Guide to “En línea Vídeo Converter”, the

Guide to “En línea Vídeo Converter”, the

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I am sure that, once you know in depth «En línea Vídeo Converter» and how easy it is to convert any vídeo from one format to another, you won’t want to use another En línea tool.

And it is that, whether for personal or professional use, we have all needed an en línea vídeo converter at some point, so that they could be coincidente with all jugadores.

✅ This has always led us to be interested in finding pages to download music from YouTube and other existing playback platforms on the Internet.

And within that great proliferation of Web sites that offer you that possibility, there is one that seems to me the easiest to use and also faster than any other.

Is about “En línea Vídeo Converter«.

In this step by step tutorial I will espectáculo you how exactly this “En línea Vídeo Converter” works and how to transform your archivos to practically any format currently existing digital

It has no limitations of useneither in number of times that you perro use it nor in qualities, since it allows you to even convert vídeos in HD or 4K quality to another format.


What is “En línea Vídeo Converter” and what is it for?

En línea Vídeo Converter is a free en línea tool capable of converting vídeos from one format to another or even extracting the audio from them.

In addition, it is capable of extracting both vídeo and music from the dirección de Internet where said archivo is hosted.

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This makes it an essential tool for all those professionals specialized in audiovisual areas, such as:

  • Professional vídeo editors.
  • Web designers, who intend to accompany their creations with sound and visual elements.
  • Sound mixers.
  • Professional Dee Jays.

And, in general, all kinds of users who want to take the audio from their favorite podcast and radio programs with them.

Either because they are constantly traveling or because they spend many hours without connection.

En línea Vídeo Converter works in the cloudwith which you perro make unlimited downloads and conversions of digital archivos.

In short, it is one of the vídeo and audio converter programs most used by people from all these fields, given its ease of use and speed.

What are the biggest advantages of En línea Vídeo Converter?

Bearing in mind that we already know what En línea Vídeo Converter is and that I have already revealed some of its advantages, here I summarize some others, in case you are still not convinced of them:

» It is 100% coincidente with all Web browsers

Whichever browser you usually use to pass the time or work on the Internet, this program will work perfectly and without problems.

Therefore, you cánido try to do it from any of the best known (Google plus Google chrome, Mozilla firefox, Internet Explorer, Mozilla firefox, etcétera.)

» Vídeo conversions in a few seconds

When you first try En línea Vídeo Converter, you are quite surprised by the speed of their conversionssince it is capable of transferring the archivos from one format to another in just a few seconds.

Once you entrar the data in the tool, you perro see in the center of your screen a percentage counter, which is completed in just 10 seconds.

» Variety of supported digital formats

In addition to what has been mentioned above, this En línea program stands out for solving the problem that we have always had with this type of programa: incompatibility with some format digital.

→ En línea Vídeo Converter accepts all these formats:


» No registration needed

In addition, to use this tool you do not need to be registered, neither on its own platform nor on any other third-party page.

Therefore, you will be able to entrar and leave it without having to log in, without forgetting the uncomfortable “forgotten password” that waste our time so much.

» No limits on the number of conversions

Given the ease and speed that it presents to carry out its work, you might think that could have some kind of restriction when allowing us to access your audio and vídeo.

Well, nothing is further from the truth, since in addition to being free and having no limits in that sense, it does not have any in terms of operation either.

You could therefore be using it 24 hours a day and it would continue to work (I have not tried it, but surely someone has had it open for so long…)

» You do not need to install any programa

How many times have we stopped installing a program on our PC or Mac for fear that it will infect us?

In this case, it will not be necessary for you to have any antivirus program at hand, since being a tool 100% En líneavirus is not installed on your disk, but works in the cloud.

» It is coincidente with mobile versions

Unlike other somewhat outdated programs and tools on the net, En línea Vídeo Converter is constantly being updated and is coincidente with all types of teléfonos inteligentes.

Its mobile version is just as fast as the “deskop”, which gives it another added advantage, since not every time we want to get some vídeo or audio from the Internet, we find ourselves in front of our PC or Mac, right?

How perro I convert audiovisual archivos with En línea Vídeo Converter?

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Considering the large number of advantages that En línea Vídeo Converter presents, now you will discover how it worksthrough its different functionalities.

And here are 3 ways to convert digital archivos:

  1. Using a backlink or vídeo dirección de Internet
  2. Dragging the archivos directly from your hard drive.
  3. With the help of a Google chrome extension.

In this way, you perro always choose the method that is easiest for you.

To start, you must entrar the official website of the tool (DO IT HERE) and access one of these three options that I explain here below step by step:

Method 1: Convert with “En línea Vídeo Converter” using the vídeo dirección de Internet

In the first of the options that you will see in the home page of this program, you will be able to extract audio from YouTube and also from other of the most important Internet vídeo platforms, such as:

  • Vimeo.
  • dailymotion.
  • Liveleak.

Once you have accessed their website, follow these steps:


Entrar the exact dirección de Internet of the YouTube vídeo

From this conversion mode, you will have a screen afín to the one that I espectáculo you below:

Here, you must fill in each of the fields.

In the first, where you are asked “Entrar a dirección de Internet“, add the web address of the YouTube element you want to change the format of.

Remember that you cánido also add a dirección de Internet from another of the platforms that I have previously mentioned.


