GrandClick Review (Resulted a Loss

GrandClick Review (Resulted a Loss

Today we will review the PTC called GrandClick, a site that will pay us to view ads.

This page pays by PayPal, which was previously the dominant payment processor for PTCs.

But currently, even the oldest PTC platforms and most trusted have removed PayPal as a payment method.

Basically PayPal doesn’t want anything to do with PTC pages.

However, we still come across sites like this that still pay vía PayPalfor me it gives them a positive point since PayPal is the best processor to make purchases en línea.

What is GrandClick?

Grand Clic is a platform that allows its users to earn money or promote their businesses at a very affordable price.

This page is not a quick win sitebut you will have the possibility to continue adding cents, which in the end when you put them all together help a lot.

When I mention collecting money, I orinan collecting the earnings of GrandClick + earnings from other PTC sites of which I have already spoken before, as they are: Visit Box, scarletclicksamong others.

Usually you cánido get around 20 ads per day.

GrandClick Features

Minimum withdrawal: $2 USD.

Need investment: No.

Supported Countries: All.

Limit of Direct Referrals: 100 for free members.

Referral levels: 1 level.

Forum: Yeah.

Referral Plus: Yes.

We will earn 40% of what they generate.

Rented referrals: Yeah.

How does GrandClick work?

The typical see ads

It is the best known way to earn money through the PTC, to access it, we simply clic on the “View Ads” option that appears in the menu and then we clic on the ads that they put, simply for that they pay us.

To be sure that you actually saw the ad, GrandClick will put a captcha on you, you just solve it and you will be rewarded with money or points.

The answer to this captcha would be image #5

To validate the captcha, we clic on the image that is upside down, each available ad has a value that goes from $0.000055 to $0.001.

They usually last between 5 and 20 seconds.

Paid to read advertising (MinuteStaff)

Of all the OfferWalls that PTCs have, MinuteStaff is my favorite, because it is the one that pays the most, this option is quite afín to the one above, but apart from viewing the ads, we must complete certain steps.

The truth is, it’s quite fácil, you just have to read the instructions, but in any case, here below I leave a backlink where I have explained how this ad panel works.

How to Do Minute Staff Tasks

PTC Walls (Offers4all, Clixwall and PTCWall)

Additionally Grand Clic incorporates panels called ClixWall, PTCWall and Offers4allwhich allow you to see more ads and therefore earn more money.

Referrals (Invite people)

As in all PTC, here they also give us a referral backlink, look for yours in the part of the menu that says “Refer New Users”.

With it you perro earn more money by referring friends, relatives, neighbors and everyone you perro think of.

2 consejos about GrandClick


Hire cheap advertising

PTCs offer the possibility of advertising in a much cheaper way than with other companies, so if you have a business or a project that you want to start making known… Depending on the theme, it is not a bad iniciativa to hire a campaign on these pages to earn dollars by watching ads.

The costs of the campaigns are cheap, on top of that they offer several interesting features and detailed statistics.


Do not buy rented referrals because they give losses

They always ask me if I recommend buying referrals, the answer is no.

Rented or rented referrals are an option to earn money in almost any PTC.

But it is not recommended, since may present an uncertain activity and generate losses instead of profit.

I don’t know how much the average of the rented referrals in Grand Clic is, but I don’t want to find out either… In my experience with other PTCs where if I have bought, it is not profitable, much less if you are a free usuario.

The clicks of our rented referrals are always too low to make a profit, if we are estándar members.

It should be clarified that all the data that I give you in that list is based on the fact that we are going to work the pages completely free of charge, since all the PTCs have different memberships that we perro acquire if we wish.

Updates have the advantage of increasing the amount of money we are paid per clic, for referrals, etcétera… That way we perro earn even more money… But memberships are only advisable after having obtained a team, not before that.

GrandClick Update May 2019

I have decided to stop working on this page for several reasons, which are:

1.- They stopped paying through PayPal.

The main reason I worked at this PTC (despite the fact that it earned little) was because they paid vía PayPal.

Particularly I use PayPal a lot to buy en líneathat’s why I like the pages that pay through that processor.

But in Grand Clic they removed this payment method “They no longer pay by PayPal”, so the positive point that I had there was lost!

2.- They stopped being serious about payments.

The page continues to pay, below I espectáculo you the last receipt I obtained.

GrandClick Proof of Payment

The detail is that it took about 3 months to pay me, I even had to send several tiques to support claiming that they had not paid me, until they finally did.

From what I could see, currently the minimum they take to pay is 1 month… personally I hate pages that don’t pay fast, because you don’t know if they were scammed.

3.- Very low earnings

Another thing I don’t like is that the earning potential is very low.

In fact, nothing is gained nor having referralsIt took me more than 1 year to reach those 6 dollars that I showed you in the previous image.

Bottom line, you better not waste your time on Grand Clic.

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 GrandClick Review (Resulted a Loss
  GrandClick Review (Resulted a Loss
  GrandClick Review (Resulted a Loss

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