Greenpanthera | Surveys PAID by Paypal

Greenpanthera | Surveys PAID by Paypal

greenpanthera It is a paid survey portal where we cánido earn money and withdraw it vía Paypal.

allows the register users from Spain and some Latin American countriesthe same as it happens with Lootup and other afín panels.

If there is something that stands out in Greenpanthera, it is the large number of surveys that it usually sends.

And it is that You collaborate with other companies in the market research industry, which allows you to offer us more surveys and therefore earn more money.

We’ll see how greenpanthera works! From how to open an account to how to answer surveys and get paid.

What is Greenpanthera?

Greenpanthera was launched at the end of 2016.

It was one of the first platforms to collaborate with several companies dedicated to market research.

While many panels only worked with one or two companies, Greenpanthera chose to collaborate with various.

In this way, it gathers on the same platform surveys that come from companies such as Cint, Toluna, Opinion World, YourSurveys, Samplicio, Peanut Labs, Speak Up, etcétera.

And thanks to that, users tend to receive a higher number of survey invitations compared to the volume handled by other paid survey panels.

Register at Greenpanthera

The first step we will take in Greenpanthera will be to create our account.

It is important to highlight one fact.

And it is that you cánido now register on Greenpanthera users residing in Spain, Venezuela, Peru, Paraguay, Panama, México, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Portugal, part of Europe, Brazil and the United States.

To register our account we will go to the Greenpanthera page.

You, if you want, perro follow the backlink below, which will take you to the main page.

At the top, there is a section that says “Join Now”.

Clic on it and a registration form will open.

We complete all the fields that are requested and we accept.

Register to the panel and win $5 free

As soon as the application is submitted, we will receive an correo electrónico from Greenpanthera.

In it they will welcome us and add a backlink for us to validate our data.

If you do not receive it, it is possible that this dirección de correo electrónico has leaked into the folder of “Unwanted e-e correo electrónico”.

As soon as we have it, we open it and clic on the validation backlink.

It will redirect us to the portal again, but this time we will be able to access with our data.

Let’s take a look at all the sections that make up the platform.

Greenpanthera plus us $5 when creating an account and answering profile questions.

How Greenpanthera works

Our homework in greenpanthera will be mainly answer paid surveys.

However, there is an aspect of this panel that more and more portals are adopting and that seems quite original to me.

We are used to dealing with cashback platforms like Beruby.

In which we save money when we buy en línea.

Well, in Greenpanthera too We have a section for Cashback and another for Coupons.

Main menu

The Greenpanthera top menu consists of 5 sections:

Stores List of stores associated with the panel.

If we make a purchase in one of these stores through the backlinks provided by Greenpanthera, we will receive money back in the form of cashback.

Coupons In this section, coupons that cánido be redeemed in different shops appear occasionally.

Gain All available surveys should appear here.

Due to some kind of fallo, the page is blank.

To go to the section for earn money with surveys we will clic on Personal account.

We will talk about it a little later with all the details.

How does it work ⏩ A brief explanation of how Greenpanthera works.

Contacts ⏩ If we have any questions, we cánido contact support from this section.

Although the section that interests us is the paid surveys.

It is worth knowing what the rest of the sections are about.

If we plan to buy something, we perro always find an offer that suits us.

But the important thing is that, thanks to this type of collaboration, Greenpanthera ensures income external to panel.

something that always plays in favor of the usuario.

Green Panthera survey section

Now that we know how Greenpanthera works, let’s focus on the paid surveys section.

What is it that allows us earn money without spending anything from our pocket.

At the beginning we agreed that we would receive $5 for the mere fact of registering and completing the profile questions.

Well let’s get to it.

To see the surveys section we will go to the tab “Personal account”.

As soon as we access, we will see a sub-menu with several options.


invite your friends » Greenpanthera’s referral system offers a 10% plus on the profits our guests make.

In this section we will find our backlink and the friends already registered.

earn money » All survey panels that are associated with Greenpanthera will be listed here.

By clicking on any of them, we will be able to know whether or not there are surveys to answer.

Withdrawal » The minimum payment at Greenpanthera is $30 through Paypal.

As soon as we reach this amount we cánido request a withdrawal.

transactions » History with all the surveys that have credited us to the cómputo.

Personal information » Section in which we will complete profile questions.

What will they give us? access to receive surveys and the $5 as a reward.

Earn money on Greenpanthera

Profile questions are a staple on Greenpanthera.

In these questions we usually deal with topics such as what our work and family situation is, what annual income we have, etcétera.

All this data will be used by the panel to filter the surveys that it sends us.

Based on our interests, we will receive invitations to some surveys or others.

After completing our profile, they will add $5 to our cómputo and we cánido start answering surveys.

To do this we perro proceed in two ways:

Access the list of panels associated with Greenpanthera and test if there is any survey for us.

Wait for the panel invite us when you find a survey that corresponds to our profile.

The format of the correo electrónico that will arrive when we are invited to a survey will be afín to the following capture:

Simply follow the backlink and it will redirect us to the survey in question.

At this point, it is important to note that qualifying or not in a survey depends on several factors.

And not solely and exclusively from our interests.

It is possible that in some surveys the quotas have run out to participate.

Or simply that they look for users from a specific country and discard those who radica in others.