Choose the desired format

Next, you will have the field «Format«, which defaults to «.mp3«.

If you clic here, a drop-down will open, where you must choose the desired format:


Audio quality

Just before starting the transition from one format to another, my advice is review the quality in which you are going to transform the archivosince the good quality of it will depend on this aspecto.

Through the button «more settings» You perro enable this option, since it is hidden by default.

Here you will also have at your disposal a drop-down.

You will have to consider that the better quality the clip has, the more it will weigh (in Kb or Mb).

However, if you want the maximum, you should opt for:

  • MP3 → 320kbps
  • MP4 → HD 1080p
  • AVI → HD 1080p


Start and end point of the conversion

As if these were not a few customization options, OnlineVideoConverter gives you the possibility to choose if you want to start record your clip from start to finish from the original or not.

Thus, in case of unchecking any of With these options (or both), if it is a YouTube vídeo, you will be able to choose the exact moment in which you want the output archivo that you will receive from the tool to begin.


Clic the “Get Started” button

Once all the customizations are finished, we will clic on “Start” and the transformation process will begin.

A charge of a certain percentage (%) will be activated, which will increase from 0 to 100, until, once the end is reached, En línea Vídeo Converter will take you to a “success” landing, where you perro download the archivo to your device.

When the conversion is finished successfully, you will receive a download backlink for the converted archivo.

Now just clic on «Discharge» and you will have your archivo.

Method 2: Audiovisual conversions with «En línea Vídeo Converter» from PC, Mac or the cloud

If you have understood the previous procedure, you will “catch it on the fly” as it is much simpler and more intuitive.

On this occasion we are going to transform the audiovisual archivos that we have previously saved on your devicesbe it your mobile, PC or Mac.


Choose the desired archivo

Once inside this second option, if you clic on the orange button of «Pick or drop archivo“, you will go directly to the selector of your device or hard drive.

Here you must go to the location where you have the element and select it.

2. Select the output format

Before beginning the format step, you must indicate precisely that: in what format you want to finally have your clip.

Indicate it using the selector «Format: Choose a format» in dropdown mode.

And, in the same way as you verified with METHOD 1, you will be able to obtain your new archivo in the desired format, after a few seconds of waiting.

Method 3: How to use “En línea Vídeo Converter” from browser extensions

In this third method to convert a vídeo from one format to a different one, OnlineVideoConverter gives you the option of doing it through an extension, which you must install in your browser.

If you use one other than Mozilla firefox, Google chrome or Safari, this form of conversion will not be valid for you.

However, you should not worry, since with the 2 previous methods you will have more than enough.

Otherwise, proceed as follows:


Install your extension

We will start by installing this add-on, for which we will clic on the one that corresponds in our case.

Here En línea Vídeo Converter gives us some quick instructions, which I recommend you read.

In case you use Google plus Google chrome, you must install TamperMonkey (DO IT FROM HERE), using the blue “Add to Google chrome” button that you will see in the upper right part.

You will be able to verify that everything is working successfully when, by clicking on the extension symbol in your navigation bar, the previous drop-down appears with the message «Activated«.


Add the widget to the browser

Now we must add the widget of the En línea Vídeo Converter tool to your browser.

You must clic here and clic on the button «install«.

Keep an eye out! This previous backlink will not be valid if you do not have Tampermonkey installed first, as I indicated in step 1.


Use “En línea Vídeo Converter” while viewing your vídeos

Once installed, you will need to go to YouTube and choose the vídeo you want have your audio extracted.

Here, you will notice that just below the frame of this one, this icon has been embedded:

From here, you cánido perform the extraction to the format you prefer, without even having to go to the website of the tool.

Much more comfortable!

Some Disadvantages of Using “En línea Vídeo Converter”

As you have seen, this en línea tool has multiple advantages over others with afín characteristics, especially because of its speed and ease of use.

However, like other platforms for extracting audio from vídeo networks such as YouTube, they present a certain number of pop-up windows which, at times, could be annoying.

What problem do these Pop-Up have?

We perro simply say that, in principle, none, if you use a quality antivirus.

Let me explain: these types of tools that offer you features for massive and daily use are usually free because, in reality, the companies that create them monetize through advertising what is in them

Either through the static banners that are located on the sides of the Web, as embedded within the content or in the form of a pop-up window, all of them are companies that advertise in programs and tools such as En línea Vídeo Converterknowing that they will be used by a large number of users on the Internet.

Therefore, when you clic on some of the options that I have explained to you above, you will see how some windows open automatically.

These will not ocasione, in principle, any problem for your device.

But nevertheless, it would be convenient for you to have the AdBlock Agregado extension installed, which is an extension that will be installed in your browser and will prevent most of those annoying windows from appearing.

In what situations do you use “En línea Vídeo Converter”?

I am sure that, after having verified how easy it is to download music and vídeos with En línea Vídeo Converter, you will have kept the website of this tool safe.

Surely, whether it’s to take the audio of training and educational vídeos with you on your trips or in your player when you go out and you don’t have a WIFI connection nearby, it will be very useful.

Is there any other tool that you use and consider more intuitive?

Main images (Symbol) owned by Shutterstock.

I await your comments giving me retroalimentación about OnlineVideoConverter or proposing your favorite programs.

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