Guide: What are referrals? Everything that

Guide: What are referrals? Everything that

A very important aspect when earn money en línea are referralssince it is a form with which you cánido earn passive income free, they are on any page to earn money that we list in this blog, such as the pages of paid surveys, paid tasks, cashback, etcétera.

We’ll see now what are referrals and what are the most important aspects What should you keep in mind about them?

What are referrals?

Referrals (also known as affiliates) are people to whom you recommend a product or service and they buy or register under your recommendation.

In most cases the invitation is made through a backlink of affiliates or a code/coupon that is provided to the usuario, with which you will earn a commission.

This commission cánido be:

  • Commission as a percentageFor example: earn 5% of what your referrals generate.
  • earn a fixed amount for each affiliate, for example: earn $1 each time a person registers under your recommendation.

It is important to take into account that the profits obtained by an affiliate do NOT affect him, therefore, they will not charge him or subtract anything from him.

The invited person you will earn 100% of your profits and the Commission affiliate will be generated more and more.

Types of referrals

There are several types of referrals:

  1. direct referrals: They are those that you invite directly, that is, they register with your referral backlink and they give you a direct commission.

    For example, your friends, family or acquaintances.

  2. Indirect referrals: Are the users who invite your referrals and are part of our network.

    Depending on the level of referrals in which you are, we will receive more or less compensation for this type of affiliate.

  3. Rented Referrals: Those referrals you perro buy or rent to earn passive income.

    These referrals are not normally available on PTC or afín pages.

    They are also known as rented referrals.

    One of the most famous websites to rent referrals in Neobux, although it is necessary to follow a strategy.

referral levels

Referral levels (or pyramids) are a system through which you perro earn money with your affiliate networkwith the friends invited by your referrals.

For example, if an affiliate program has 2 levels and you invite a friend, and this friend invites someone else, your you will receive a commission for the 2 levels.

In the same way if the system has 5, 10 or whatever levels, the same rule will apply and your you will earn a commission for each referral of your referrals.

Sort of like a spider web.

How to get referrals

Today getting a good number of referrals has become an art and increasingly difficult.

Luckily for those who like this type of promotion, there are a good number of ways to get referrals and increase your income.

The best known way to get referrals is by promoting your referral backlink.

This perro be done through popular networks, through a blog, posting in forums, etcétera.

The possibilities are endless and there are more and more ways to get referrals, so now you know… get your act together and promote yourself!

Here are some ideas…

Sites to earn referrals

There are many sites where you cánido earn affiliates.

Any page, popular network or tool that allows you to promote your promotion in a natural (or legitimate) way cánido be valid.

The clearest examples as far as RRSS is concerned are Fb, Twitter, Youtube and Google plus+.

If you want to use these sites to promote yourself, I recommend using any page in the Popular Networks section to get the most out of these websites.

In addition to popular networks, there are many pages to promote your affiliate backlink.

Personally, the ones I have used the most are: Clixsense and Neobux.

How NOT to get referrals

There are some things you shouldn’t do.

The typical mistakes that many make, especially when they start in this world of earn money en línea.

DO NOT SPAMThe reason why we should not carry out this type of practice is because, in addition to the fact that they are very frowned upon, the only thing we will achieve is annoy people and we will not get any benefit from it, quite the contrary.

What we will achieve is to create the opposite effect of the promotion.

We will only be able to create rejection and that people end up blocking, banning or reporting us.

And so we will achieve zero range.

Why are affiliates important?

Speaking badly and clearly, because you perro earn a lot of money if you do it right.

In some places where the commissions for inviting other people are really high is where you perro earn a lot of money.

Even so, not all sites need to have referrals, although if you do you cánido always get that plus income that never hurts.

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 Guide: What are referrals?  Everything that
  Guide: What are referrals?  Everything that
  Guide: What are referrals?  Everything that

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