Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day, a very strange title for a blog that tries to help people make money en línea, right? But everything is not in this life to see en línea ads, or read articles and weblogs to learn.

The most important thing in life is family.

Within my family the most important thing for me is my daughter.

She is already eleven years old and always He has supported me in all my projectsIt’s amazing, she always believes in me and that’s what keeps me going.

When she was working (I have been a courier for 9 years), she was always proud of me and loved to come with me when she came home from delivery, I had to go home and take her to the office with me.

Also when I stopped working, I was proud of myself.

When we equipo up an en línea store (which didn’t work), she always trusted me, maybe she was the only one.

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Unfortunately, the thing did not work.

But, as I told you in the presentation, you have to move forward, always.

And my daughter, always supporting me.

She always tells me something that I have taught her: “Dad, falling is very easy, but getting up is not so easy, and we are going to get up.”

As I have told you, he has always supported me in everything, at his young age and in his own way.

What is that way? With drawings.

he loves to draw.

I still remember a van that he drew for me for a school project.

I also remember when he made the logotipo for our en línea store.

But yesterday he didn’t do any drawing for me.

Happy Father’s Day, he told me, “but I haven’t given you anything.” Uncertain.

When we returned home, he went to his room and he put a sheet of paper on top of my computer.

I turned it over and this is what I saw:

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These are the little things that keep me going, even if there are scam pages, even if it’s hard to get referrals, it’s all worth it if what you want most believe in yourself this way.

And that has been all for today, tomorrow I will continue talking about new pages, applications and putting proof of payment.

But today I wanted to give myself this little license.

Greetings friends and see you next time!

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 Happy Father's Day
  Happy Father's Day
  Happy Father's Day

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