Grate or scratch How do you spell?

Grate or scratch How do you spell?

whatgrate or scratch?, When should we use each variant? These words, like many others, create a little confusion that leads many people to make a spelling mistake.

And even more so if they are homophone words, that is, their pronunciation is the same, but they do not denote the same thing.

Please note the following:

“Grate” = is the action of scraping something with a grater.

“Scratch” = indicates multiple actions such as scratching an area or writing, brightening the day, matching one thing to another, upsetting or bothering a person.

To figure out which word to write, simply think if the action has to do with scratching something with a grater, if so, use grateand for the following cases scratch.

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When and how to use grate?

Grate is an action verb that refers to scraping something with a grater or grate.

Here are some examples:

  • Luis, go grate the cheese to prepare the hamburgers.
  • I’m going to grate the coconut for the cake.

When and how to use scratch?

Scratch It is a verb that is used for many allusions.

Here are some examples:

  • Lose one’s head: “María scratched herself playing.”
  • To upset, annoy or embarrass a person: “Dad, don’t scratch me in front of my brothers.”
  • To adjoin one thing with another or several: “The cafeteria borders on the library.”
  • Equal or resemble one thing or another: “Your request borders on the irrational.”
  • Clarify, dawn, brighten the day: “Since five in the morning, the sun was shining from the mountains.”
  • Damage or damage a striped area: “This person has scratched my car.”
  • Highlight a text: “I’ll scratch the paragraph so you cánido see it.”
  • Cover in a writing or text: “I scratched off several sections of your article because of misspellings.”
  • Make stripes: “He used the pencil to scratch the wall.”

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 Grate or scratch How do you spell?
  Grate or scratch How do you spell?
  Grate or scratch How do you spell?

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