HeedYou: earn money by watching ads

HeedYou: earn money by watching ads

Earn money by watching ads with HeedYou 2021this is one of the best platforms that pays you just to see ads, I know you don’t believe me and it’s habitual, because whenever we entrar a website they receive an ad, which is annoying, but don’t worry, which is now differently, with this web page you will earn a lot of money just by seeing ads.

With technology and the internet earning money is very fácilEvery day new ways are being created for us users who use different aplicaciones for free to earn money by doing so.

Generally, we always see and come across a website that pays you to play, watch vídeos, fill out surveys, but I have never come across one that pays you just for viewing ads on the internet, which is particularly good for me, since that as you want we live watching ads and without our permission, oh perhaps you will tell me that this does not remind you of those angry emotions that we always experienced with YouTube.

Important aspects to highlight HeedYou:

  • Assessment: Good
  • Availability: almost every country
  • Language: English
  • Payment method: PayPal, Skrill and Payeer
  • Referral system: Yeah
  • Withdrawal Minimum: 1 dollar
  • Activities: Earn money by watching ads

What is HeedYou?

This is a website that has been en línea since 2012 and is managed by the admin Aivar Kavshevich, On this amazing site you earn money by watching ads for free, agregado you will earn money by doing various tasks and completing surveys promoted by other interesting panels.

Despite the fact that this page has been in the system for many years, it should be noted that it is very reliable, legal and punctual with its payments, millions of users have won with this platform and in the simplest way “Viewing ads” I know that perhaps you think bored.

It is a good option to earn money, because Perro you imagine all the ads that are on the internet? You should know that for these they pay a lot to recognized companies such as YOUTUBE, because if you did not know, you are already finding out.

How do I register on this platform?

Registration in this interfaz is very fácil, but first you must look for it in the search engine as “HeedYou» Clic here to get in faster.

In short, the registration is very fácil, it only asks you for a few things such as: nombre de usuario, correo electrónico, password, real name, gender, country and date of birth, after your dirección de correo electrónico is validated you will receive a Gmail notifying you that you are already part of HeedYou .

How does HeedYou work?

The operation of this page for make money watching ads It has no loss, since you will see all the functions from the moment you entrar.

On this platform you will not only find the function of earning money by watching ads, but it also allows you to earn money by doing other tasks and other very interesting activities.

In HeedYou You not only earn money by watching ads, you also earn money by performing various tasks, with the referral system that consists of inviting friends and with the famous “weekly lottery” which is nothing more than a function that allows you to win many prizes of gift cards that you perro redeem for whatever you want.

How to earn money by viewing ads on HeedYou?

As I had already told you, this does not have any losses, nor is it something from another world, I am only telling you that earning money and rewards en línea requires effort, then I will tell you the different ways to earn money on this platform:

Earn money by watching ads

The main category to earn money in this tool is watching ads.

Generally, these are referenced by well-known companies and others that want to make themselves known.

The minimum payout per ad is approx. 0.05 centwhich is a reasonable amount, since the ads don’t last very long.

It should be noted that you must be aware of them all week, because after an hour they disappear automatically and you may be left without an announcement.

Note: In order to view your ads quickly and safely, you must renew the Adobe Flash Player update.

Earn money doing easy tasks

With this option you will be earning money for performing many tasks related to different stores such as: ClixWall, TrialPay, Persona.ly, AdscendMedia.

Generally, these consist of asking you to subscribe, watch vídeos, make purchases, etcétera.

How to earn money by watching plus ads (Surf)?

In this part you will find different ads that will help you generate points very easily, you just have to clic on the “Go” option and it directs you to a series of ads that will help you earn a few cents that you cánido later exchange for gift cards.

What is it about and how to earn money with the weekly lottery?

The points that you accumulate in the plus announcements are the ones that will help you to participate in this type of draw.

It is worth mentioning that the prizes are very varied, you perro win memberships, card cómputo, money cómputo, among others.

Earn money with the referral system

As I told you in the aspects of this articulo, you perro get points inviting friends.

The number of invitations is unlimited and it is also the best way to earn many points just for sharing your “Invitation Backlink”.

What you will earn with this option is around 25 percent of the profits.

You will not only earn points when your friend signs up, rather, you will always earn, when he sees ads, 10 percent of the earnings, when he makes equal purchases.

For me this referral system is the best I would have ever seen one like it.

Also… Did you know that with HeedYou you cánido promote your website?

I wasn’t going to talk about this part, but I found it very interesting, since with this tool you not only earn money, but it also helps you get several views.

You only have to pay 1 dollar in advance and that’s it.

HeedYou if you pay?

In reality, this web page has been paying for a long time, it is very reliable, legal and does not deceive you.

When you already have the minimum withdrawal, all you have to do is choose the withdrawal method found in the “Not equipo in account settings” option.

One of the most reliable withdrawal methods is PayPal.

This deposit takes approximately 24 to 48 hours.

Similarly, there is the Payeer and Skrill wallet.

In conclusion:

I found this tool great for earning a plus money which is not really bad in this situation.

Also, I liked it better because it is legal and it has been shown that if you pay, it should be noted that I would never have come across an interfaz with such a good referral system.

I invite you to meet her and earn a lot of money with her.

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 HeedYou: earn money by watching ads
  HeedYou: earn money by watching ads
  HeedYou: earn money by watching ads

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