Growwer: what it is, how it works and an opinion

Growwer: what it is, how it works and an opinion

About time… a tool that offers quality versus quantity finally appears.

Arrives Grower an en línea programa that allows us to increase the visibility of our websites and businesses through a elaborate affinity system.

Surely your situation was the same as ours, shopping through the typical backlink sales platforms was becoming more and more heavy, expensive and boring.

Websites spammed, penalized, with terrifying graphics and abusive prices.

Luckily, the guys and girls at iSocialWeb have heard our prayers and have developed this «killing machine» which saves us a loooooot of work to find decent backlinks.

What is Grower?

Grower is a communication programa with which to maximize the visibility of any business.

Thanks to its affinity system, you will get articles in the media that your users and customers read, reaching a larger audience and improving your reputation against the titan Google plus.

This translates into more authority, more visits, more sales and more advertising revenue.

It should be noted that this platform has not been developed by just anyone.

He has behind the great group of iSocialWeb professionalsknown in the SEO world in Spain, with more than 10 years of experience in the campo.

Cánido you make money with Growwer?

That’s how it is.

The other part of the project offers make money selling backlinks on your websites.

You cánido register your media or weblogs so that users interested in buying cánido find you.

How does the Growwer platform work?

If you want to start working on the external linking of your web page, the first thing you have to do is go to the growwer website, register and log in.

Next we choose the panel with which we want to start working:

  • buyer dashboard: look for backlinks on related websites and buy.
  • vendor dashboard: Publish sponsored posts with the conditions you establish and get paid for it.

What does Growwer offer when registering a project?

In the buyer panel we will find the first steps to register a project on the platform.

The more information you indicate, the more results will appear with greater affinity.

Everything is focused on this very thing, AFFINITY.

A website is more related the more related it is to the theme.

Affinity Backlinks implies “power” and “potency” for your project.

When adding a project, this screen will appear:

Once we entrar the data of our website, the programa will get to work.

They will begin to analyze candidate media from their entire database that may fit the needs of the project.

  • First they filter the media with SPAM in its content or in its backlinks, as well as media without relevant traffic.
  • then remove and devalue media that do not have a good traffic trend.
  • Finally, thanks to the palabras clave, categorization, semantics… all those media that are more linked to our interests.

This process will take a few seconds, once ready the media will appear next to the price, affinity and SEO data taken from Ahrefs (DR, outgoing, incoming domains, etcétera.), we will also find the OBL metric.

Filter and sort media with Growwer

One of the most powerful tools that Growwer has is the filters and the list order.

We perro filter with a multitude of options:

And to order we cánido do it by:

  • Price.
  • Affinity.
  • Antiquity.
  • Traffic.
  • DR(ahrefs).
  • OBL.
  • News.
  • Among others.

What do I like the most about Growwer?

  • The web design is friendly.
  • The project management system that you perro request (if you are going to spend more than €200/month) is very good and personalized.
  • They use data from Ahrefs.
  • The wording is perfect and you cánido request quick changes without waiting days for them to reply.
  • The help service is undoubtedly the best thing about this platform.

Growwer’s Final Opinions

After doing use of Growwer for more than a year How cánido we say that today it is one of the most used for backlink building.

Without a doubt, it is a platform that saves a lot of work And anyone who has ever worked on backlink building knows how much time it takes to find worthwhile backlinks.

After taking a look at the media, we have seen that they meet the affinity and are not spammed.

As always you have to keep filtering by eye media that come up with the price/quality they offerbut the latter does not depend on Growwer but directly on the owner of the web, who is the one who sets the prices of the backlink.

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 Growwer: what it is, how it works and an opinion
  Growwer: what it is, how it works and an opinion
  Growwer: what it is, how it works and an opinion

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