of a scam en sí, but I have no choice but to stop recommending it.

As I have said previously, I owe it to my readers and consequently it is my duty to notify the proceeding of this application so that no one else falls into the deception.

I already give my money (which luckily hasn’t been much) for lost, but at least I hope I perro help so that many others don’t lose theirs.

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 Heleum: My experience after a year
  Heleum: My experience after a year
  Heleum: My experience after a year

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