HeedYou: Ptc with a minimum payment of 1 dollar

HeedYou: Ptc with a minimum payment of 1 dollar

In today’s article we are going to talk about HeedYouone of the few ptcs that have our total confidence, since it has been en línea since 2012, paying its thousands of users without any problems.

Although I had not yet found the time to tell you about it, the truth is that I have been working on it for a long time, however, I have already been paid on numerous occasions, so I cánido tell you about it in the first person with solid arguments.

The web has several characteristics to highlight, among them is the unique script, which visually differentiates it from the rest of the ptc pages, where most tend to share it, something that in the end is quite monotonous.

Another thing that attracts the attention of HeedYou is its minimum payment, located at just 1 dollarIn addition to that we must add that it is one of the few that continues to have Paypal as one of the payment options.


But let’s stop chatting, let’s go to what really matters to us and review all the operation of the page, as you will see below, it is a very fácil website and easy to work with.

How to register on HeedYou

HeedYou is a free page, to access it you cánido do it by clicking on the following backlink.

Then you will have to complete the registration by clicking on Join.

You will have to fill out a small form with your nombre de usuario, password, correo electrónico, name and country.

You should not worry about your nationality, HeedYou has no prohibitions in this regard.

The last thing we are going to have to do to start earning money is to activate our account, for this we are going to receive an dirección de correo electrónico, in which we will have to clic on a confirmation backlink.

How to start earning money on HeedYou

Earning money on HeedYou is very fácil.

We are only going to have to view advertisements and start accumulating dollars in our account.

Next we are going to see the options to earn money in HeedYou, although viewing ads is the main way, it is true that it has some more.


In section Earn From the main menu we are going to find several ways to increase our cómputo.

View Ads

This is the main section, it is a series of ptc ads that we cánido access daily.

In it we will find ads separated by colors to differentiate their value.

HeedYou ptc ads

As estándar members the value of the ads will range between $0.001 and the $0.005.

On specific occasions we cánido find higher value ads.

The way to visualize them is the same as in other ptcswe just clic on the desired ad, wait for the counter to reach zero and solve a captcha to confirm it.

Surfing plus ads

Within View Ads we will also find this way to increase our earnings, it is a kind of autosurf.

Autosurf to get points

clicking on GO! A window with ads will open, each one lasting 5 seconds.

When each of them is finished we must clic on Nextwe will credit the points and the next one will be opened.

With each ad we earn a point, these points perro then be exchanged in the lottery, as well as being eligible for additional prizes, such as premium memberships or money in our account.


In this section we will be able to entrar several offer walls and complete them in exchange for some financial remuneration.

We will be able to access well-known walls such as ClixWall or AdscendMedia among others.

Those of you who are familiar with these types of websites will already know how to use them.

weekly lottery

On the main page of our HeedYou account, we will be able to access this weekly lottery by clicking on the cup icon.

Get additional prizes

To participate in the raffle we just have to clic on I’m feeling luky!.

The prizes vary from one week to another, in the image you cánido see that they raffle 4 months of free Premium membership 😎

referral system

On a website with such an affordable minimum payment, the referral system comes in handy.

It is a system where we are going to win until the end.

25% of the value of each action completed by each of the people we have invited to join HeedYou.

In addition to this, we are also going to get the 10% of purchases made by each of them.

In section «My followers» we will be able to access the statistics of our referrals as well as the necessary tools to achieve them.

HeedYou Pay?

Absolutely yes, I myself have already received many times, all of them without any type of problem, receiving my money a few hours after requesting it.

Some payments received from HeedYou

For posting our proof of payment on the web forum, we will be rewarded with $0.05 cómputo in our account.

The payment processors that are currently active on HeedYou are the following:

·Paypal, with a 2% commission for withdrawal.·payerwith a 1% commission for withdrawal.

Skrill, with a fixed commission for withdrawal of $0.60.


I must admit that I am not a lover of ptcs, far from it.

I have come across such a number of scams in this way of making money on the Internet that I have ended up choosing very much which pages I use.

HeedYou is one of the few chosen, since it is a website with many years of experience and that does not sell you a pig in a poke, it is what it is.

Although we are not going to earn large amounts, the truth is that a little is worth more than a lot in the air, which is why I recommend HeedYou as one of our most reliable pages right now to earn money for free.

We hope you liked our article HeedYou: Ptc with a minimum payment of 1 dollar
and everything related to earning money, getting a job, and the economy of our house.

 HeedYou: Ptc with a minimum payment of 1 dollar
  HeedYou: Ptc with a minimum payment of 1 dollar
  HeedYou: Ptc with a minimum payment of 1 dollar

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