I say this because sometimes the most logical thing is that we do not find the profile and they kick us out right off the bat.

It happens to me too.

However, I make a positive reading.

And it is that, the more invitations we receive, more likely we will qualify in a.

Greenpanthera is, of all the panels that I have worked on, the one that more surveys send by far.

The most afín is Lifepoints, but even so, I think this one is far better.

Why do + or – survey invitations arrive?

Before we have seen a couple of examples that influence when receiving more or less surveys in Greenpanthera.

Depending on how nots we define in the profile questions, we will indicate to the panel what type of surveys we want to receive.

But still, hThere are causal factors that we cannot control.

Focusing solely on the factors we cánido shape, these are my recommendations:

Age and academic level » Age or an academic degree perro give us access to certain invitations.

However, generally, portals They are looking for users between the ages of 18 and 40 with a medium academic level.

Location and employment and economic situation » Country of birth and/or residence.

If we work for someone else or are self-employed.

How much money we earn… The ideal is work for someone else and earn more than $25,000 a year.

Role within the family nucleus » Being the head of the family is not the same as occupying a secondary role in the family nucleus.

Nor is having children the same as not having them.

In this sense, those who make all household purchases and are responsible for decision makingare better valued for panels such as Greenpanthera.

Hobbies and interests » Our hobbies are very influential when it comes to gaining more acceptance.

Sometimes they ask us if we like the movies, going to parties, concerts, televisión, surfing the internet or listening to the radio.

Logically, we will say yes to everyone.

other factors » If we are smokers, if we practice sports or if we have a balanced diet… There are others factors that perro consejo the cómputo.

Greenpanthera pays by Paypal

But does Greenpanthera really pay? In Greenpanthera we perro receive a payment through Paypal once we reach $30.

If we compare this figure with other panels, the truth is that it is a bit high.

There are panels such as the Opinion Center, i Say either marketagent They have a low minimum payment.

In these cases it is only $2.

However, no one assures receive as many surveys as this.

So the bad part of the minimum payment for the good part in receiving surveys.

Once we reach $30 we cánido withdraw our earnings.

We will only have to follow two fácil steps:

▷ Provide a Paypal address.

To configure it we will go to “Personal account” already “Personal information”.

▷ We return to “Withdrawal”.

We write down the amount to be received and clic on “Perform Withdrawal”.

Once the payment has been requested, we will only have to wait for Greenpanthera to send us the money directly to Paypal.

Some considerations to keep in mind:

greenpanthera pay in less than 7 days.

do not apply commissions upon receipt of payment.

The amount that we request in Greenpanthera will arrive in full to Paypal.

Main characteristics of Greenpanthera

Greenpanthera is the panel that sends the most surveys.

This fact has as a consequence its positive and its negative part.

According to the tastes of each one.

On one side are those who believe that the more studies we receive, the better.

Given that will increase our chances of earning money.

And on the other, there are those who think that Greenpanthera should filter its criteria more and send surveys that always let us move on.

No discards.

In my view, I think it is appropriate to stay with part of the two opinions.

It is true that when we receive an invitation from Greenpanthera, we do not expect them to go to us.

discard as soon as you access the survey.

If this happens several times in a row, the feeling of helplessness increases and in the end it perro even be frustrating.

However, it is habitual that if they send many invitations, the number of occasions in which they end up rejecting us increases.

But hey, they also increase the chances to rate and answer a survey.

In ysense For example, they also send a lot of surveys, they reject us 90% of the time.

However, we perro earn $10 in one day.

I will try to explain why controversy regarding the number of surveys sent by Greenpanthera.

Always based on my own statistics.

Every week I perro receive around 50 survey invitations.

The rewards are usually between $0.60 to $0.85.

Of all the invitations I receive, I will probably listen to a third party.

And out of those 15 surveys I try to qualify for, I’ll end up successfully completing about 3.

As a result, the earnings I generate are $2 per week for answering 3 surveys.

It’s not bad right? As far as I’m concerned, Greenpanthera you perro follow your criteria when sending surveys.

Opinions on Greenpanthera

I have been testing pages to earn money en línea of this style for a long time.

On the blog I recommend almost twenty totally reliable panels.

and I cánido assure that Greenpanthera is from the best survey panels that I have worked.

Especially for those people who may be aware of the computer.

At the level of design and appearance, the truth is that it cánido be greatly improved.

Well to begin with, the Spanish translation is very poor and causes some words to be misspelled.

However, leaving this aspect aside, the large number of surveys it sends means that we cánido add money to the cómputo on a recurring basis.

That in the end this is about.

Yeah Lifepoints is known for the large volume of surveys it sends… get ready with Greenpanthera.

There are days that if we want, we perro be answering surveys almost all day.

If you dare to try the panel, I would appreciate it if you registered by clicking on the button below.

And to say goodbye, the usual.

If there is any doubt you perro leave me a comment and I will help you in everything I cánido.

Until next time!!

Hello, my name is Jesús and at DineroWorld I explain which methods work best for me earn money en línea.

All freecompletely reliable and for everyone.

Do you want to know me better? Here you perro see more about me.

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 Greenpanthera |  Surveys PAID by Paypal
  Greenpanthera |  Surveys PAID by Paypal
  Greenpanthera |  Surveys PAID by Paypal

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