Guerrero tenure payment: Values, who

Guerrero tenure payment: Values, who

He warrior tenure payment It has to do with the annual tax that all those vehicle owners are going to pay.

In this, both the value and the year of the vehicle will be calculated.

In some states, it was decided to eliminate said tax, although Guerrero (hence its name) has not eliminated it yet.

The positive aspect is that it is not mandatory to pay it, however if you want to do it because you want to comply with the legal system, we will gladly guide you.

Who makes the Guerrero tenure payment?

Before proceeding, you should know that the warrior tenure payment It must be done before the date: March 31 annually.

In the event that due to a problem or mishap you have not reached that date, you will have to pay an additional surcharge.

The price of this warrior tenure payment It applies to vehicles over 200,001 and 300,000 Mexican pesos in terms of value, then you will pay about 1,000 Mexican pesos for its possession.

Now if your vehicle is greater than about 300,001 Mexican pesos, you will pay about 1,500 pesos per possession.

Following all the information provided by the Secretary of Finance and Administration of Guerrero, absolutely all vehicles that are in a state are going to have to pay a lien.

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Unless they are aware of the payment of said contribution.

If this were to be the case, then a tax incentive will be offered according to the value of the car invoice but without VAT.

Likewise, with the possession, you will also pay what is the Annual License Plate Endorsement.

This will vary depending on the years you owe.

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What have been the values ​​of tenure and endorsement?

In case you wonder, for this 2022, we perro tell you that ownership has had a cost ranging from 200,000 to 400,000 Mexican pesos that will depend on the value of the car as we have previously mentioned.

Of course, this applies to the current year, although if you are a debtor from previous years you will have to pay for an plus, for example, but if you have not made the payments for 2020 and 2021 you will have to pay 1,000 pesos to despite the fact that your vehicle cost less than 200,000 pesos.

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It is there where we indicate that the legal regulations cánido be a bit cumbersome because despite not forcing you at the moment, it places a measure so that you cánido eventually do so.

And if your vehicle is going to cost more than 300,001 pesos and you also owe the year 2018 until 2021, you will have to pay about 6,000 Mexican pesos.

That is why we recommend that you start having all payments in order properly.

Documentation you need for Guerrero possession payment

You will have to present the following documents, it is necessary to clarify that they all have to be both original and a copy:

  • Vehicle invoice.
  • INE credential.
  • Proof of address or residence.
  • Last voucher or receipt of payment.

Where are you going to make the Guerrero and Endorsement payment?

As for the warrior tenure payment You will be able to do it from its official portal, for this you will only have to entrar both the serial number and the number of the license plate that your car has and you check that said data coincides with what the license plate and the VIN of the circulation card that you have.

You have to remember the verification for the amount shown on the price of your bill so you cánido match what the invoice value is without VAT.

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In turn, you cánido do the warrior tenure payment in person when you approach their Guerrero tax offices.

You are only going to present what is the original invoice of the vehicle and the last payment of its possession, credential and proof of address, all valid of course.

If you have any doubts, go back and call their number 01-800-907-33-46.

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Proof of Guerrero possession payment

In the web portal, or in the offices after having made the payment, they will tell you to entrar the receipt section and thus print the receipt. warrior tenure payment.

What you will need is the entry of the reference number that was generated to make the payment in said authorized establishments.

This proof of warrior tenure payment It will be extremely important because it will espectáculo that you have met your payments up to date and it will save you a lot of trouble.

Mainly when you want to sell your vehicle, not to mention that if you do not pay the tenure you will not be able to verify and therefore, you will not circulate.

The most serious thing is that your vehicle will then be sent to the corralón.

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In order to inquire about the warrior tenure payment It will be necessary to entrar the official portal of the Secretary of Finance and Administration of Guerrero, entrar the vehicle serial number and license plates.

If you have already paid that tenure, the portal will give you the result that indicates “I do not owe”.

Remember that paying on time also gives you multiple benefits such as the subsidy for this tenure payment, and only paying for the endorsement of the car.

If you have not made the payment, you will be informed about the amount you have to pay if the deadline has not yet passed (March 31) you will not have to pay for any plus cost, even if it is not Thus, the portal will espectáculo the final price but with some surcharges included.

And this is all, so you will have a better iniciativa of ​​how to perform what is the warrior tenure payment and how important it is to be up to date.

Otherwise, you may find yourself in serious debt.

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 Guerrero tenure payment: Values, who
  Guerrero tenure payment: Values, who
  Guerrero tenure payment: Values, who

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